Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 72

Chapter 72: You Want to Ambush? Let’s See Who Strikes First

“Boss, we’ve searched over a dozen villas, but we haven’t found any food or supplies,” said a man in his thirties with a fierce and masculine appearance, somewhat resembling Huaqiang. His name was Liu Wei.

Liu Wei remained calm and composed as he replied, “Xiao Wei, don’t worry. In this snowy weather, it’s difficult to find food outdoors. We can try looking for squirrels; they often store a lot of food.”

“Similarly, if we find other survivors, we’ll naturally find food as well.”

Xiao Wei nodded, seeming to understand but not fully. Liu Wei, on the other hand, couldn’t help but think that the residents of these villas were either rich or noble. There wasn’t an unattractive woman or child among them. It had been days since he had encountered a beautiful woman.

“Brother Wei, there’s someone in this villa.”

Liu Wei had gathered a group of eighteen or nineteen survivors and established some authority among them through ruthless means. They had come to Chen Luo’s villa area together in search of supplies, while also keeping an eye out for attractive women.

The one they discovered was a young man.

Liu Wei and his group ignored the young man and forcefully entered the villa, rummaging through it. The young man endured their presence, seeing that there wasn’t much left to fight over.

However, Xiao Wei, unsatisfied with the search results, struck the young man on the head with a steel pipe.

“Bastard! Why do you get to live in a big villa while I can’t?”

Watching the scene with blood flowing, Xiao Wei felt extremely excited. The feeling of being unrestrained was exhilarating, and he felt the urge to harm anyone he desired.

“pa pa pa pa pa.”

Xiao Wei became increasingly exhilarated as he continued to beat the young man, eventually killing him with the chaotic strikes of his club. Liu Wei watched, but made no attempt to stop him, as it served to establish their dominance.

Everyone who witnessed the scene was filled with fear.

Xiao Wei smirked and said, “Ah, too bad, there aren’t many supplies here either.”

Liu Wei instructed, “Keep searching.”

They soon found the villas belonging to Chen Luo and Shu Yun. Fang Yu and Xu Lan, who were guarding the area, were the first to notice their arrival.

Xu Lan asked, “What should we do? There are quite a lot of them. Chen Luo said that if there are too many people, we should act as if we haven’t seen them.”

“If a conflict arises, there are only two of us, and it’s definitely not going to end well for us,” said Fang Yu, shaking his head. “We can’t let them enter and search. Our supplies are stored inside. Although Chen Luo didn’t ask for it, we can’t just stand by and watch.”

He continued, “Here’s what we’ll do: we’ll go down and warn them, saying that our larger force is about to return. If they don’t listen, we’ll take action and then run, diverting their attention and buying time. With the stun batons we have, there might be a chance for a counterattack.”

Xu Lan nodded in agreement. “That’s a plan. Otherwise, we’ll be at their mercy. If everything goes smoothly for Chen Luo’s group, they’ll be back soon.”

Suddenly, Fang Yu’s eyes lit up as he carefully observed the entrance of the residential area. “Chen Luo and the others are back. I saw Chen Luo’s car.”

Several cars suddenly appeared in the residential area.

There were cars, vans, and small trucks, parked not far from the entrance of the residential area.

Chen Luo narrowed his eyes. Did a significant number of survivors enter the villa area?

There were at least a dozen people, if not more.

Chen Luo instructed Yang Xuan to drive the car into the villa area. Otherwise, unloading the cargo would be troublesome.

Previously, Chen Luo couldn’t enter because of a lack of driving skills, and it would be difficult to reverse out. Yang Xuan, being experienced in driving from his military background, took the wheel.

Sure enough, as they approached their own villa, Chen Luo saw Fang Yu and Xu Lan confronting a group of people.

Li Wei squinted his eyes. If he hadn’t heard the sound of the car, he would have attacked directly. He needed to assess the number of people on the other side.

Chen Luo and the others got out of the car one after another.

Seeing a group of girls with only a few men, Li Wei and his group’s eyes lit up suddenly.

There are only a few men? And the rest are beautiful girls? Then what is there to be afraid of?

Chen Luo had a familiar feeling about this Li Wei.

Chen Luo remembered, isn’t this the backup that Chen Jing, that green tea, found later? It’s said that Chen Jing had a tough time under his control.

