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Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 45: Hit a wall

The next day, the Lu family officially invited the matchmaker to go to Shen’s house to propose marriage.

   Madam Shen smiled and listened to the matchmaker bragging about the second son of Lu for half a day, and then said: “We have to think about such important matters for some time.”

  When the man comes to propose marriage, the woman has to hold back one or two times. There was absolutely no reason to respond on the spot.

  The matchmaker was well versed in the routine, and her old face almost bloomed like a chrysanthemum: “This is natural. I will come back after five days when you have decided.”

   After another five days, the matchmaker came to the door again.

   The Shen family still did not respond.

  The matchmaker went back a third time, and the Shen family finally responded.

   Next, are trivial matters such as exchanging Gengtie[1]horoscope or birth chart of the couple, fixing days for engagement, and so on.

   Lu Lin went to the court, and Lu Fei went to the military camp. The preparation of the dowry and the marriage-related things fell on Lu Mingyu.

  Lu Mingfang was worried and came back to her parent’s house on purpose. Lu Mingyu was very organized, and the dowry she prepared was comprehensive and generous, and she couldn’t pick out the slightest bit of mistake.

  Lu Mingfang praised with a smile: “Fourth sister is really smart and capable. She is still a girl who has never left the cabinet, but she took on such a heavy burden. Even if I had done it, I couldn’t have done it any better.”

After she boasted, Lu Mingfang felt a little distressed again, and reached out to caress Lu Mingyu’s face: “Fourth sister, it’s hard for you.”

   Since she got married, Lu Mingyu has been a housekeeper. A fourteen-year-old girl, like an adult, was in charge of the house and general affairs.

  Lu Mingyu’s black eyes flashed with a high-spirited look that no one could understand: “Second brother can get married to Sister Shen, I am very happy. I am happy when I am busy.”

   Speaking of Shen Lan, Lu Mingfang’s eyes filled with a smile: “I really didn’t expect that the second brother’s crush was Miss Shen. Fortunately, he was able to hide his thoughts.”


   A little bit more, and he was going to miss the good luck again.

  Lu Mingyu raised the corner of her mouth, her voice light: “Second brother is not too young if the marriage talks are held earlier, and the wedding date can also be set earlier.”

  There have not been many peaceful years in Gret Wei. In the past two years, it has been a small fight. The real national expedition will be two years later.

  If Lu Fei married a beautiful woman soon, and his hands and feet were quick, he should even have a child by the time the big war comes.

   After talking about Lu Fei’s marriage, Lu Mingfang laughed again in a low voice: “Today is the palace exam, tomorrow the results should be officially announced. The second brother’s marriage has been decided, and it is time for the third sister to meet her future husband.”

   “I heard that there are several young and unmarried men among the newly appointed scholars. When the day of the parade of the Imperial exam winners comes, we will go to see the fun with Third Sister.”

  The top three scholars riding a horse and being felicitated on the street was also a grand event. It came only once every three years. The private rooms on the second floor of the restaurants and tea houses on both sides of Royal Street were booked out early.

  Lu Mingyu’s eyes flashed slightly, and she nodded slightly: “Okay, let’s go together then.”


   At this point, the news of the marriage between the Lu and Shen families had also spread.

   Even Emperor Yongjia heard about it.

  Look at his son, the marriage is so smooth.

   Considering his two sons who were still in the palace, recovering from their injuries while meditating on their mistake, Emperor Yongjia’s heart would not be peaceful.

  Emperor Yongjia and Lu Lin had similar temperaments, so they were busy with the palace exam, and Xuan Lulin entered the Wenhua Palace.

  People feel refreshed on happy occasions.

   Lu Lin bowed his hands to the emperor with a radiant face.

  Emperor Yongjia smiled and joked: “Why is Aiqing so happy?”

  Lu Lin replied with a smile: “Wei Chen’s righteous son and Shen’s girl are engaged. Shen girl is beautiful, talented, knowledgeable, and reasonable. With such a daughter-in-law, how could Wei Chen not be happy.”

