Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 34: Confrontation (1)

The Second Prince and Li Hao were kneeling side by side on the ground.

  Emperor Yongjia, whose face was full of anger, raised the whip in his hand, and the whip made a loud whistle in the air, landing heavily on Li Hao.


   There was a burning pain in the back, and there was a bloodstain immediately.

   Li Hao’s whole body trembled, he groaned, a big drop of cold sweat fell from his forehead, and his face was full of unbearable pain.

  Emperor Yongjia whipped the whip again, this time, the whip fell on the back of the Second Prince.

  The Second Prince gritted his teeth and said nothing.

   This pain was nothing compared to the pain he had experienced.

  Emperor Yongjia stopped the whip in his hand and scolded angrily: “Li Jing, Li Hao, I ask you, do you know what’s wrong?”

  Emperor Yongjia was so much angry that he even forgot to call himself by his Royal name. At this moment, he is an ordinary father and was angry with his sons for opposing each other.

  Li Hao raised his head stubbornly: “Father, Er Chen wants to marry the girl he likes, what’s wrong?”

  The Second Prince also raised his head, his eyes were equally stubborn: “Father, Er Chen wants to marry the girl he admires, I don’t know what’s wrong!”

  Emperor Yongjia: “…”

  Emperor Yongjia laughed in anger: “Yes, yes, both of you are right. One is that he likes Fourth Miss Lu and wants to marry his sweetheart. The other is that he admires the majesty of King Xingyang and asks to marry the daughter of King Xingyang.”

   “Unfortunately, King Xingyang only wants to recruit a son-in-law. What about the two of you? Do you want to force marriage or join the Lu family?”

   “People are not willing to marry their daughters to the royal family to be their daughter-in-law. Both of you brothers have wishful thinking, and you dare to fight in the Wenhua Palace. Even if you win, it’s useless!”

   In a fit of anger, Emperor Yongjia even broke out foul language.

   Li Hao’s face turned white instantly. The dozen whips that fell on his body were not as painful as this sentence that pierced into his heart.

  The Second Prince straightened his waist and said fearlessly: “King Xingyang is unwilling now, maybe he will change his mind soon.”

   “Since I intend to marry Fourth Miss Lu, I will show my sincerity and let the Lu family see it. I will definitely impress King Xingyang. I implore the royal father to give Er Chen a chance.”

   Li Hao suddenly turned his head.

   Li Hao, who was in a daze, didn’t even call his second brother, but called him by his first name: “Li Jing! What did you just say, can you say it again!”

   Facts have proved that the Second Prince is very kind.

  The second prince looked firm and magnanimous and said again: “I want to marry Lu Mingyu. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t want it now. In the future, there will always be a day when she will.”

  Li Hao was like an enraged beast. He was dazzled by the anger, and he didn’t even care about Emperor Yongjia who was holding a long whip. He suddenly jumped up and threw himself on the Second Prince.

   How could the Second Prince be beaten; he turned over, rolled around on the ground, and fought with Li Hao again.

  Emperor Yongjia: “…”

   These two bastards will go to heaven if he doesn’t clean up!

  Emperor Yongjia raised his long whip and slammed it down. Neither of the two brothers who were fighting in one place was spared.

  Emperor Yongjia had left two points before, but at this time, in his rage, he showed no mercy. After the two whips went down, the Second Prince and Li Hao each screamed and fled in embarrassment.

   If you fight like this again, what if you really hurt the princes? What should they do if the Emperor’s anger hurts the Dragon body?

   The guards in front of the royal family couldn’t wait any longer. They glanced at each other quickly, and cooperated to block Emperor Yongjia with a tacit understanding: “Please, the Emperor, calm down!”

  Emperor Yongjia shouted angrily, “Get out of here!”

  I must beat these two bastards to death today!

  The guards did not dare to fight with Emperor Yongjia, so they were divided into two piles, surrounded Second Prince and the Third Prince, and blocked the long whip for the two highnesses.

   But, as a result, the Second Prince and Li Hao were surrounded by circles, and there was nowhere to escape if they wanted to. Emperor Yongjia’s long whip was extremely tricky, with so many guards surrounding it, he could still get in through the gap and land on them.

   This time it wasn’t just the back that hurt. Arms, legs, shoulders, everything is hot.

  Fortunately, Emperor Yongjia was a little sensible and didn’t hurt their faces.


   At this moment, Empress Qiao, who was pale with anxiety, broke in.

   Empress Qiao saw the Second Prince with a pale face and bloodstains at a glance, and tears suddenly flowed out.

   Empress Qiao knelt down with a thud, her voice hoarse and shrill: “Your Majesty, calm down! Whatever mistake Ajing has made, it’s all up to the concubine. Your Majesty, stop beating him!”

  People are biased.

   Li Hao was also pale, with no less blood on his body than the Second Prince. Queen Qiao just turned a blind eye, only her own son was in her eyes.

 Empress Qiao’s kneeling down was like a bucket of cold water on a burning fire.

  Emperor Yongjia’s vigorous anger paused for a moment, his rationality returned and he looked at the messy Wenhua Palace. His eyes fell on his two blood-stained sons, and regret immediately struck his heart.

   Why was he so heavy just now…

   The imperial guards also received a lot of whips. At this time, they all spread out and knelt down together.

  The Second Prince and Li Hao also knelt down and pleaded guilty.

  Emperor Yongjia let out a deep breath in his heart and threw the long whip in his hand: “You two, go back to your rooms to reflect on yourselves. You can’t leave your yards for half a step without my permission.”

   He said to Empress Qiao again: “Empress, sent someone to announce the imperial physician.”

   Empress Qiao choked with sobs, wiped her tears with her sleeves while shaking, and went to help the Second Prince herself.

   Looking at it from a close distance, Empress Qiao was even more saddened, and tears were falling down her cheeks.

  The back of the second prince was mottled with blood, and there were also some bloodstains on his arms and legs. The second prince was in a cold sweat from the pain, and he did not forget to comfort Empress Qiao in a low voice: “Don’t worry, Queen Mother, I’m fine.”

Empress Qiao’s cry burst out of her throat, and she lost her usual graceful demeanor: “You were beaten like this, how can you be fine… What did you do wrong, why did your father beat you like this? !”

   Empress Qiao’s cry echoed in the Wenhua Hall.

  Emperor Yongjia felt that the cry was a bit harsh, and frowned, but finally said nothing.

   Li Hao was even worse, no one helped him. He could only slowly get up from the ground by himself. His whole body hurts, especially his back. The pain is piercing. He gritted his teeth and endured it, his eyes were like swords, and he stabbed the Second Prince fiercely.

  The Second Prince seemed to have a good heart and turned his head at the same moment.

   Two brothers, looking at each other.

  The Second Prince twitched the corners of his mouth, and a strange coldness flashed in his eyes. That coolness is like frost, like the cold wind in winter, like a sharp sword glow.

   The hostility in it is clearly visible.

   Li Hao froze in his heart and felt a sudden chill in his back.

   Before Li Hao could think deeply, the Second Prince had already looked away and walked out slowly with the help of Queen Qiao.

  Li Hao pursed the corners of his mouth, and with the help of his servant Xiao Nian, he also slowly walked out of the Wenhua Hall.

   As soon as the sons left, the anger in Emperor Yongjia’s heart subsided a lot.

   Looking at the long whip stained with blood on the ground, Emperor Yongjia felt both irritable and regretful. Even felt a little dissatisfied with Lu Mingyu, who he has never met.

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