Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Points or Crystals – Which to Choose?

The wind also reached the three of them, and Mi Ling turned around to see a sight that made her face turn pale. The zombies were now only about ten meters away from them, and their distance was rapidly closing.

Though they didn’t understand what was happening, they couldn’t run any longer; they had to turn around and fight.

Mi Li immediately unleashed all the buffs she had on Su Dazhu to empower him.

Su Dazhu took the lead, facing the oncoming zombies and striking one with his staff.

Mi Ling also unleashed a fiery explosion, reducing the number of zombies from over twenty to just a dozen or so.

Among this group of zombies, only a small portion were second-level zombies, while the majority were first-level zombies.

First-level zombies posed no real threat to Su Dazhu, and even if he got injured, Mi Li could heal him.

However, taking advantage of this opportunity, a wind-like fourth-level zombie moved to the side and unleashed a wind blade at Mi Li.

It was too fast; Mi Li couldn’t dodge in time. Seeing this, Mi Ling instinctively positioned herself in front of Mi Li.

Turns out, it wasn’t Mi Ling who was in danger originally, but she ended up getting injured like this.

The wind blade hit Mi Ling’s shoulder, tearing a large gash in her flesh. Mi Ling’s shoulder immediately gushed with fresh, red blood, staining Mi Li’s clothes.

If Mi Ling weren’t at the third level and hadn’t had her defense boosted by Mi Li, her shoulder might have been completely torn off by the wind blade of the fourth-level zombie.

A look of pain flashed across Mi Ling’s face, but without hesitation, her uninjured right hand conjured a fireball.

However, what surprised Mi Ling was that the fireball narrowly missed the fourth-level zombie, which deftly evaded the spell.

Aside from missing its target, this was the first time Mi Ling encountered a zombie that could dodge a spell.

Su Dazhu made a quick decision, saying, “Mi Ling, focus on dealing with the regular zombies, I’ll hold off this one, and then we’ll take it down together.”

Gunshots rang out.

After Mi Li cast a healing spell on Mi Ling, she retrieved the handgun that Chen Luo had given her and fired at the fourth-level zombie. The fourth-level zombie, unfamiliar with firearms, dodged as best as it could. Given Mi Li’s lack of marksmanship, only one shot out of four hit, which was hardly a significant blow to the fourth-level zombie.

Handguns didn’t pack much of a punch, but they managed to delay the fourth-level zombie for a moment.

With Mi Li’s support, Su Dazhu charged towards the fourth-level zombie. In the short term, the fourth-level zombie couldn’t kill Su Dazhu.

The wind blade struck Su Dazhu’s chest, leaving only a gash, far less severe than Mi Ling’s injury. This brought some relief to the group.

Hearing the gunshots, the Thunderbolt King finally realized what was happening. Mi Ling and the others are in trouble. I won’t end up as zombie bait, will I?

The Thunderbolt King rushed to the scene like lightning and joined the battle, delivering a lightning-based attacks from behind the fourth-level zombie.

If Chen Luo were here, he would have reacted indifferently to the Thunderbolt King’s arrival, but Su Dazhu couldn’t help but look at the Thunderbolt King with a glimmer of excitement in his eyes.

The Thunderbolt King cursed his teammate silently.

The fourth-level zombie turned towards the Thunderbolt King, and the Thunderbolt King kept circling behind it.

While the fourth-level wind-element zombie had superior speed, it couldn’t match the Thunderbolt King in agility.

The Thunderbolt King continued to circle, and the zombie followed suit, fearing an attack from behind.

The fourth-level zombie’s head began to spin. What kind of tactic was this?

Su Dazhu swung an iron rod at the fourth-level zombie, but the zombie blocked it with its hand. The gap between third-level and fourth-level was quite significant, and the rod couldn’t inflict any harm on the fourth-level zombie.

Seizing the opportunity, the Thunderbolt King launched a lightning ball at the back of the fourth-level zombie.

