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Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 132: Bride (2)

Young people love to make trouble. Lu Fei had many colleagues and friends in the army, and they all came today. They had been in the bridal chamber and left after a while.

Even if Lu Fei felt a little drunk, it was enough to sober up.

After everyone dispersed, the bridal chamber finally became quiet.

Lu Fei closed the door first and bolted it. Then, he quickly walked to the edge of the bed, embracing his newlywed delicate wife’s slender waist. “Lanmei, we’re finally married. I’ve been looking forward to this day, I can’t even count how long.”

Shen Lan’s pretty face was even redder than her wedding dress.

Lu Fei became short of breath and moved his head closer.

Shen Lan covered his mouth with her hands: “You smell of alcohol all over, go take a bath.”

Lu Fei couldn’t bear it anymore, and immediately said: “Let me take off my clothes, then it won’t smell of alcohol anymore.”

Shen Lan: “… …”

Shen Lan was so ashamed that she reached out and pinched Lu Fei’s thick skin. Lu Fei laughed out loud, hugged Shen Lan horizontally, and strode to the side of the bed.

Early the next morning, Lu Mingyu got up at five o’clock, as usual, to go to the training ground.

Lu Lin also drank too much last night. Overnight, most of the alcohol dissipated. After punching on the training ground, he was sweating and refreshed.

Lu Mingyu said with a smile: “Father, let’s go to the main hall earlier! Newly married daughter-in-law, she wants to offer tea and recognize her relatives!”

Lu Lin didn’t take it seriously and said with a smile: “It’s not urgent. They must get up late today, and it doesn’t matter if we practice for another half an hour.”

Lu Mingyu: “…”

It made sense to think so.

The father and daughter practiced for half an hour, each bathed and changed their clothes, and when they reached the main hall, the sun had already risen to a high level. Just like that, after waiting for half an hour, the newlywed couple came.

With a happy face, Lu Fei came in together holding the hand of his newlywed wife.

In contrast, Shen Lan seemed much more pitiable. Her steps were feeble, her eyes carried a hint of fatigue, and a faint trace of blue shadow under her eyes. Despite not wearing any makeup, her charming face held a layer of radiance.

Lu Mingyu, afraid of making Shen Lan embarrassed, simply lowered his head and smiled.

“Sorry for keeping you all waiting.” Lu Fei apologized without a hint of remorse.

Lu Lin said with a pleasant smile: “It’s not too long, the day of marriage is hard work, it doesn’t matter if you wake up later.”

Then, Lu Fei and Shen Lan knelt and kowtowed together. Shen Lan was the new daughter-in-law, and she offered a cup of tea to her father-in-law. Lu Lin immediately took the tea, took a sip, and then gave her a generous gift.

After paying respects to the elders, greeting the peers was much simpler. Shen Lan was very considerate and had personally prepared new clothes for Lu Mingyu’s siblings. Lu Mingyu’s siblings addressed her as “èrsǎo”[1]second sister-in-law i.e. wife of brother after changing how they referred to her.

Then, everyone moved to the dining room to have breakfast together.

It was customary for the new daughter-in-law to serve her in-laws. There was no mother-in-law in the Lu family, Shen Lan, the bride, obediently stood next to Lu Lin and wanted to serve her father-in-law.

The daughter-in-law was full of filial piety, and Lu Lin didn’t stop her.

However, after distributing the dishes with two chopsticks, Lu Lin smiled and said: “It’s fine if you have such a meaning. There are only a few people in our Lu family, so you don’t have to be cautious. Sit down and eat together!” Shen Lan hesitated for a while.

Lu Mingyu smiled and stretched out her hand, wanting to pull Shen Lan to sit beside her.

Lu Fei had sharp eyes and quick hands and reached out his hand first: “Fourth sister, I let you in the past. Now that sister Lan has passed the door and become my wife, don’t keep fighting with me.”

Lu Mingyu: “…”

Lu Mingyu had no choice but to withdraw her hand.

