Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology
Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology Chapter 18

     National Treasure Scientist in the 1970s

“Let me kill her!” Third Li brother hated her so much that he wanted to chop Li Xiangxiang with a kitchen knife.

Li Dazhu has fallen to the ground in anger.

Chen Guifang sat there numbly, with dull eyes.

She looked as old as an old lady, her eyes were dull, and her appearance didn’t fit her age at all.

“I already guessed there was a problem long ago.” Third Li’s eyes were sullen, he was so thin that one could only see a handful of bones that remained, and he looked at Li Xiangxiang so sullenly.

“Brother…” Li Xiangxiang shrank her neck.

She was most afraid of this third brother. He was the one who took the lead in burning the Baizhi admission ticket, and he was the one who took the lead in releasing the snakes. He was the most vicious and poisonous among them all.

“Why didn’t we kill you? After all, you have been raised at home for so many years, and you are still a high school graduate. If you can find a good job, we will depend on you in the future…” Third Li smiled wickedly.

While talking about relying on her, he was not friendly at all, only vicious.

Li Xiangxiang shrank her neck, full of fear.

So, she returned to the capital.

Only in the capital can she earn more money. She must find a job that includes food and housing. She can only keep a little of her monthly salary, and the rest must be sent back home!

Otherwise, the three brothers of the Li family would all come to her and haunt her.

At first, a high school diploma was quite popular, but lately, a high school diploma was useless. The house in the capital became more and more valuable. The longer she rented the house, the worse her job became…

Because she still thought that Gu Xinchen would one day bring her back with him to live a good life. She never got married. Of course, when a man knew the situation in her family, he would stay as far away from her as possible.

Li Xiangxiang was miserable.

Occasionally, in the dead of night, looking at her old face, she would ask a question –

“How did I become like this?”

Baizhi has been doing well all these years. The state has built a larger and larger laboratories for her. If she wants to research, and she will never be disapproved for it.

There are countless assistants and students in her lab who help her.

Baizhi didn’t mind teaching them. Since she first arrived at the Academy of Sciences, after she made her first report, Dean Xiang reported her to the state and she received special protection.

Over the years, the country has trusted her, and everyone respects her. She is also willing to do her best for the country and bring other students along.

Over the years, the country has made great strides, not only catching up with the world, but also surpassing it.

Baizhi controls the speed of development, but does not give away ready made technology that she had mastered. But instead guides and forms a gathering of talents. In just a few decades, this country has become a world leader.

She played a great role, and the state always values ​​and protects her.

When Baizhi was fifty years old, Li Shuanmin died.

He was old, but ever since he started to show old age weakness, Baizhi had focused all her research on medicine.

Today, hospitals in Huaguo have world-class medical conditions, and countless people come from abroad to seek medical treatment every day.

Li Shuanmin was not in good health and had suffered too much in the past, but Baizhi has allowed him to live a healthy life of more than 90 years. She can be said to be an expert in various fields.

China’s science and technology are world-leading, as is the military industry.

Outstanding students from those days were distributed in various industries. They looked so small individually, but together, they were a huge force that could not be shaken!

Li Shuanmin walked easily, with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

“Little Zhi, don’t be sad, Grandpa is very happy.” He smiled happily.

He suffered some hardships when he was young, and was excluded and oppressed in the early years. He thought it would be like this all his life, but he didn’t expect that because of his granddaughter, he would be happy in his later years. He had been very happy in these few decades.

Because he is Baizhi’s grandfather, he has always been protected and taken care of.

Of course, the satisfaction in life is also one aspect, and it was because of this granddaughter.

Now this country has become the strongest in the world, and it is inseparable from her granddaughter. Li Shuanmin smiles brightly when he thought of this.

“Grandpa.” Baizhi didn’t speak, just clenched Grandpa’s hand tightly.

Li Shuanmin closed his eyes with a smile on his face.

In this life, he is very satisfied and happy.

Baizhi was silent for a long time, and then returned to Lijia Village with his ashes.

——This was the wish of the old man. He wanted to be buried with next to his son in the same village, and thus the fallen leaves will return to their roots.

He has only visited the village back a few times over the years. Even if the transportation facilities are good and he can take a private plane back, he still seldom goes back. Lijia Village was not only a good memory for him.

So this time Baizhi’s return caused a stir.

Mainly because she was accompanied by leaders who came from the provincial capital Beijing.

Baizhi had almost disappeared from everyone’s sight these years. The people of Lijia Village only knew that she is doing well, and they don’t know more.

But the presence of so many leaders from the provincial capital to the city and county town was enough to shock them.

During the whole funeral process, no one in the village had a word with Baizhi, and everyone was in awe when they saw her.

Their village has had a good year this year. Since Baizhi was admitted to the university, there was a school built in the village called Baizhi Primary School.

Also because she picked up Li Shuanmin to live a good life, the villagers pointed to the children to study hard, so there were many college students and many talented people from the village going to Universities.

Except for Li Dazhu’s family.

Li Dazhu died a long time ago, and Chen Guifang was about to die. Their family had the worst state in the village. If it weren’t for the good state welfare, they would not be able to live without subsidies!

Li Xiangxiang couldn’t send any more money back, because she couldn’t earn any money at all, and she basically only had enough money for her own expenses.

