Please, I Beg You! This Is a Dating Simulation Game
Please, I Beg You! This Is a Dating Simulation Game Chapter 18

Jing Yan cared about game points, but he had no interest in main quests.

However, Shen Xin wanted to know what rewards she could get upon completion.

At the pier, she pondered while fishing.

After rebuilding the shop, the quest progress bar had risen to 10 percent. There were twenty-four NPCs in town, so it wasn’t possible for every single one to have a main quest to offer.

Upon closer examination, Shen Xin believed that the key to completing the quest rested with certain specific shops.

This was a “rebuild” Peach Blossom Town quest, after all.

The town was dilapidated, so perhaps the carpenter, blacksmith, and fisherman wanted to fix their own houses as well. Prioritizing these individuals would likely yield higher chances of triggering the main quest.

Next on the list was the fisherman’s favor.

Shen Xin hadn’t caught anything noteworthy in a day of fishing. She chatted with the fisherman for a while, but saw no increase in favor.

Strange. Didn’t Xiao Feng say interacting with NPCs could increase favor? Why wasn’t it working with Uncle Li?

With doubt clouding her mind, Shen Xin headed back toward the town.

“Let go of me,” Qin Chengyue said, annoyed.

“I won’t! Come back with me!”

After Yun Yuwei’s harsh words this morning, he’d discovered Qin Chengyue hadn’t returned, and his first reaction was that Qin Chengyue must have died outside. Only after did he realize that if the man died, he would have respawned back in their house.

So the guy had fled!

Yun Yuwei rushed out to search for him and found Qin Chengyue happily chatting with other players as expected.

Thus, he called for the players to return.

Yet Qin Chengyue coldly declared, “Sorry, I’m quitting.”

“Quitting?” Panic surged within Yun Yuwei. “I’ve already paid you.”

“I’ll refund you after the game ends.”

“I don’t want your money! Come back with me!”

The two pulled and tugged on each other, drawing Bibi’s attention, who immediately ran out to surround them like a horde of curious spectators.

In this game, players either looked for food or got haircuts, worked, or slept, with no entertainment whatsoever; naturally, they all rushed to see the spectacle unfold.

With the crowd surrounding them, Yun Yuwei felt even more strongly that he could not let go of Qin Chengyue and bring him back.

Qin Chengyue had long since grown tired of this useless young master and refused to go back with him, no matter what. If not for Yun Yuwei’s status, Qin Chengyue would have wanted to give him a good beating instead of talking to him politely like this.

Thus, the two parties were at a stalemate, and by the time Shen Xin passed by, Yun Yuwei’s tantrum had escalated to the point of threats.

Shen Xin recognized Yun Yuwei; he had drawn everyone’s attention before entering the game pod, proving himself to be quite a handful.

People like him were nothing but trouble, so Shen Xin decided to avoid him, yet Bibi’s sharp eyes caught her from afar.

“Hey, girl, come here! It’s better to watch from here!”

Yun Yuwei was already humiliated and furious, but when he heard someone wanting to watch his embarrassment, he turned toward Shen Xin with a glare.

“Get lost! What are you looking at?! Have you never seen a handsome and rich man before?!”

Shen Xin was speechless. She hadn’t intended to pick on Yun Yuwei; his words simply irked her.

Changing her mind, she walked toward Bibi instead.

Bibi happily made space for her. “Oh, look, it’s even more exciting in color!”

Yun Yuwei heard this and cursed, “Puh, the relationship between us is crystal clear! I’m his employer, and he’s my subordinate! Put away your dirty thoughts!”

His words only served to excite Bibi more. She grabbed Shen Xin’s arm and said, agitated, “So they’re master and servant! Even more thrilling!”

Yun Yuwei had no words.

Fuck, the more he explained, the more it seemed like he was covering something up.

Seeing Yun Yuwei fuming, Shen Xin happily hopped down next to Bibi and pulled out a few ordinary strawberries. “Here, enjoy some strawberries while you watch.”

Bibi accepted the strawberries in shock. “Wow! Where did you get these, Sister?”

“I planted them. I’m a farmer.”