Shen Lan blushed and quietly glared at her newlywed husband.

Lu Fei grinned and whispered in a not-so-low voice: “After the two of us got engaged, every time we met, Xiaoyu rushed to talk to you. From now on, I will never let her go.”

Look at that smug expression; it was almost unbearable to watch.

Lu Mingyu chuckled and gave her elder brother a stern look. “If it wasn’t for me running around and putting in the effort, would you have such an easy time marrying your beloved? Now that you don’t need me, you’re trying to back out, right? If you’re capable, don’t come begging to me in the future.”

Lu Fei immediately raised his hands in surrender, “It’s not like that, little sister, don’t be angry. There will be plenty of times when I’ll need your help in the future. We’re siblings after all, and even big brother has to ask for your assistance now and then.”

Everyone laughed out loud.

Shen Lan also chuckled lightly.

After breakfast, Lu Lin led the newlyweds to the Lu Family Ancestral Hall to kowtow to the ancestors. Then he recorded Shen Lan’s name in the family tree. The most important step was done.

Then, Lu Lin opened his mouth to send people away and told the young couple to go back to their yard to stay.

When the newlyweds were alone, they were naturally tender and sweet, so there was no need to elaborate.

Three days after the wedding the couple returned to Shen Mansion. Lu Fei went to study with his father-in-law and jiùxiōng to talk. Madan Shen took her daughter’s hand and asked carefully about her new life.

Shen Lan blushed and said, “Everyone in the Lu family treats me very kindly. My father-in-law looks mighty and extraordinary, but he is actually humorous. Needless to say, Xiaoyu always takes care of me. I used to be familiar with Minghua, Mingyue, and the sixth younger brother.”

This was the benefit of marrying into a family where you knew everyone.

Madam Shen was very pleased when she heard that: “That’s good.”

Shen Lan said with a smile: “Xiaoyu told me privately, after a few days, my husband will go to the military camp. I have free time during the day, so she will help me take care of the trivial matters in the house. Tell me about everything one by one.”

She was the first new daughter-in-law in the capital who was going to take charge of the house.

Lu Minghua and Lu Mingyu were going to get married one after another, and Lu Mingyue and Lu Xuan were still young. So it was only logical that Shen Lan would take over the family affairs. Madam Shen smiled and reminded her: “You also learned from me before. The Lu family is a general’s mansion, and there are many differences from our Shen family. You should learn more from Xiaoyu.”

Lu Mingyu was a person who will teach everything and not hide anything.

Shen Lan responded with a nod.

Madam Shen asked about the private affairs of the young couple again.

Shen Lan was not a shy person, but she was very embarrassed when asked by her mother.

Madam Shen laughed softly and said: “Silly girl, husband and wife harmony is also the most important thing. I can see Lu Fei’s affection for you. However, getting married and living together is different.”

Then, she imparted some experience.

There were some private things that before the daughter gets married, it was not easy for the mother to say too much. Now there was no such concern.

Madam Shen’s “teaching” was also a good thing for her son-in-law Lu Fei.

Just a few days after the wedding, the young couple was like honey mixed with oil, not to mention how affectionate they are.

The seven-day wedding holiday was over in a blink of an eye.

No matter how reluctant Lu Fei was, he couldn’t stay with his wife in the inner house every day.

When leaving, Lu Fei held Shen Lan’s hand and said: “The military camp is far away, and my adoptive father and I can’t come back from time to time. We can only come back every five days. If you are bored, you can read books and play the piano, or find some other pastimes to pass the time.”

Going on and on, never-ending chatter.

Lu Mingyu reminded with a smile: “Second brother, if you don’t leave, it will be too late. You know my father’s temper, and if you enter the barracks a moment later, you will be punished.”

Lu Fei had no choice but to let go.

Lu Mingyu happily held her èrsǎo’s hand: “èrsǎo, the weather is so good today, let’s go out on horseback.”

Shen Lan readily agreed.

Lu Fei: “…”


1 second sister-in-law i.e. wife of brother
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