Premarital Cohabitation
Premarital Cohabitation: Chapter 20

Chapter 20: He Insists on Kissing Me…


“I looked around, but there were no candied hawthorn berry vendors nearby. So, I watched a video online and learned to make them. The taste should be similar,” Dr. Wei said.

“Just looking at them, I can tell they’re delicious!” At this point, words couldn’t capture the jubilation in my heart. A kiss was the only way to express it, “I love you so much!”

Dr. Wei was health-conscious as always, “Take them out and let them sit for a while before eating. I put them in the fridge to prevent them from melting. Also, don’t eat too many at once; the strawberries are too cold.”

“My stomach is fine!”

“Fine my ***.”

“How can a doctor use foul language?”

“Doctors can also do naughty things.”


I admit that I have a dirty mind, and the naughty things I can think of mostly pertain to the bedroom.

After not seeing each other for so long, I assumed he must be close to losing control.

That night, after dinner, I excitedly took a shower and got all clean and fragrant. Exactly at eleven, Dr. Wei emerged from his study on time. I lay on the bed in a seductive manner, like a tipsy concubine, and beckoned him with a crooked finger.

“Come here, give me a hug.”

Wei Nanlin rubbed my head, kissed me on the cheek, and said, “I’ll go take a shower first.”


I turned off the TV, switched on a dim bedside lamp, and placed a precious imported incense that I had spent a fortune on, on the nightstand.

Foreign imported, its fragrance filled the air, reputedly possessing mysterious effects of soothing nerves, relieving fatigue, and enhancing desire.

Just smelling it evoked a surge of sensuality.

I suspect I was an omega in my previous life.

And then there’s my alpha, possessing noble royal bloodline, handsome and charming, both domineering and gentle. The first thing he said upon entering was, “What’s that strange smell?”

Without delay, I lunged at him, hooking my arms around his neck and trying to pull him down. I ended up hanging on him like a koala.

He stumbled, and both of us fell onto the big bed.

A loud “thud” resounded, and suddenly a sharp pain shot through the back of my head—I realized I had hit the edge of the bed.

Dr. Wei’s forehead also hit my nose bridge.

The pain was beyond words; it felt like being electrocuted. Tears welled up uncontrollably.

I couldn’t even speak due to the pain.

In the midst of his panic, Dr. Wei touched the back of my head. At that moment, all I could think of were scenes from TV dramas where the protagonist dies. The female lead touches the male lead’s head, finds her palm covered in blood, then tilts her head back and wails with tears streaming down her face, “Ah——————xxx Ah!————————”

The end of the drama.

After Dr. Wei finished examining me, he didn’t say a word and just carried me to the hospital emergency room for X-rays.

I didn’t die.

Subarachnoid hemorrhage, needing observation in the hospital.

My family rushed to the hospital upon receiving the news, and it was nearly midnight.

“What happened? Why is there such a massive bleeding?” My mom thought I had a terminal illness and wouldn’t live much longer. She immediately hugged me and burst into tears. “I told you to exercise more and not stay up late!”

Oh, come on, why is staying up late again being brought up!

“Auntie, Auntie…” Wei Nanlin held my mom’s trembling hands, trying to calm her down. “It was just an accidental knock, nothing serious. Rest for two weeks and it’ll be fine.”

“Huh?” My mom wiped her tears. “Just a fall?”

What do you mean, “just”? You seem quite disappointed!

My dad, on the other hand, concernedly asked, “How did the fall happen?”

I was holding a thermometer, unable to speak. I shot a pleading glance at Dr. Wei—please, please, please don’t tell the truth!!!

“He insisted on kissing me… and then he just hugged me… I couldn’t resist at the time…”

In front of the entire emergency room staff, nurses, my parents, Dr. Wei blabbered on, imitating gestures, and telling the absolute truth.

Might as well have died!

Later, I remembered that naughty thing Dr. Wei mentioned. After my parents went back, I secretly asked him what he meant.

Dr. Wei looked guilty and said, “While cleaning, I accidentally broke your figurine.”


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