Please stop summoning me
Please stop summoning me Chapter 78.2

In the midst of the diffuse gray mist, Shen Yi calmly reappeared the cafe with two new offerings.

The surroundings were still silent. Coke who got used to him lay motionless on the ground, observing everything silently.

He took a seat behind the bar without turning on the lights.

“If someone or a sect sacrifices three sacrifices in one go, then if I’m going to accept it, two of the sacrifices will fly into my two hands, and where will the third one fly to? In my mouth?”

He shook his head, unable to think of an answer.

He also thought about other issues, for example, ‌being summoned by different people at the same time.

But later, he found that the extra-worldly gods had a corresponding time, and the summoning ceremony must be held at the corresponding time. Basically, there would be no overlapping summons.

He returned to the back room and made it to the desk, putting the two new mysterious relics on the desk, then took out Yare’s soul ball from the drawer.

Sitting on the bed, he began to meditate on the appearance of two things.

Soon, he found relevant memories from Yare’s soul ball.

The first was the dark fruit under the deep sea. Its exact name and effect were unknown. Each dark fruit has incredible power, but the mysterious power that each person could obtain after eating it was different.

The most fortunate could reach disaster level in an instant, while those with the worst luck… can only switch the nails on different fingers.

To put it simply, it’s to look at your face and randomly acquire a supernatural gift.

Compared with invisible techniques that require various preparations such as rituals and spells, natural powers that were more like superpowers were easier to use.

After gathering the information he had no plan to eat it directly, at least for now, but he had a guess whether it was accurate or not was not sure.

“Would it work better if I ate it after putting the transit ring?”

But he already used the ring the day before yesterday and picked up a wallet. Now the internal energy in it has not yet been turned around, so he needed to wait a while before using it again.

He said to himself: “When that time comes, I’ll knock the ring three times before I eat this fruit to try.”

Then there’s the disaster relic, the Book of the Ten Travelers.

Through Yare’s memory, he learned that the power of this book is very magical, which made him feel very interesting and quite practical!

The first effect was “recording”: which required the user to bring the book to the scene, open the pages and stand there for ten minutes, and then everything within a 100-meter radius of the scene will be recorded.

Only ten images could be recorded at the same time, and images can be erased at will and replaced with newly recorded images.

The recorded picture will still move. After the user opens the book, it can be used as a monitor from the perspective of God, and even the “lens” can be arbitrarily zoomed in or out.

The second effect is “travel”: the user can immediately move to the recorded screen position with the book itself as long as the user silently rectifies the ancient windrunner’s words “travel” when looking at the pages of the book.

The scope of this book was the entire universe.

He couldn’t help but nod his head in acceptance while saying: “Indeed both of them are very good and useful. No flaws can be seen in this disaster relics, both of them are very powerful.”

The use of disaster relics naturally comes with a great cost, and the negative effects of using the “Book of Ten Travelers” were also terrible. On every third use of “Record” and every use of “Travel” would cause the user to randomly lose an important thing.

The scariest thing was that the “important things” were not just the items on your body!

As long as it was owned by the user, it could be lost, and it was not limited to objects in the traditional sense, including “eyes”, “ears”, “heart”, “relatives and friends”, “freedom”, and “IQ” was the optional range of the cost.

“Suddenly I feel that the effect and cost of these two items are very face-to-face…Fortunately, I don’t need to pay the price. This is really a great benefit.”

“Well, let’s record a few more places with this book. First, I’ll record the coffee shop.”

‘As long as I have this thing, I can move instantly, and I no longer need to ride a bicycle to run wildly in the city.’

Thinking of this, Shen Yi shuddered all over and breathed a sigh of relief.

It really saved him from the embarrassing situation of hitting an acquaintance in the inner world while riding a bicycle.

He picked up the Book of Ten Travelers from the table, and opened it to see the ten blank pages inside … ‘It’s strange that the previous users didn’t leave any records.’

He shook his head but did not bother it, just turned to the first page, which was still blank.

And patiently waited for ten minutes, and there really was a miraculous change on the page.

He saw the recorded picture in the pages of the book!

“This is my bedroom, and I…”

The character in the picture was none other than himself who was reading a book with his head down, and the picture quality was extremely clear, Shen Yi almost wanted to raise his head to see if there was a surveillance camera on the ceiling.

Monitoring from the perspective of God!

Shen Yi stretched out two fingers to adjust the screen, the “monitor” moved out, and began to observe the interior of the cafe.

He could also keep the monitoring “close” to the target. The limit was that he could clearly see every word on the mug, and the picture quality was so clear.

“Riveting ability.”

Unable to suppress his curiosity, he swiped his finger, quickly adjusted the picture on the page toward his neighbor.

Not surprisingly, the picture on the page quickly moved to the neighbor’s house—the next door to the cafe was a cake shop, since it was midnight the shop was closed with no lights.

“This seems a bit like voyeurism, well, it’s just voyeurism.” Shen Yi muttered to himself.

In a range of 100 meters, he could adjust and monitor everywhere, but further away could not be done. He swiped his finger and monitored every direction for a long time.

Finally, he got up and left the cafe and came outside, then looked at the picture on the page and spoke.


The next second, he was back inside the cafe.

It took him some time to react, then he started to laugh madly. This was the first time he tasted the feeling of teleportation as if he had never been out here.

“There is no delay, and it doesn’t even take half a second. It is sent directly to the destination. It is really a life-saving artifact.”

He was overjoyed. In the future, if he met someone he couldn’t beat, he could run away by opening his book and directly teleport to the place.

The only drawback was that it could not carry people, only book users can teleport, and every time “travel” was used, it needed to be recharged for a whole day.

It was not until now that he had finished his first trial of the Ten Travelers’ Book.

If others were to know that he was so extravagant in trying disaster relics without paying any price, they would be envious of tears.

After putting the new offerings, he changed into pajamas and lay back on the bed, looking at the drawer where his goodies were getting bigger and bigger, feeling that it wasn’t quite safe to live here anymore.

After all, he was also considered to be a person in the inner world, involved in multiple mysterious events, so at any time, someone could come to the door.

He was very self-conscious in his heart, so he always carried the old cross with him, even when he was taking a bath, he didn’t take it off.

However, the old problem was the lack of money.

“Next, the most important thing is to wait for the “informant” Chris to come to the door.”

He was going to ask Chris to help him trade a mysterious item he couldn’t use in the inner world, the Spiritual Water, to obtain enough money to improve his living environment.

Shen Yi recorded everything in his notebook, lay down on the small bed again, and looked around his snail house which was only ten square meters in size.

He began to miss Chris more and more.

He even had the idea of destroying his “persona” and sending her a text message in the middle of the night to call her.

After thinking like this for a long time, Shen Yi unconsciously fell asleep.

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