Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 14: Panic

The Eldest Prince and the Second Prince went on an expedition with the Emperor, while the Third Prince, the Fourth Prince, and the young Fifth Prince were kept in the palace. They read books in the morning and practiced martial arts and arrows in the afternoon. Right now, they were gathered in the Study hall.

   Today, several princes were a little uneasy.

   Taifu[1]Grand Tutor Yu saw it in his eyes and didn’t say much.

  The Empress held a palace banquet, and all the famous ladies of the right age in the capital entered the palace. The Third Prince and the Fourth Prince have all reached the age of choosing a consort. Spring was here, and it was inevitable that young people’s minds were floating!

   However, the excitements of the Third Prince and the Fourth Prince were understandable, but the Fifth Prince, you are only ten years old, why are you excited?

  Yu Hanlin raised his face: “His Royal Highness, Fifth Prince, can your Highness understand this passage I just said?”

   Li Chang, who was short and fat, blinked a little blankly.

   Yu Hanlin: “…”

   Several princes were outstanding young men with both civil and military skills. Only the Fifth Prince can’t practice martial arts, and he was not very good at reading. It was a shame that Taifu couldn’t scold the prince.

   Yu Hanlin endured, and finally swallowed a sullen breath, and commanded with a sullen face: “Your Highness will copy the persuasion chapter ten times.”

  Li Chang had a bitter look on his face, and looked at his brother Li Hao eagerly, hoping that Li Hao would come forward.

  Unfortunately, today Li Hao is so distracted that he doesn’t care about him at all.

  Li Chang had to bow his head and write hard.

   Before leaving school, the servant Xiao Nian quietly entered and whispered in Li Hao’s ear. Li Hao’s expression changed slightly, and he got up immediately: “Teacher, please forgive me, Yihua Palace has sent a message, I have to go immediately.”

  Su Zhaorong came from a humble background and had a low status in the palace. Fortunately, two sons were born. The Fifth Prince…was not worth mentioning, but the Third Prince was first-class and outstanding, and he was very filial to Su Zhaorong.

   Yu Hanlin would not stop him, so he replied in a warm voice, “Madam Zhaorong has something to do, Your Highness, hurry up!”

  Li Hao bowed his hands and left quickly.

  Li Chang got up without hesitation: “Something must have happened to my mother, I have to go and see.”

Yu Hanlin, who was as gentle as the spring breeze just now, instantly changed to a ruthless face: “Madam Zhaorong only sent a message to His Royal Highness the Third Prince, so it can be seen that there is no intention to let His Royal Highness the Fifth Prince go with him. Your Highness should hurry up and sit down. Next, copy the ten articles of persuasion to study.”

  Li Chang: “…”


  Li Hao walked quickly into Yihua Palace with a calm face.

   As soon as he stepped into the bedroom, Su Zhaorong, with a pale face and frightened eyes, rushed forward and grabbed Li Hao’s arm abruptly: “Ah Hao! Listen to your mother, you can never marry that Lu Mingyu!”

   “That’s a malevolent star! A malefic star who specializes in defeating me! If you marry her, neither Ah Chang nor I will survive!”

  Li Hao tightened his thick eyebrows, his eyes swept away as cold as a cold star. The maids who were originally waiting on the side felt a slight chill in their hearts, and quickly bowed their heads and exited the door.

   “Mother, what’s wrong with you?” Li Hao asked patiently, “Did something happen at the palace banquet?”

Su Zhaorong seemed to have encountered something extremely terrifying, there was no blood on her face, her expression was full of panic and fear, and even a hint of despair, with tears in her eyes: “Ah Hao, what I said is true. You must believe me. You can marry anyone, but you can’t marry Lu Mingyu!”

  Li Hao only thought it was absurd, but also a little annoyed, his voice sank: “What the **** is going on? For no reason, why does my mother say such absurd things?”

  Su Zhaorong opened her mouth, but couldn’t say a word.

   What should she say?

   What can she say?

   Those things in past lives…

   As soon as he came out of the filial piety period, Li Chang became lustful, intending to insult the widowed sister-in-law. However, Lu Mingyu kicked the dragon root with one foot, and he can no longer get close to any woman, and he will not be able to give birth to a son.

  Li Chang harbored resentment, excluded dissidents, and wanted to suppress the Lu family.

   She added poison to the dessert, coaxed her grandson to take it to Changchun Palace, and poisoned Lu Mingyu to death. After calculating that once Lu Mingyu died, her grandchild will be close to his grandmother. The plan succeeded, and she felt happy in her heart. Before she died, she still remembered showing her prestige, but she was stabbed to death by Lu Mingyu’s sword before she died.

   She found herself reborn and planned to let Lu Mingyu pass the door, and then get rid of Lu Mingyu after using Lu’s power. Unexpectedly, Lu Mingyu was reborn, full of anger and hatred, and the coldness when they looked at each other, seemed to turn into a sharp sword, piercing her chest again…

   One after another, how can Li Hao know about it?

  Li Hao waited for a while before he could say a word, his eyebrows sank completely: “Mother.”

   Su Zhaorong’s whole body trembled again.

   What temperament her son has, no one knows better than her. Li Hao was filial, yes, but he was not a dough that anyone can knead, and he was not easy to fool.

Su Zhaorong became anxious and wise, wiped her tears, and told what happened in the hall: “…that Lu Mingyu, relying on her natural power, teased me like this in front of everyone, which made me disgraced. If she had you in her heart, how could she treat me like this? I am her future mother-in-law.”

   “Ah Hao, people inside and outside the palace look down on me. You are my son, and the daughter-in-law you marry in the future must be filial to me. I really can’t bear a daughter-in-law like Lu Mingyu.”

   While talking, she cried and cried.

   This was also Su Zhaorong’s forte.

   A son who was filial to his mother, how can he watch his mother cry and feel sad?

   Sure enough, Li Hao, whose brows were originally condensed, sighed helplessly and his expression softened: “Mother don’t cry for now.”

After a pause, he said in a low voice, “King Xingyang is brave and good at fighting, and is a famous general of the Great Wei Dynasty. Xiaoyu has practiced martial arts since she was a child, and even I can’t beat her. Her temper is also different from ordinary girls. Her means of showing love and hate are different from other girls.”

   “What she did in the palace today was to get close to her mother-in-law, not to make fun of her. Mother must have misunderstood.”

   “Xiaoyu has a straightforward temperament but is also sincere and kind. She will definitely honor you in the future.”

  Su Zhaorong heard that the words were not right, and couldn’t stop crying: “Ah Hao, listen to me…”

   “Mother, listen to me.” Li Hao looked at Su Zhaorong fixedly, his eyes sparkling: “Two years ago, the first time I saw her, I fell in love with her at first sight.”

   “After that, there was no one else in the center of my eyes.”

   “In this life, I don’t want to marry anyone except her.”

   “My mother has always loved me the most, and will definitely think about my lifelong happiness and fulfill her son’s wishes.”

  Su Zhaorong: “…”

  Su Zhaorong looked stiff and was speechless.

  Li Hao’s expression was much more relaxed: “Mother, please rest! I’ll go back to the study first, and then I’ll talk to my mother when I have some free time.”

After he finished speaking, he picked up the veil thoughtfully and wiped away tears for Su Zhaorong. Then got up and left.

  Su Zhaorong stared blankly at her son’s figure going away. Thinking of her son’s decisive words, she wanted to cry without tears.

  The son is determined to marry Lu Mingyu.

   How to deal with this situation?


1 Grand Tutor

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