Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology
Quick Transmigration : I Am The Light Of Science And Technology Chapter 19

     National Treasure Scientist in the 1970s

She misses the familiar face. She had been waiting for him for decades, the only man who could take her revenge and take her out of this quagmire –

Gu Xinchen.

“Xinchen?” Li Xiangxiang’s voice trembled.

The old man was stunned for a moment, then squinted at her: “You know me?”

He looked at the old lady in front of him. The old lady was very old and very poorly dressed. Her hair was all white, and her face also had many wrinkles.., but her appearance does look a bit familiar…

Gu Xinchen couldn’t think of where he had seen her before.

“It’s me, I’m Xiangxiang, Li Xiangxiang!” Her voice was still trembling.

“It turned out to be you?!” Gu Xinchen was surprised for a bit, but immediately stared at her with hatred in his eyes.

Li Xiangxiang was stunned.

“How dare you even appear in front of me?! If it wasn’t for you, how could I have been reduced to where I am now?!” Gu Xinchen raised his voice, his face full of resentment.

“What, what?” Li Xiangxiang stammered.

At this moment, she also carefully looked at the man in front of her. He seemed to be in his sixties or seventies, but Li Xiangxiang knew that he was actually just only one year older than her.

The high spirits of the younger years have long since disappeared, and the calm and arrogance on his face has also disappeared. Instead, there is only the decadence and haze signalling that he has been struggling for many years at the bottom. His clothes are also street goods, and there are some bald spots on his head.

-He also had a bad time.

Sure enough, Gu Xinchen said –

“If you hadn’t been encouraging me to trouble Li Baizhi, why would I have been sent abroad by my family? How could I be so miserable abroad? After I came back, my home was gone, my young master identity was all gone, nothing was left. It’s all because of you! I haven’t settled the score with you, yet you dare to appear in front of me?!”

He smelled of alcohol, and his whole body exuded a very bad aura .

-Really he turned into a bad old man.

“You keep blaming me?! But if you hadn’t always said that it was easy to clean up Li Baizhi, I wouldn’t have believed you that much, and so many things wouldn’t have happened! I was fired just now, and here I have to pick a fight with you!” Li Xiangxiang was also angry, and stared at him.

Over the years, she has had a very bad life, but she still had an expectation in her heart – She was waiting for her Xinchen to come back to save her.

Now the last expectation is completely broken, and even Gu Xinchen’s current appearance has broken the best memory in her heart, Li Xiangxiang’s face is desperate, full of pain and hatred.

But more, of… regret.

Why did he fight against Baizhi? Why did he come this far?

Although Baizhi covered her brilliance back then, she was the only college student who was recruited and entered the capital!

“If I didn’t have you back then, I would have had a good time! I would still be a student of Jingcheng University. Even if the Gu family failed, I could have still lived well!” Gu Xinchen growled with hatred.

He hated Li Baizhi, but Li Baizhi stood too high, and he couldn’t even hate her anymore, so he could only hate Li Xiangxiang in his heart.

Back then, the students of Jingcheng University had such a glorious existence. Under the leadership of Li Baizhi in those years, the students of Jingcheng University made great efforts to become more capable. Later, they got along very well in every industry and were highly respected.

But see him now?

He went to the countryside to Lijia village and met Li Baizhi, and Li Baizhi still liked him at that time. He clearly had so many intersections with great people, but because of Li Xiangxiang…

Thinking of that, Gu Xinchen rushed towards Li Xiangxiang and wanted to beat her.

Li Xiangxiang wailed and stepped back, scolding as she stepped back, and passers-by came up to stop him, making a fuss.

Not far away, Baizhi rolled down her car window and watched calmly.

The award ceremony was last night, and today there is a replay on the TV. Therefore, Baizhi could sit in the car at this moment and watch this scene calmly.

System 444 sounded in his mind with a surprised voice: “You didn’t take any action against them later, how can they lose by themselves like this?”

In the early years, Baizhi devoted herself to the development of this country’s technology, and System 444 kept reminding her to complete the task, but she ignored it.

It didn’t expect that after so many years, the two of them would be better off than dead.

This is much better than killing them in the first place!

Baizhi calmly motioned the driver to drive, and replied lightly: “Since I knew that the Gu family drove Gu Xinchen abroad, I knew that he and Li Xiangxiang and her Li family did not have a good time, which was determined by their personalities.”

So, she didn’t bother to pay attention to them anymore.

After thinking for a while, Baizhi raised her eyebrows –

“In the life experience of the original owner, after her death, did Gu Xinchen and Li Xiangxiang live well? One graduated from Jingcheng University and the other became a teacher. Although the Gu family will be down in the future, but before that they would have given Gu Xinchen a good foundation.

Li Xiangxiang has no reason to hate or be jealous of original owner, so she will not expose the ugliness in her heart. As long as Gu Xinchen will continue to be powerful, she would live happily with Gu Xinchen, right? First Li and second Li brother listen to him very well, if Gu Xinchen is promoted, he would also have share his good fortune with his two brother in laws. Hmm…If I think more about it, if he is not disabled, he may even go to overseas to do business. With background and skills, the Li family would have had a good ending.”

But because she came, the path of the Li family was cut off from the very beginning, which aroused Li Xiangxiang’s hatred and jealousy.

So the final result was turned upside down.

System 444: “…” It was the original ending.

It was silent for a while before saying: “Host… Isn’t your EQ only 70? “

This is so fucking good!!

“To reiterate, my IQ is two hundred and three.” Baizhi hooked her lips and smiled, “This is just the beginning, 444, are you ready? “

System 444 trembled, and then an inexplicable excitement arose within it, now it was vaguely looking forward to the next world.

The car gradually disappeared from sight.

Baizhi died suddenly at the age of eighty.

