Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning
Post-apocalyptic world: Stockpile Ten Billion Supplies at the Beginning Chapter 86

Chapter 86: A Terrifying Display

The greatest truth in the world has always been the fist.

If Chen Luo’s side only had two individuals, would Liu Yuan still attempt to reason with Chen Luo?

Do you dare to speak of fairness?

He would have taken Chen Luo down right away, there’s no way he’s handing over Heizi and the others to Chen Luo for vengeance.

So, Liu Yuan’s words are just a joke.

Moreover, is Chen Luo even a person who reasons?

Liu Yuan angrily retorted, “I’ve never seen someone as audacious as you. Fine, if you want a fight, do you really believe I’m scared of you?”

“I’ve fought my way out of zombies on my side. Our numbers even exceed yours slightly. You can still leave now, kid.”

People behind Liu Yuan silently started preparing their weapons, getting ready to unleash their unique abilities.

Liu Yuan was infuriated. Damn it, if I had known, I wouldn’t have handed over Heizi. It was utterly useless.

This kid is really sly. If it wasn’t going well, you should have said something earlier. You taught my people a lesson right in front of me, and now you want to kill me.

Sigh, this brat doesn’t consider the consequences. He’s just reckless. Damn it, luck is truly bad.

Chen Luo chuckled lightly and calmly said, “You all step back, I’ll handle this alone.”

It had been quite a few days since the last time I took action in front of the girls. The newcomers like Chen Guang and Leng Chen haven’t witnessed my true capabilities yet.

Maintaining control over your subordinates requires not just financial power, but also physical strength.

Chen Guang and the others were taken aback. He’s fighting alone?

Chen Luo gestured for everyone to step back.

Liu Yuan was taken aback. Is this the time to show off as a hero?

This is truly something.

The next moment, Liu Yuan and the others saw that Chen Luo’s hand suddenly held an almost transparent light sword.

This… A man should have his own light sword.

Before they could think much, Chen Luo, like a phantom, dashed right up to Liu Yuan.

Having prepared beforehand, Liu Yuan immediately summoned an earthen shield to protect himself.

Chen Luo’s expression carried disdain. If you were at my level and I had given you time to release your ability, then you could use your earthen shield to withstand my spatial force.

The ethereal blade seemed to pass through the shield like sand, and then through Liu Yuan’s body.

Liu Yuan’s body was immediately split into two halves, as if space itself had been cleaved open, dividing his body into upper and lower halves.

Yet, no blood flowed out.

Liu Yuan was instantly slain, and it was a type of death that went beyond human comprehension.

Body cleaved in two, yet no blood, the scene was too eerie.

On Liu Yuan’s side, screams erupted one after another.

Even Chen Guang, Leng Chen, and the others were left with their scalps tingling as they witnessed this scene.

What kind of ability is this?

Although Chen Luo had claimed he would go alone, Mi Li was still worried and didn’t want to see Chen Luo hurt. So, Mi Li bestowed upon Chen Luo a buff that enhanced his defense and strength.

Chen Luo smirked. It’s good to have a caring wife.

Chen Luo charged into Liu Yuan’s camp like a tiger among sheep.

Although the Void Blade couldn’t be sustained for more than an hour, it could still last around three minutes now.

Two more people were split in half by Chen Luo’s blade.

Physical ability users were too frightened to approach, fearing being dismembered, while elemental ability users released their powers at Chen Luo in succession.

Several dozen spells, densely packed, avoiding them all by maneuvering wasn’t practical.

Of course, if Chen Luo used Void Walk, he could easily dodge them all.

Yet, Chen Luo didn’t employ it, as there was no need.

Using his agility, Chen Luo darted to the front of a man, using him as a human shield. He unavoidably got hit by three spells.

All spells were of the first level, and with Mi Li’s enhancements/buff, they only caused minor injuries. They couldn’t possibly deal significant damage to Chen Luo.

Chen Luo lifted a human shield and relentlessly wielded the Void Blade, cutting down his foes.

The opposing side crumbled.

What kind of monster was this?

Being able to dismember people with a single slash was one thing, but even when their abilities hit him, there was barely any effect.

If it were a shield like Liu Yuan’s, they might have had something to say, not finding it too terrifying. However, the spells truly struck Chen Luo, yet it made little difference compared to not hitting him at all.

How could they possibly fight against this?

Liu Yuan’s instant demise had already horrified them, and now they were pushed to the pinnacle of terror.

This kid wasn’t human.

If they didn’t run quickly, they would die at his hands.

The crowd exploded, and they exerted all their might to escape.

Chen Luo chased after sixty or seventy people alone, striking them down.

This scene deeply shocked Shuyun, Chen Guang, Leng Chen, and the others.

Mi Li sighed, feeling the gap between her and him growing wider. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have been able to advance to level three.

Mi Li said, “Let’s attack together, even though I don’t want to. We mustn’t leave potential threats behind.”

In the hearts of the group, Mi Li’s status was still higher than Shuyun’s. After all, Mi Li had shared a room with Chen Luo.

A villa is just a house. Is that a problem?

They blocked the way, and not a single person escaped.

The awe in Chen Guang’s eyes was greater than it had ever been before.

Damn, when he said he could take on all of us, easily slaughter us, he wasn’t just talking big. Even if our numbers were ten times more, it wouldn’t have been enough to fend him off.

Chen Guang flattered, “Brother, you’re truly incredible. Following you is undoubtedly the best decision I’ve made in my life.”

Leng Chen’s attitude had evidently become more respectful too. He walked cautiously.

They hadn’t seen Chen Luo in action before; their previous awe was solely because Chen Luo was the boss within the base. While they knew Chen Luo’s strength wasn’t low, they had no idea how formidable he truly was.

The girls’ eyes gleamed with admiration as they looked at Chen Luo. If they didn’t feel unworthy of him, they would have come forward to embrace him.

Chen Luo smiled faintly, basic stuff, noob-friendly.

Chen Luo said, “I regret Yan Li’s death as well, but that’s how this world is. There’s danger every moment.”

“The ones who can truly protect you are yourselves. The best thing you can do is to elevate your own strength as quickly and as much as possible. I can’t be there to protect you all the time.”

“So, the fundamental purpose of having you all come out isn’t just to collect crystals, but for experience, to undergo more battles.”

“If you’re following me, no matter who it is, if they bully you, they will definitely pay the price.”

“Alright, tidy up a bit and collect the supplies here.”

“It’s almost noon. Let’s have a few of the girls who can cook go back and make lunch for everyone.”

Although someone died, the group didn’t exhibit excessive sorrow. They had grown somewhat accustomed to life and death.

On the contrary, most were uplifted. Chen Luo had proven with practical action that following him was the right choice.

With a leader like him, who needed to worry about being bullied?

Under his protection, they could grow more securely.

Before, perhaps some harbored discontent, but among this batch of people, no one would question Chen Luo’s decisions anymore.

Especially since Chen Luo did nothing all day while everyone else worked tirelessly.

Oh, so the leader is giving us all the chances to exercise.

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