Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Defend Against Zombies, and Even Against Survivors

What did Mi Li have for lunch?

Zhang Jingjing’s question left the other girls momentarily puzzled. They weren’t three-year-old children, and apart from occasionally eating together, Chen Luo usually ate in his own villa room.

Chen Luo wouldn’t be hiding in his room, eating steamed buns with pickled vegetables, would he?

Chen Luo had mentioned that he had stored a considerable amount of pork in his refrigerator and would have the opportunity to make braised pork for everyone.

Hmm, perhaps they used to eat braised pork every day, and now it’s braised pork with sausages.

Every item they collected, whether it was through their efforts in gathering, loading, or unloading, they had a hand in it. How could they not know what delicious food there was and what they had acquired?

The best thing is the sausages. If they didn’t distribute any to them, they would surely be dissatisfied. But Chen Luo gives them sausages every day, and the portions are generous.

They are already satisfied to be able to have sausages every day.

Even if Chen Luo ate braised pork for every meal, it was something he had obtained for himself beforehand.

Besides, Chen Luo is also responsible for protecting everyone. What’s wrong with enjoying some braised pork?

One of the girls laughed and said, “Mi Li probably had sausages for lunch too.”

There’s nothing wrong with that statement, but it caused another girl to scoff.

Zhang Jingjing’s words made Shu Yun furrow her brow.

It seemed like there was an element of comparison in her words. Can’t you be satisfied with sausages and potatoes? It’s not like you and Mi LAI have a particularly close relationship. You just arrived, and you haven’t shown any contributions. There’s no way you’ll be given such privileges to eat those.

However, Zhang Jingjing’s comment was just a casual remark, and Shu Yun couldn’t draw any conclusions based on a single sentence.

Shu Yun smiled and explained, “Chen Luo is like the boss, and we are like employees. It always feels uncomfortable to eat together with the boss, so we prefer to eat separately.”

Zhang Jingjing nodded, but she seemed restless.

Mi Li must be eating something better, and we’re such good friends, yet she didn’t invite me.

Zhang Jingjing felt a bit sad, and the previously fragrant sausages seemed less appetizing.

Chen Luo picked up a saltwater prawn, dipped it in vinegar, and put it in his mouth. It was delicious.

Chen Luo said to Mi Li, “Mi Li, observe your friend for a while. Don’t reveal anything about us.”

“Everyone needs to have their own value. Let’s see if she can contribute. As long as she is honest even if she lacks skills, we can assign her a logistical role.”

What’s the point of living in this world if one has no value?

Even someone like Mi Ling, Chen Luo’s sister-in-law, fights zombies every day, and she kills far more than others. Did Chen Luo let her have an easy time?

If the zombies hadn’t already evolved to the first level, Chen Luo would have definitely arranged for Zhang Jingjing and her father to kill ten zombies, just like what he did with Li Ming and Li Hui before. But now, sending them would be sending them to their deaths.

Mi Li nodded, “I understand.”

After finishing their meal, Chen Luo called Fang Yu.

“There are still a few survivors in the villa area, right? Let them leave if they want to, or if they don’t want to, arrange for them to kill zombies. No need to be polite to those who don’t know what’s good for them.”

“In these times, don’t leave any potential troubles behind.”

Fang Yu nodded and went with a few of his brothers.

Chen Luo muttered to himself, “Useless bunch. I wanted to give you a chance to join us out of consideration for our neighbors, but all you do is hide in the villa all day.”

Shu Yun saw Chen Luo coming out of the villa and quickly ran over to speak to him.

“Chen Luo, we’ve basically cleared out the zombies in the surrounding area. If we want to kill more zombies, we’ll have to go a bit farther.”

We’ve already cleared them once before they evolved, and these past few days, we’ve been killing at least three to four hundred zombies every day. Do you really think we can’t finish off the zombies?

Chen Guang happened to run over, cautiously speaking, “Brother, following your instructions, my group of brothers can evolve to the second level with 20 crystals. The first-level crystals are even more effective, and most of them are close to reaching the second level, either today or tomorrow.”

“Do you think it’s better to wait for them to reach the second level before going to kill the zombies? It would be more secure that way.”

Chen Guang also had good intentions. After reaching the second level, the probability of death would greatly decrease.

It’s risky to fight zombies of the same level. One small mistake could lead to disaster.

It’s only natural for people to want to be cautious.

Chen Luo had requested to obtain at least five first-level crystals every day, except in special circumstances.

The current situation was indeed a special circumstance. They were about to level up, so why rush when they could kill zombies more securely after evolving?

Forcing them to go out and kill zombies again would definitely cause dissatisfaction.

Chen Luo thought for a moment and nodded, “Alright, there happens to be something coming up, so let them stay and guard the house.”

Chen Guang and Shu Yun curiously asked, “What’s going on?”

Chen Luo explained, “Didn’t you see any survivors fleeing along the road? They will definitely be scavenging for supplies. It’s impossible that nobody will come to us.”

There were still scarce resources in other places, but nobody would wait until the supplies were depleted before searching for more.

Humans are like squirrels, unable to resist the urge to constantly search for supplies to feel secure, especially when the surrounding area is mostly free of zombies. They would become bolder.

Chen Guang sighed, “It’s really unsettling.”

Chen Luo said, “Take some people to guard the entrance of the community. Use the bus and keep the air conditioning on. Otherwise, it would be too hot. If there’s any situation, use the walkie-talkies to communicate.”

“By the way, bring that newcomer, Zhang Dongcheng, with you and see how he performs,” Chen Luo instructed.

Chen Guang nodded in response.

Chen Luo then turned to Shu Yun and said, “As for Zhang Jingjing, no need to treat her differently.”

Shu Yun suddenly realized that Zhang Jingjing wasn’t a privileged member.

In the future, there might be survivors every day wanting to enter the villa area. It would be impossible to peacefully kill zombies without interruptions.

Living in the apocalypse is exhausting. Besides guarding against zombies and acquiring resources, one also has to be wary of other survivors stealing or looting their belongings.

In Chen Luo’s past life, he didn’t have such worries. He only had to worry about others, but don’t ask why.

Without resorting to strict and ruthless methods, one couldn’t establish deterrence.

A cold intent flickered in Chen Luo’s eyes. If he didn’t kill a few people to establish his authority, he wouldn’t be able to stand firm.

Hanging dozens of bodies at the entrance, let’s see if anyone dares to intrude.

Except for the entrance of the residential area, the rest was surrounded by high walls. The security was already good even before the apocalypse, making it difficult for ordinary people to sneak in.

Chen Luo initially wanted to block the entrance of the residential area, but he couldn’t do so. It would be inconvenient for him to come and go, especially when they needed to transport supplies in the future. They couldn’t rely on walking all the time, right?

Chen Guang and his team enjoyed the comfort of the air-conditioned bus. After several days of continuous killing, they finally had a rare opportunity to relax. It felt so good.

Word spread that there was an air-conditioned bus, attracting people to gather around. They enjoyed the cool air while observing the situation outside the residential area.

After about ten minutes, several cars approached the direction of the residential area.

Chen Guang furrowed his brow and got off the bus.

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