Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin, Chapter 16: Good Show

This scene shocked everyone.

   Queen Qiao was also a little surprised, her eyes glanced at Li Hao, who was gentle and sincere in apology, and then fell on Lu Mingyu’s cold and beautiful face, and she suddenly had a hint of realization in her heart.

I see.

  Lu Mingyu didn’t move at all and replied with a light expression: “It was my incompetence, which frightened Concubine Zhaorong. Your Highness doesn’t need to be so polite.”

  She neither got up to return the salute nor apologized for her rashness.

  Li Hao’s hand was in the air, his expression a little stiff.

   Those black eyes flashed a trace of unbelievable sadness.

  Three days ago, she beat him mercilessly and drove him away. Today, in front of Queen Qiao and others, she embarrassed Su Zhaorong.

   He personally came to apologize, put down his pride and self-esteem, and bowed his head to her.

   But she, sitting there motionless, rejected him so firmly and indifferently.

   That girl with a bright smile like sunshine, that Lu Mingyu whose eyes sparkled when she saw him, why did she become like this?

   Shen Lan was a little uneasy and quietly came beside Lu Mingyu.

  Lu Mingyu and the third prince knew each other, and she, as a boudoir friend, always knew about it. This is the first time she has seen the Third prince.

  No matter what happened in the past, the Third Prince is standing in front of her now, bowing his hands in apology! With so many people watching, Lu Mingyu was so indifferent and detached, ignoring him, where did she put the face of the Third Prince?

  Lu Mingyu still did not move.

Jin Can’er couldn’t bear it any longer, and opened her mouth to say, “Lu Mingyu, you are too high! His Royal Highness the Third Prince apologized to you in person, and you should return it. Otherwise, the people here will laugh at the people of the Xingyang Palace. Fourth Miss has some rudeness…”

   Before Lu Mingyu said anything, Li Hao frowned unpleasantly and glanced at him: “Who are you? How can you be too troublesome in the matter between this prince and Fourth Miss Lu!”

  Jin Can’er: “…”

  Jin Can’er’s pretty face turned red, both ashamed and annoyed, tears rolling back and forth in her eyes.

Meng Yunluo and Jin Can’er had been friends for a long time. At this time, she had to add a few words for Jin Can’er. She immediately tugged at Jin Can’er’s sleeve and said softly, “This is not a place to talk nonsense. , it’s time to keep your mouth shut.”

   I thank you, friend!

  Jin Can’er’s heart pounded, her face turned red and white, and she angrily drew back her sleeves.

   Qiao Wan picked up the handkerchief to cover the chuckle at the corner of her mouth.

   Zhao Yu also covered her face with a handkerchief, but everyone could hear the sneer.

  Queen Qiao: “…”

   Even if Queen Qiao was someone who rarely showed what she was thinking, she couldn’t help but respond to this situation. The stuffiness in her heart, unable to go up or down, was stuck in her throat.

   Queen Qiao took a deep breath, swallowed the turbulent air in her heart, and squeezed out a nonchalant smile: “Forget it, this trivial matter is really not worth mentioning. The Third Prince should step down first!”

  Li Hao had no choice but to surrender, and before leaving, he couldn’t help but glance at Lu Mingyu.

  Lu Mingyu looked indifferent and did not respond.


   After Li Hao left, it was noon.

   Queen Qiao invited them to the banquet.

  For the imperial meal in the palace, the dishes are rich and delicate. At the palace banquet, there is also fruit wine suitable for the young girls to drink.

   However, none of the ladies were in the mood to eat and drink. After eating a few mouthfuls each, they put down their chopsticks.

  Lu Mingyu had a good appetite and filled her stomach elegantly and quickly.

   Shen Lan whispered: “It’s a shame you can still eat.”

  She collided with Su Zhaorong, annoyed the Empress, and offended the Third Prince! I’m still in the mood to eat so much.

   There is no one with such ability except Lu Mingyu.

  Lu Mingyu raised her eyebrows and smiled, with a leisurely look on her face.

  Shen Lan smiled helplessly.

   After the banquet, there were originally a series of activities such as going to the Imperial Garden to enjoy flowers and write poems, but Queen Qiao was not in the mood to continue. Anyway, in the harem, except for Queen Mother Zhao, she didn’t have to look at anyone’s face.

   As soon as the banquet was over, Queen Qiao showed a hint of tiredness.

   Princess Hui’an immediately smiled and said: “Imperial Mother has worked hard for days. It’s very hard. Today, ladies and gentlemen, please leave the palace and return to the house. When you have free time in the future, come to the palace to greet Imperial Mother.”

   Concubine Meng Gui glanced at Queen Qiao with a smile and agreed: “Age is not forgiving. The concubines are also a little tired. Let’s end today’s banquet!”

   Queen Qiao snorted in her heart.

   All the girls got up and left together.

   When you come, you enter the palace one by one, and when you leave the palace, there are not so many rules. In twos and threes, make a bunch of them, and feel free to go faster or slower.

  Jin Can’er held back her sulking anger, walked quickly to Lu Mingyu’s side, and whispered, “Lu Mingyu, the good palace banquet was disturbed by you today. After today, let’s see who else is willing to take care of you.”

  Lu Mingyu twitched the corners of her mouth with a smile, “I’m happy.”

  Jin Can’er’s eyes were almost bursting with sparks, and she blurted out in a fit of anger, “I really don’t know what His Highness the Third Prince is thinking, but he actually accompanies you in person.”

   The most irritating thing is that His Royal Highness the Third Prince didn’t appreciate her words!

   The indignant girl’s thoughts were almost written on her face.

  Lu Mingyu glanced at the clue, and there was a hint of ridicule in her eyes. I don’t know if I’m laughing at Jin Can’er, who has a swaying heart, or I’m laughing at myself, who was dazed by Li Hao back then.

  Lu Mingyu consciously and kindly gave a piece of advice: “Su Zhaorong is not an easy person, it’s better if you change your mind.”

  Jin Can’er was told the truth, so embarrassed, she gave Lu Mingyu a vicious look: “I don’t care, it has nothing to do with you!”

   After saying that, she hurried away in a hurry.

   Meng Yunluo chased after her, held Jin Can’er’s hand, and said something in a low voice.

   Jin Can’er’s tensed pretty face finally stretched out a bit.


   After exiting Donghuamen, Shen Lan just pulled Lu Mingyu onto her carriage without saying a word.

   “Xiaoyu, what happened to you today?” Shen Lan frowned slightly, with a worried look on her face: “Why did you deliberately offend Su Zhaorong and the Third Prince?”

   “Did you get into trouble with the Third Prince?”

  Lu Mingyu pursed her lips slightly, and replied lightly, avoiding the main point: “I don’t want to be chosen to be a prince’s concubine, so I have to use some methods.”

   With the momentum of the Xingyang Palace and Lu Mingyu’s outstanding background, if you want to avoid being chosen as a prince consort or concubine, you really need to come up with some “strange tricks”.

   But in this way, Lu Mingyu and the Third Prince have no fate.

   Shen Lan’s mind flashed and she asked in a low voice, “You really don’t want to be a princess?”

  Lu Mingyu answered decisively: “Yes.”

   Shen Lan took a deep look at Lu Mingyu: “I’m afraid you can’t help this matter.”

   The Third Prince’s affection and obsession with Lu Mingyu could not be concealed from the discerning person. If the Third Prince asked the Empress to grant a marriage, how could Lu Mingyu refuse?

  Lu Mingyu’s eyes flashed, and she said lightly: “My marriage, of course, I will decide it. No one can force me.”

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