“Ah? Being a farmer sounds wonderful. I want to be a farmer too, TUT.” Bibi ate the strawberries and exclaimed, “Delicious! Sister, you’re so strong!”

“It’s just a game mechanism; it has nothing to do with me.”

The strawberries wouldn’t taste bad, only that the higher the quality, the better the taste.

Bibi didn’t understand much beyond that. Thanks to Shen Xin’s guidance, she’d now gotten her hands on sweet strawberries, and Shen Xin had become infinitely tall in Bibi’s eyes.

Her eyes gushed with admiration. “I’m Bibi. What’s your name, pretty lady?”

“Shen Xin.”

“Ah? Even your name is so elegant. ‘Shen Xin,’ ‘clear the heart.’ I also want to play and clear my heart!”

Bibi began to flatter Shen Xin without pause, leaving Shen Xin feeling she’d dishonor the child if she didn’t give her something in return.

Thus, Shen Xin handed Bibi two passion fruits. “Here, have some juice when you get back.”

“Thank you, pretty lady! You’re so nice!”

After rewarding the little girl with some fruit, Shen Xin turned back to enjoy the spectacle only to discover Yun Yuwei and Qin Chengyue had stopped bickering.

Yun Yuwei’s eyes were fixed on the strawberries in Bibi’s hands, drool dripping from his mouth.

His longing gaze was too obvious, Bibi nervously tucked the fruits into her backpack.

Yun Yuwei awkwardly withdrew his stare upon noticing her reaction.

He could never have imagined he would one day crave another’s strawberries, even after having everything he wanted since birth.

It was all this game’s fault! Just how much had it ruined him?!

Qin Chengyue took advantage of Yun Yuwei’s momentary distraction to escape.

Whoever wants to deal with this brat can go ahead, Yun Yuwei thought.

Yun Yuwei’s attention was fully focused on Bibi and Shen Xin, and he didn’t even realize Qin Chengyue had left. His air wasn’t as arrogant as before, but he still approached the two. “How much for the strawberries?”


If he were honest, Shen Xin herself was already struggling to get enough vegetables and fruits, so how could she have any to sell to others? Besides, the person asking was extremely annoying, so selling to him would be upsetting.

Yet Yun Yuwei wasn’t discouraged, for his education had instilled in him that money could buy most things. If it couldn’t, then one simply hadn’t offered enough.

“500 yuan a piece, how about that? I’m talking about real currency, of course.” Yun Yuwei thought this price was more than generous.

“No,” Shen Xin said nonchalantly.

Yun Yuwei panicked, thinking she didn’t take his offer seriously. “I’m serious! 500 yuan a piece, and I’ll pay you right after we leave this place.”

“I wouldn’t sell them for 10,000 yuan a piece.” Shen Xin knew he was rich, but that was no reason for her to sell her strawberries.

“How can you be like this? You’re willingly refusing money! Are you stupid?” Yun Yuwei was shocked.

“I’m doing it because I feel like it!” Shen Xin looked at him provocatively. “What? I won’t sell them, so why don’t you just try to take them?”

“Think I’m afraid to do that?!” Yun Yuwei made a “come” gesture. “Qin boy, come here!”

Yun Yuwei had thought his plan through. Qin Chengyue was a fighter; if he threatened the two with force, they’d surely back down.

Then, he’d back off a step further and trick this guy into clearing the strawberries…

“Little Qin?” After a long moment of no response, Yun Yuwei turned around and discovered that the man had already disappeared.

Yun Yuwei was baffled.

Shen Xin slowly stood, unsheathing a common longsword, and stared at Yun Yuwei with an expression like he was watching a good show. “I was asking who you were letting up.”

Yun Yuwei paled. He’d seen this blade before; it was the exact same type as Qin Chengyue’s.

“You’re a farmer, aren’t you? How come you’re holding a warrior’s sword?”

Shen Xin smiled. “Does a farmer not have the right to bear arms? Not only do I have one, I know how to use it.”

Shen Xin recalled the various sword techniques he had learned from his previous games. None of it had much practical value in actual combat, but they certainly looked cool when pulled off.