In the original timeline, Li Wei wouldn’t have arrived at the villa area for another ten days.

Is it because I eliminated the nearby zombies, resulting in the butterfly effect?

Holding a steel rod, Xiao Wei approached the back of the heavy truck and vigorously knocked on the door, shouting, “What’s inside the truck? Are they supplies? Whoever sees it gets a share, give us half.”

This was intentionally provoking a fight. In Xiao Wei’s mind, with twenty men on their side, they should be able to overpower the few men on the other side.

A group of women, best not to mention them. Just a little scare and they’ll wet themselves. He was familiar with this kind of job.

With a “smack,” Xiao Wei was slapped in the face, not too lightly or too heavily.

It was Li Wei who hit him.

Xiao Wei looked at Li Wei in confusion, wondering why he hit him.

Li Wei lectured, “Why should they share half of what they obtained at great risk? Do you have such a big face?”

Li Wei looked at Mi Ling and Mi Li beside Chen Luo, trying his best to conceal the greed in his eyes. Truly a piece of work.

Li Wei forced a smile and said, “Sorry, everyone. We didn’t know it was your territory. We’ll leave now.”

Saying that, Li Wei actually left with his people.

Chen Luo narrowed his eyes. Li Wei was a poison-type ability user. He wondered if he had reached the second level or not.

The released poisonous gas was as stinky and toxic as a weasel’s fart.

We can’t let him release it, it would be disgusting for several days.

Rice said, “This person is full of malice.”

Chen Luo chuckled inwardly. Did I even need you to say that?

After they were a bit further away, Xiao Wei couldn’t help but ask Li Wei, “Big brother, is that it? Isn’t that against your character?”

Li Wei lightly patted Xiao Wei’s head, “Now that we know they’re here, are we afraid they’ll run away? Isn’t it better to find an opportunity for a sneak attack? Don’t always think about fighting face-to-face, that’s being reckless. Use your brain a little.”

Xiao Wei suddenly realized.

Chen Luo more or less had the same thought.

If they engage in a direct confrontation, then he will have to release poisonous gas, he won’t be able to eat for several days. It would also affect Mi Ling and Mi Li. Why should he fight him head-on when he can launch a surprise attack?

The difference is that as long as you stay a bit further away from me, I’ll make my move.

While Li Wei was quietly instructing Xiao Wei, his head suddenly exploded.

Chen Luo released a spatial sphere that accurately hit Li Wei’s head.

Why didn’t his head explode?

He was left with just a tiny bit of life force in an instant.

Li Wei’s final thought was, “Damn, I got screwed over.”

Not taking any chances, Chen Luo gave him another hit.

Chen Luo waved his hand, “Take them out.”

These were mostly just a group of miscellaneous people and they were quickly taken out.

Chen Luo had a disdainful expression on his face. Thinking,  ‘Knowing that you posed a threat to me, would I let you leave?’

‘Should I wait for you to make your move before I retaliate?’

‘There are always some idiots who, despite knowing that the other party has ill intentions, refrain from taking action until they themselves are ambushed and then unleash their rage.’

‘By then, it’s too late to regret when your subordinates, or even your loved ones, have suffered irreparable harm.’

‘But I’m different. I have always been proactive. As long as I perceive you as a threat and can easily eliminate you, I will strike immediately.’

Even before Li Wei’s death, he never anticipated that while he was planning for an opportunity to ambush, he would be ambushed on the spot.

“I really admire/respect you, you old number six.”

[1]This sentence is an informal expression commonly used in Chinese slang to convey a mix of sarcasm, frustration, and admiration towards someone. “服了” (fúle) in this context carries … Continue reading


1 This sentence is an informal expression commonly used in Chinese slang to convey a mix of sarcasm, frustration, and admiration towards someone. “服了” (fúle) in this context carries the meaning of “admiration” or “being impressed,” while “老六” (lǎoliù) literally translates to “old six” and is a slang term that can refer to someone who is cunning, clever, or skilled in certain situations. The sentence can be interpreted differently depending on the context and tone of the conversation, but it generally conveys a sense of begrudging respect or acknowledgment towards the person being referred to as “old six”, – must mean Chen Luo

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