  Emperor Yongjia laughed: “Okay, I am very happy to hear about such a happy event. When Second Son Lu gets married, I have to send someone to send congratulatory gifts to Lu Mansion.”

  Lu Lin hurriedly bowed to thank the Emperor.

  Emperor Yongjia waved his hand indifferently and then pretended to laugh casually: “You have always regarded your adopted son as your own. In the future, Second Son Lu will marry a wife and marry, and have a son named Lu, and inherit the incense of the Lu family…”

  Why do you need to recruit a son-in-law for Lu Mingyu?

   Before these words were spoken, Lu Lin continued with a smile: “What the Emperor said is true. Wei Chen’s love for his adopted son is no weaker than his love for his own daughter.”

   “Weichen always has a day when he grows old. In the future, the Xingyang army will be handed over to the Second Son. The Lu family’s family business will be left to Xiaoyu. The two brothers and sisters support each other, and it is better.”

Do you have to speak so bluntly?

  Don’t say anything.

  Emperor Yongjia’s nose was almost swollen, and he had to laugh and praise: “It’s really thoughtful to think so.”

   After a few words of gossip, Lu Lin saluted the Emperor and left.

  Emperor Yongjia sat for a while with a straight face, thinking about something, his face was really not good-looking. After a while, he stood up.

   Eunuch Liu was thoughtful for a second and immediately winked at one of the servants. The servant quietly withdrew, called two little servants over, and ordered them to deliver messages to Chengqian Palace and Jiaofang Palace.

   If you count the days, it will be more than 20 days before the Second Prince and the Third Prince were beaten. The two princes were grounded to recuperate, and Emperor Yongjia never visited.

   Eunuch Liu often “talked to himself” about the injuries of the two princes. Emperor Yongjia looked bad, but he never stopped him.

   No matter how angry or mad he was, they were his own sons after all. The Son of Heaven was also a man of flesh and blood, and he beat them hard in anger. As soon as the anger receded, there was already remorse in his heart.

   Sure enough, Eunuch Liu listened to Emperor Yongjia’s solemn command: “Let’s go to Chengqian Palace.”

   Eunuch Liu replied respectfully.

   The status of the two princes can be seen in this short sentence of Emperor Yongjia.


   The chambermaid who ran to Jiaofangdian to deliver the message fluttered.

   At this time, Empress Qiao was in Chengqian Palace, and Princess Hui’an also came to Chengqian Palace to visit the Second Prince who was recovering.

   During this time, Empress Qiao was visibly haggard, her complexion was dull, and there were fine wrinkles around the corners of her eyes.

  Princess Hui’an felt sorry for her mother and had to scold the Second Prince: “…the mother is for you, she can’t eat well, sleep well, and worry every day. As her natural-born son, why don’t you know how to be sympathetic to your mother?”

   The whip wounds on the Second Prince’s body were mostly healed, and there was no serious problem with walking, standing, sitting, or lying down. From the outside, there was no trace of any injuries.

  The Second Prince glanced at Princess Hui’an lightly: “You get pregnant and give birth to a child as soon as possible, don’t bother your mother, you can be considered filial to your mother.”

   Princess Hui’an: “…”

   Princess Hui’an was so choked that she almost didn’t come up with a retort, her eyebrows twitched and she became angry: “I’m not pregnant, can you blame me alone?”

  The Second Prince nodded clearly: “So it is the fault of the brother-in-law. I will go out of the palace to the princess’ mansion in a few days, teach him a lesson, and support the eldest sister.”

  Princess Hui’an, who always had the last say in everything, was choked by her own younger brother. She laughed in anger and reached out and slapped the Second Prince: “The affairs of our husband and wife are none of your business.”

  The Second Prince nodded in response: “Eldest sister is right. I shouldn’t interfere randomly in matters between your husband and wife.”

   Therefore, I don’t need you to talk too much about my life-long events.


1 horoscope or birth chart of the couple

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