Premarital Cohabitation
Premarital Cohabitation: Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Dr. Wei’s Gentleness, Irresistible.


[Chu Qi]: Did you fall asleep last night?

[Wei Nanlin]: Yes, I did.

[Chu Qi]: I’m sorry, I’ll go back to sleep at my place tonight.

[Wei Nanlin]: I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable. Are you upset?

Probably anxious, before I could finish typing, Wei Nanlin called.

“Xiao Chu, are you upset?”

“No,” I said in a somewhat aggrieved tone, fiddling with my pajama button, “Doesn’t it affect your rest if I’m like this?”

“No, not at all. I’ll just go to sleep earlier than you,” he reassured.

“But that’s also troublesome. If you have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, won’t it keep you awake?”

“Does it matter? This can be well adjusted, and you’re already quiet when you sleep on your side,” Wei Nanlin said.

“Really?” I wasn’t entirely convinced.

“Of course, these are all minor issues. Since we’re going to be together for a lifetime, we have to slowly adapt and accommodate each other,” Wei Nanlin said gently. “Don’t worry about it. I was wrong in this matter, and I won’t tease you about it again.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean to blame you,” I couldn’t help but laugh. “And I think my snoring is quite amusing. I didn’t know I snored like that until you recorded it.”

“Do you want to move in with me then?”

“Um…” I was still immersed in the laughter caused by the snoring, suddenly realizing, “Huh?”

Wei Nanlin started listing the benefits: “We can take evening walks together, watch movies, work out, and you can have the breakfast and dinner I make every day.”

While the conditions were tempting, was this moving a bit too fast? We’ve only known each other for a few months, right?

Being together all the time, wouldn’t it become overwhelming?

After living together, won’t all our shortcomings be magnified? Would he find me lazy and greedy?

Wouldn’t the honeymoon phase end sooner?

Wei Nanlin added, “My place is closer to your workplace, so you can sleep in an extra twenty minutes every day.”

“Alright then, I’ll let my parents know later.”


Co-habitation was something that required approval from my father and mother, after all, they had raised me for so many years. I couldn’t bear to leave them, and I was sure they would also miss me. Convincing them was a challenge.

I even felt a bit guilty, thinking: I’m really lacking in filial piety, losing my family for the sake of love.

The thought of not being able to eat my parents’ cooking in the future made me let out a “wow” howl.

Wei Nanlin comforted me on the side, “Xiao Chu, actually, it’s only a 20-minute trip back home.”


Later events proved that I had overthought everything.

In my parents’ eyes, I wasn’t worth much at all.

When I talked to my mother about moving in, she was in the middle of playing mahjong with her friends.

After a phone call, I heard her exclaim, “Oh my! Hahaha! I won!”

After a while, my mother finally paid attention to me, “Son, what do you need?”

I timidly inquired, “Well, I want to discuss something with you, please don’t get angry.”

“Go ahead.”

“It’s like this, I want to apply for something with you, please don’t be mad.”

“Tell me.”

“Dr. Wei’s place is closer to my office, which would make commuting easier. I want to move in with him for a while. Would it be alright if I come back home during holidays?”

“Ah, I see.” My mother continued playing with the cards, “Wouldn’t that be bothering Dr. Wei?”

I put the phone on speaker, and Wei Nanlin quickly leaned in, saying, “It won’t be bothersome at all, Auntie. Normally, I’m quite bored alone at home. Having Xiao Qi with me would make things livelier.”

My mother said, “Oh, that’s not a problem then. As long as you two are happy.”

In our family, my mother usually had the final say. Since she agreed, it was natural that my father would be okay with it as well. Wei Nanlin and I high-fived.

My mother added, “Once your father is off work, we’ll help you move your things over. Do you have a bed and bedding? If not, Mom can buy you a new set.”

“No need, Auntie. I already have everything here,” Wei Nanlin said.

“Then, do you want to move your computer desk and those figurines with you? What about the collection of dolls on your bedside? Do you want me to contact a moving company for you?” 

The more my mother cared, the more guilty I felt, and I even welled up with tears.

“No need, Mom. I can manage by myself. There isn’t much stuff, and let’s leave the dolls behind.”