Yun Yuwei felt the eyes of the person standing across from him change, and in a flash, Shen Xin charged toward him, leaving several gashes on his body from the longsword.

Not fatal, but extremely painful!

It was the kind of pain that came from being cut by fresh copper coins!

Yun Yuwei felt like he was done for.

This woman was clearly trying to kill him, so why did he feel like she was also incredibly cool?!

If he could learn to do it himself, wouldn’t it be amazing to show off to his buddies outside?!

Shen Xin silently sheathed her blade.

Tsk, the game’s data were different, so his strength and skill points were lacking. His flourish earlier had been subpar, to say the least—what to do, this was a bit embarrassing.

“Uh, you can go now. Just don’t be so arrogant in the future,” Shen Xin said, feeling a line she’d expect to hear in a wuxia drama. Immediately afterward, she felt a weight on her right arm.

“Hey, sis! Cool sis! One more round with the blades?” Yun Yuwei clung to Shen Xin’s arm, his eyes bright despite the blood welling from the wounds on his body.

He clearly wanted more.

Shen Xin was speechless.

“Say, are you really named He?” she asked.

Yun Yuwei stared blankly. “No, my surname is Yun.”

Then why are you acting exactly like Old He? Shen Xin just wanted to rant, but her left arm suddenly became heavy as well.

Bibi had grabbed her left arm, her eyes sparkling with admiration.

“Jiejie, you’re too cool! Are you this awesome in real life too?”

Shen Xin desperately wanted to flick her forehead, but both her arms were restrained. She could only say helplessly, “Wake up, don’t confuse games with reality. Just because someone is strong in the game doesn’t mean they’re strong in real life.”

Bibi tilted her head in confusion. “Is that true?”

No—that’s not true!

In reality, Big Shot Shen is even more awesome.

I’m screaming! Why is she so cool?!

Fuck, I’m starting to suspect our college offers a professional course on swinging large blades.

#No Blade-Swinging Farmer Is a Good Mechanic#

“I thought Bodhisattva Shen was like Guanyin, a weak and beautiful flower on a high cliff, but seeing him today, it turns out he’s more like the eighteen arhats.”

“I’m stunned. Is everything all right with the people who’ve worked with Bodhisattva Shen? If they disagree with him, would they be beaten to death on the spot?”

“No need to worry. All of Bodhisattva Shen’s projects are completed by himself.”

“Fudge, I’m kneeling.”

“The professor just showed Bodhisattva Shen’s live stream in class, saying that we should take a look at the outstanding achievements of our senior”

“I saw, I saw, truly outstanding indeed”

“The professor is now questioning life, attempting to unearth mechanical principles from this martial arts exhibition, and encouraging everyone to learn from our senior sister—hahahahaha”

The majority of Shen Xin’s livestream audience were students from S University.

At first, everyone had heard that the school’s legendary figure was participating in the competition and had quickly gathered to watch.

Later, they realized: Hm? Why is this Bodhisattva Shen different from the one in our memories?

Shen Xin was usually cold, and he didn’t even have a single close friend. Naturally, everyone who saw this kind of big shot was curious, and they all flocked to the live stream to watch.

Then they all fell to their knees.

How could someone so exceptional in academics also be so good at video games?!

On top of that, Fan Qing and Xiao-Jie, having received Shen Xin’s help, asked their fans to apologize for their past transgressions. They even occasionally came to send gifts and support Shen Xin, boosting his livestream’s viewership.

When Zhang Yunyun and Meng Xianping’s fans came looking for a fight, these new fans stood with the students of S University against them.

First, Fan Qing and Xiao-Jie’s fans stirred up a fuss, and then the students of S University appeared to ridicule them.

Zhang Yunyun and Meng Xianping’s fans were dumbfounded; they hadn’t even gotten around to picking a fight before being thoroughly insulted.

Fan Qing and Xiao-Jie’s fans couldn’t help but lament: “The big shot’s fans are also big shots; it’s so cool running with the big dogs!”


Thank you very much for reading my translations, I will keep refining my translation skills.

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