The three brothers hated Li Xiangxiang, and Li Xiangxiang also hated them for oppressing her. Their relationship is very bad, and they insult each other when they make phone calls.

The three brothers are also in poor health, but they still continue to live without money for medical treatment.

Chen Guifang has been sighing, the three brothers have not married and so she didn’t have any daughter-in-law, and her kids don’t want to care about their mother who emptied her family to support Li Xiangxiang.

But she just sighed, not knowing why she refused to stop breathing.

People in the village looked down on them and didn’t pay much attention to them. Back then, they were one of the best people in the village because they had four strong laborers, but now they have it the worst, so bad that no one else wants to pay attention to them.

The day Baizhi came back was very sensational, but after burying Li Shuanmin next to her parents, she left.

The village has been discussing for a long time –

“Although there is no news about Baizhi in these years, she must be the most powerful one now!”

“You are still young, don’t you know, Baizhi was the idol of the entire Jingcheng college students. They respect her very, very much. Amazing isn’t it!”

“You can see how many people who accompanied her today, she must have had a very good life these years!”

“Yes, Baizhi has always been amazing.”

“The earliest corn thresher and rice milling machine in our village made us rich. She made it.”

“Baizhi’s family used to be a wealthy family in the village, her parents were also a bit literate, and her family background is different…”


Chen Guifang could hear the loud discussions outside, she was always staring, she was too old. Nobody knows what she was thinking.

After a while.

Baizhi once again caused a sensation in the entire Lijia Village.

This time it’s not because she’s back, but because of an award.

Baizhi and some scientists have also made a lot of efforts in the military industry. Therefore, China’s military is the strongest in the world. Even the leading U.S. country back then did not dare to say anything in front of China.

As a result, some talents that should have been hidden all the time also slowly appeared in front of people.

Baizhi has previously created a technology product for protection, which can prevent almost all assassinations. If foreign countries cannot conquer this, their country’s scientists are all safe.

And can they conquer it?

Of course not!

This was created by Baizhi and named after her!

It is not only used to prevent assassination, but also used to protect people who are travelling, etc. It is a must-have product for everyone in China, and the price is not that high.

As for foreign countries…

Hehe, they can buy finished products at a high price, but forget about making one.

This award was awarded to Baizhi by the top leader of the country. When the award was presented in the Great Hall, the leader smiled at Baizhi, and the two shook hands skillfully, and smiled with a kind of familiarity.

——Obviously, the top leader and Baizhi have met many times.

Her honor and deeds officially appeared in front of people.

Even this is an understatement, those honors, awards, and achievements are enough to shock everyone in the country and even the world.

Chen Guifang stared at the TV and finally swallowed her last breath.

Before she died, she kept telling-

“Retribution… it’s all retribution…”

 “It’s all retribution!” 

The three brothers ignored her, and the three who were much older than their peers watched Baizhi on the TV and fell silent.

Li Xiangxiang was washing dishes in the kitchen. When the TV was playing, her bowl fell to the ground and made a crisp sound.

That, naturally ushered in her boss scoldings.

But she didn’t care about it anymore, and stared blankly at the TV. The old her was in stark contrast to the Baizhi who did not look old and had an extraordinary temperament on the TV.

The people around Baizhi were all complimenting her, and even many villagers outside Li Xiangxiang house were in an uproar, and when they watched, they applauded, with thunderous applause.

She… how is she doing so well?

Fifty-one-year-old Li Xiangxiang looked as old as a 60-70-year-old lady. Her boss wanted to give her leave from work out of sympathy. But seeing her breaking the bowl, his eyes were dull and she was startled.

Naturally, Li Xiangxiang lost her job again.

She turned around and begged the boss, but the boss was not willing to give her this chance again. There were still several days left in the month, and the boss also paid her a month’s salary and let her leave.

When Li Xiangxiang, like a wet dog, walked out with her arms around her back, she heard someone behind her saying to a child- “See, that is Academician Li Baizhi, a scientist. She is a very, very powerful scholar. My baby should learn from her in the future.”

“Yeah! I want to be a scientist too!”

“Baby is awesome!”

Some people are still discussing –

“I have tears in my eyes, they are amazing.”

“Yes, they are all heroes of our country.”

“She is Baizh. Look, the protective bracelet I’m wearing was made by her, I really admire her.”

“Wuwuwu, she has achieved a lot, no wonder when I listened to Academician Zhang’s speech before, he said that the teacher she admired the most was Li. As for Mr Zhang, he is obviously older than Academician Li Baizhi, but he calls her a teacher.”

“She has a good temperament, she is still so good-looking at fifty, and it seems that she has never been married. She dedicated herself to the motherland and technology.”

Tears were filled in their eyes “She deserves all of us to remember and always be grateful to, she is my idol!!”


Li Xiangxiang swayed when she heard this, and with this sway, she happened to collide with another old man.

“What are you doing?! You obviously don’t have eyes!” The old man was obviously very bad-tempered, and he started scolding when he was drunk.

“I’m sorry…” she said in a hoarse voice.

“I’m sorry? And everything is over?!” The man was reluctant, his voice was sharp and harsh.

Li Xiangxiang looked up at him and was about to say something when she was slightly startled.

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