After dealing with the regular zombies, Mi Ling also joined the battle.

Seeing things turning sour, the fourth-level zombie immediately wanted to retreat and made a run for it. These were a substantial amount of points, would the Thunderbolt King let it escape?

A thunderous tail whip struck the back of the fourth-level zombie, causing it to stumble and then crash heavily onto its back.

The fourth-level zombie was pinned to the ground by Su Dazhu, preventing it from getting up.

Being a close-quarters elemental creature was a significant disadvantage. Whether it was the mouth or the hands, even if it could cast spells, it couldn’t use them with its face on the ground.

Especially since Mi Li had enhanced the strength of Su Dazhu and the Thunderbolt King.

The group took advantage of the situation and pummeled the fourth-level zombie mercilessly.

The fourth-level zombie met its end.

Mi Ling sat down on the ground, breathing a sigh of relief. That was quite perilous.

Mi Li continuously applied healing magic to both Mi Ling and Su Dazhu.

Mi Ling’s wound had stopped bleeding, but she still felt significant pain.

The Thunderbolt King took out the fourth-level zombie’s crystal and looked at the sizable crystal with a hint of excitement in his eyes.

At the same time, he cast a vigilant glance at the three of them, silently conveying that this was his acquisition, and no one else was allowed to take it.

Normally, the crystals obtained by the team would be distributed evenly, but could the three of them really bring themselves to compete with a dog?

The three of them had already collected about fifty or sixty crystals, and since Mi Ling was injured, they decided not to continue collecting and prepared to head back.

Back at the base, the Thunderbolt King was the first to get out of the car, wearing a sycophantic expression as he handed over a bag of crystals to Chen Luo.

“Rice, could you ask the master how many points these crystals are worth?”

Chen Luo counted and unexpectedly found a fourth-level crystal. He thought for a moment and decided that the fourth-level crystal was worth 100 points for the Thunderbolt King.

Chen Luo cleaned the crystal and gave it to Rice, intending to help Rice reach the fourth level quickly.

The Thunderbolt King was bewildered. I worked so hard to obtain these crystals, and you’re giving them to Rice? Shouldn’t they be given to me? Is this fair? Is this reasonable?

Rice rolled his eyes and translated the Thunderbolt King’s words.

Hearing this, Chen Luo returned the fourth-level crystal to the Thunderbolt King, saying, “If you contribute the crystals to the group, I’ll give you points, but if you use them yourself, I can’t give you points in return, can I?”

“It wouldn’t make sense for me to use them and still expect points from you, would it? Do you think I’m unreasonable?”

The Thunderbolt King found Chen Luo’s reasoning quite sensible and handed the crystal back to him. Crystals don’t grow on trees, after all.

Chen Luo noticed that Mi Ling’s shoulder seemed unnatural, and the three of them didn’t hide anything, sharing their recent experiences.

Chen Luo tightened his grip on Rice’s hand. Rice had hit the nail on the head. There was danger, but it wasn’t life-threatening.

Twice now, Rice successfully predicted danger, the first time being for Mi Li.

However, Chen Luo couldn’t help but wonder. Su Dazhu had also sustained minor injuries, but Rice hadn’t mentioned it. Was it because the injuries were too minor for Rice to sense?

Not long after, everyone who had gone on the mission returned. Although the mission was completed, nobody displayed their usual cheerful expressions.

Four people were injured, and one had died.

When dealing with second-level zombies, even a slight misstep could lead to injuries, and if a vital spot was hit, there was no saving them.

It had been several days since anyone had died before this, and seeing a comrade’s death had dampened everyone’s spirits.

Chen Luo remained calm, having mentally prepared himself for such possibilities.

Death was undoubtedly a more severe matter than Mi Ling’s injury, so why hadn’t Rice sensed that someone would die?

If Rice had sensed it, he wouldn’t have stayed silent.

Could it be that Rice can currently only sense the safety of close ones, while unfamiliar people are beyond his perception?

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