Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 36: Powerless

Su Zhaorong had long believed that the matter was caused by Lu Mingyu, and before Li Hao could answer, she quickly whispered, “It’s her, it must be because of her!”

   “I knew she was a disaster! She wanted to harm our mother and son! She won’t spare us…”

   Fright flashed in Su Zhaorong’s eyes, and she suddenly reached out and grabbed Li Hao’s arm, accidentally hitting the wound.

  Li Hao gasped in pain.

  Su Zhaorong was immersed in panic, her whole body was trembling, and she spoke in a twisted manner: “A Hao, listen to your mother. Stay away from that vicious woman in the future.”

   “She is born with divine power and amazing skills. If she is determined to kill us, the three of us will not survive. I beg you, you can marry anyone, but you can’t marry her!”

   When Lu Mingyu was mentioned, Su Zhaorong panicked.

   The doubts in Li Hao’s heart, like a drop of ink falling on a piece of paper, quickly disappeared.

Li Hao stared at Su Zhaorong with dark eyes: “Mother, why are you so afraid of Xiaoyu? She is indeed a martial artist, better than me. Her temper is not very good, but her temper comes and goes faster, and she never argues with others. She is candid and open, even if it is a man, few can match her.”

   “When did Concubine mother offend her? Why did you just say she would kill?”

  Su Zhaorong: “…”

  Su Zhaorong was startled to realize that she had said the wrong thing. In a panic, she made up a reason: “At that palace banquet, I was frightened by her and had nightmares for several days.”

   “In the dream, she was the one who pierced my chest with a sword. The pain in my heart was really terrible. Every time I was awakened by nightmares, I was in a cold sweat.”

  Su Zhaorong wiped her tears as she spoke, that fear was definitely not fake.

   She really trembled with fear when she thought of Lu Mingyu.

  Li Hao’s expression softened a little, and said in a low voice, “It’s just a dream, don’t take it seriously.”

  My son is always shrewd and not easy to fool. Be more careful in the future.

  Su Zhaorong choked up and nodded in response.

   “Mother,” Li Hao frowned even more: “You touched the wound on my arm.”

  Su Zhaorong was startled, and suddenly let go of his hand. He looked down and saw blood on her fingertips.

  Su Zhaorong was both distressed and regretful, tears pouring out: “Ah Hao, I’m sorry, Mother didn’t mean it. Are you in pain”

  The cry echoed in my ears all the time, running through my mind, and the irritability and gloom suppressed in my heart were ignited like a flame.

   A dark flame appeared in Li Hao’s eyes, and his voice was tense: “Fifth brother, send concubine mother back to Yihua Palace.”

  Su Zhaorong cried and refused to leave: “You are so hurt, how can I leave? No, I will guard you tonight.”

  Li Hao squeezed out a few words between his teeth: “No need, I want to be alone for a while.”

   “Ah Hao, I’m not leaving…”

   “Mother!” The tight string in Li Hao’s mind suddenly broke, and the volume suddenly increased: “I just want to be alone in peace and quiet tonight.”

  Su Zhaorong was startled by his son’s anger.

   She raised her eyes and didn’t dare to cry anymore, only her shoulders trembled slightly: “I won’t cry, I’ll just watch over you quietly. That should be fine, right!”

  Li Chang also raised his head and murmured: “Third brother, I won’t speak.”

  Li Hao: “…”

   A familiar sense of powerlessness enveloped him in layers.

   He suddenly felt that he was a galloping horse, being pulled tightly on the reins. It’s like a fish caught tightly by a fine net, the more it struggles, the more breathless it becomes.

   He simply stopped making a sound and closed his eyes.

   The mother stopped crying, the younger brother also shut up, and the bedroom fell silent.

   In his mind, all he could see was the hateful face of the second brother.

  … Third brother, I didn’t expect that you also admire Fourth Miss Lu and want to marry her. Logically speaking, as my brother, I should let you. But in this world, anything can be surrendered, only this matter cannot be surrendered…

   What a Li Jing!

   One can’t back down!

  Li Hao turned his head inward and suppressed the anger in his heart.


   It was quickly spread that the two princes were “punished” by the Emperor.

  Emperor Yongjia didn’t want to make the scandal public, and no one in the palace dared to ask more questions. But all the officials in the court have long eyes. The four princes were in order at the great court meeting the day before, and after a day, only the Eldest Prince and the Fourth Prince were at the court.

   What about the Second prince and the Third prince?

   I heard that they were banned by the Emperor!

   I also heard that the Emperor personally handed the family law!

   By the way, I also heard that the two princes are recovering from injuries and can’t get out of bed…

   Rumors were like the wind and soon drifted into the ears of Lu Lin, the king of Xingyang.

   Lu Lin, who was good at imagining fanciful scenarios, quickly played a big play of sibling rivalry between father and sons in his mind, and he secretly sighed in his heart. Fortunately, he first opened his mouth and declined the emperor’s proposal. Otherwise, the Lu family would be so embarrassed now.

   Good luck good luck!

  Since it has nothing to do with his family, there is no need to tell Xiaoyu.

  Lu Lin thought at ease and kept the matter under wraps.

  Lu Mingyu didn’t ask much.

   As long as that dog man Li Hao is far away from her, she doesn’t care what happens in the palace at all.

  The spring was just right, she was quite leisurely and invited her friend Shen Lan to ride a horse and go spring hunting.

  Shen Lan happily arrived.

  Shen Lan was born beautiful and elegant, with a slim figure. Today, wearing a light blue riding suit, and riding a snow-white horse, she was in high spirits.

  Lu Mingyu likes red, and today was wearing a vermilion military uniform, riding a sweaty horse.

   The red clothes are like fire, the skin is as white as jade, the long eyebrows are slightly raised, the heroic spirit is vigorous, and the complexion is stunning.

  Shen Lan praised with a smile: “Xiaoyu, I’ve never seen anyone dressed in red so well. It’s gorgeous but not demonic, beautiful, and sassy.”

  Lu Mingyu accepted her friend’s compliment without modesty: “That’s right.”

  Shen Lan burst out laughing: “You are not polite at all.”

   “It’s all the truth!” Lu Mingyu smiled playfully: “We both know each other so well, we don’t need to be hypocritical.”

   Saying that a pair of friends looked at each other and smiled.

  Lu Minghua, Lu Mingyue, and Lu Xuan also came out on horseback soon. Surprisingly, Lu Fei came too.

  Lu Mingyu was a little surprised: “Second brother, aren’t you going to the military camp? Why do you have time to ride a horse with us for spring hunting?”


  Why is the military uniform that Lu Fei wearing today light blue?

   A thought flashed in Lu Mingyu’s mind, and she glanced at Lu Fei suspiciously.

  Lu Fei has a strong body, dark complexion, masculine and handsome, with the outrageous bearing of a young general.

   Usually, Lu Fei wears dark clothes. Today, wearing new clothes of this color, it is not ugly. It just feels like he is wearing the wrong clothes…

Lu Mingyu looked at Lu Fei who was looking a little uncomfortable and quickly glanced at Shen Lan, who pursed her lips and chuckled. Lu Fei said with a serious face: “If you all go out for the spring hunt without someone accompanying me, I won’t feel at ease. I’ll go with you.”

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