My mother said, “Well, that’s saving me some money then!”

From her casual tone, I could hear her reluctance, and I felt secretly disheartened.

“Okay, Mom, I’ll hang up now.”

“Alright, bye-bye, sweetheart. Take care of yourself.”

Just as I was about to end the call, a voice emerged amidst the chaotic sound of mahjong tiles.

“He Miao, are you really okay with your son moving out? Weren’t you always saying he can’t cook?”

Then followed my mother’s hearty laughter, “Hahaha, sleeping and eating all day, staying at home is of no use. It’s better for him to go out and give others a hard time…”

Shocked, I widened my eyes, but for the sake of our hypocritical mother-son relationship, I pretended I hadn’t heard anything and hung up the phone.

I put on a brave smile, “Actually, my mom is usually really nice to me.”

Wei Nanlin patted my shoulder, “I can see that.”

And so, Wei Nanlin and I began our legal(?) cohabitation.


Moving day was on Sunday. I slept until the afternoon before I woke up and began packing. When Wei Nanlin found out, he insisted on coming over to help.

I rarely bought clothes, so even adding up all the current-season clothes, it only filled two suitcases. I declined, “It’s not necessary, it’s quite troublesome to come back and forth. Plus, there isn’t much stuff.”

“But I want to be with you. Today is a special day for me, and I can’t focus.” His tone always carried an irresistible tenderness.

Half an hour later, the doorbell rang.

Wei Nanlin glanced around, “Your parents aren’t home today?”

“Yeah, Dad went fishing, and Mom went to my aunt’s place to chat.”

“In that case…” Wei Nanlin suddenly lifted his hand to cradle my cheeks and pecked my lips.

His eyes burned with intensity, and the next moment, he leaned in again.

Oh, ever since that night when we opened the chapter of our first kiss, Wei Nanlin became bolder. He would kiss me as he pleased.

As long as I disappeared from his sight for more than three minutes, I would be pestered for a kiss.


“Stop, stop, stop—” I struggled to push him away, “I had garlic with my dumplings at lunch, and I haven’t brushed my teeth!”

“Oh.” Wei Nanlin licked his lips, “No wonder there’s a hint of garlic.”

“Then why are you still trying to kiss me?” I turned my face away, embarrassed.

“Well, you better go brush your teeth then.” Wei Nanlin impatiently patted my backside, urging me.

I stared at him in disbelief, “Just for a kiss, I have to brush my teeth now? It’s not even late yet. If I brush now, I’ll have to brush again tonight. Three times a day?”

“So, should we not kiss?” Wei Nanlin looked at me with a pitiful expression.

“…I’m out of options.”

I swear I won’t eat garlic again.

Being in love is so troublesome.


Wei Nanlin drove me back home, but when we arrived at the doorstep, he didn’t immediately open the door. Instead, he mysteriously took out a small pendant from his pocket and waved it in front of me.

“Dong dong, a gift for you.”

On it was a set of newly-made keys, and Wei Nanlin had thoughtfully labeled each one with the corresponding room.

I froze in pleasant surprise.

What stole the spotlight even more was the pendant on the keys.

It was a Samoyed crafted from wool felt, incredibly lifelike, with a triangle scarf around its neck bearing the character “Nan” (South).

Wei Nanlin then showed me his pendant, a Shiba Inu with the character “Qi” (Seven) on its scarf.

“Where did you buy these?” I pinched the two soft little items, “They’re so cute.”

“I made them myself,” Wei Nanlin proudly declared.

He put so much thought into it!

I couldn’t help but imagine a 6’2″ tall guy hunched over a table poking wool felt, and it just melted my heart.

Perhaps fearing that I wouldn’t believe him, he even extended his hand to show me the small cut on his finger, while playfully whining, “I think it needs a kiss to heal properly.”

Where did he learn this from!

I refuse to believe that the limited edition medical textbook taught him this!

The impact of a grown man acting cute might be beyond your understanding.

Anyway, let’s just say my legs felt a bit weak.

I couldn’t resist.

I received the bunch of keys with reverence and, in passing, gave a kiss on his wounded finger.

The result was him pulling my head and kissing me all the way to the sofa.

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