The weather was very good that day. A month ago, she just developed a new type of weapon. As long as she has such a weapon, China’s world dominance will never be shaken until other countries conquer it.

Everybody celebrated all day.

The entire country was filled with joy and pride. The time it took for them to go from backwardness to hegemony was less than a century, which is the pride of every Chinese!

In China, scientists are the most admired profession by all people. They respect all those who make this country better and stronger.

The night before, the news had just reported that the top leader was visiting Academician Li Baizhi and accompanied her for a meal.

In the afternoon of the next day, she seemed to feel something, and said to the orderly who was taking care of her –

“The time is up, please send me back to my hometown and bury me beside my family, thank you.”

She also made her will. The welfare of scientists in China is very, so very good that her legacy is very rich, and there are countless patents.

People in this country have a very high standard of living, and almost all of this was guaranteed by the state, whether it’s about living or seeing a doctor.

Therefore, Baizhi’s heritage is all donated to the country and continues to be used for scientific research.

At the same time, she also released the video she recorded before, which was also her last speech. Lying on the hospital bed, she smiled and described countless future scientific research directions and breakthrough points to the whole country.

——Just like her speech at the opening ceremony of Jingcheng University.

That was the first time she appeared in front of people, and the scientific research direction and breakthrough points she described made the entire Jingcheng University prosperous. The students of Jingcheng University did not take detours, made amazing achievements, and opened an era.

This is the last time she appeared in front of people and gave her last speech, so that her motherland will still be prosperous and prosperous in the next few hundred years, always be at the forefront of the world, and open another era.

Then, she smiled and closed her eyes.

The whole country mourned.

Some scientists watched the video and cried, and many people in the whole country also cried.

Everyone was immersed in the grief of losing Academician Li Baizhi, and no one noticed that in a dilapidated house in Lijia Village, an old man drank and fell to the ground. The wine was poured around, causing a fire to erupt and burn himself. At the same time as he killed himself, he burned to death a dirty old lady lying in the dark room.

These days, there is no need to spend money to see a doctor, and the elderly have benefits. Almost as long as one is willing to work, they can live a good life. Therefore, it is really rare to be able to live such a poor and dirty life.

And those rare people are Gu Xinchen and Li Xiangxiang.

After the fight at the beginning, the two unmarried old man and old lady, with hatred for each other, got together instead. Li Xiangxiang thought that she was getting old and hoped that Gu Xinchen could take care of her a little bit.

Gu Xinchen was counting on a nanny at home who didn’t take money.

The two had abused and tortured each other over the years, living the worst life ever.

However, both of them lived to their eighties.

The top leader of the country saw off Baizhi, and the two were quietly burned to death in Lijia Village, and no one knew.


“This is your system space?” Baizhi raised her eyebrows.

There was nothing around, nothing was seen, nothing could be seen.

“Yes, host, you can imagine some things, such as a house, some flowers and plants, etc. Here, as long as you imagine it, your soul can have everything!” System 444 carried pride and temptation.

In the previous world, it was suppressed by Baizhi.

Now, it was its turn to shock Baizhi.

Who knew that Baizhi nodded and said calmly: “Consciousness construction.”

 “What, what?”

“Similar to building a dream, using consciousness to construct the world, it can also be said to be the cyberspace of consciousness.” Now she looked like her original form, with a pair of gold-rimmed glasses.

She pushed her glasses, and her eyes flashed with crazy light: “Your creator is really amazing. The idea I have always believed in is not to believe that human beings have souls. You are not bound to souls, but to consciousness. Here, my consciousness is here, and this body, like this space, is illusory.”

A mirror appeared in front of her, reflecting the young face in the mirror.

“Look, if there is a soul, why is it young? Do soul’s have no age? Or does the conscious body have no age? I believe it is the conscious body.”

She pushed her glasses again, and her voice became a little faster: “Awesome, your creator is really powerful. It can capture our consciousness and control the execution. It must know all the secrets of consciousness!”

“System, can’t you really let me see your creator?” She looked at System 444.

System 444: “…” It was stunned again!

After a while, it regained consciousness and swallowed: “…I have never seen the Creator. Maybe if you work hard to complete the task and your points are high enough, you may see the Creator.” The voice was slightly weak, where did it’s show off just go to? Pride?.

——Mom, shouldn’t the host sigh about the amazingness of the magical system space, why does she want to analyze the system space? ! Or why does she want to discuss technology with its creator? !

——This host is terrible! !

After listening to system, Baizhi was slightly disappointed, but she had only completed one world’s task, and it was indeed not enough to explore the secrets of the system space.

When she moved her hand, the mirror in front of her disappeared, and the entire space became a laboratory, exactly like Baizhi’s exclusive laboratory in her world.

Seeing this, 444 couldn’t help shaking again.

“Let’s go to the next world then.” Baizhi said.

444: “…Don’t worry, lets look at the rating of a world first, you only have zero points now, if you fail, nothing will be wiped out.” 

After a pause, it said: “Points are very important, you know, you can use points to exchange for anything which will be good for your next world, it will help you pass the test, and enter the top 100, so that I can also enter the top 100 list.”

Speaking of which, a big screen appeared in front of her, with a hundred names on it.

Except that the first one is one digit more than the second one, the latter are all biting points, sometimes going up and down, obviously getting points, or spending points for consumption.

The last one on the list was – female supporting system 761, host Zheng Yue, points 1910.

444 looked at the list of 100 people, full of envy, and couldn’t help sighing: “It’s a pity that our wish system has never been on the list of 100 people…”

“Why?” Baizhi asked.

“The scoring is all based on the original owner, because our task is to fulfill the original owner’s wish, not as absolute as other systems. Scores are awarded for completing tasks. This is more subjective and depends on how many points the original owner is willing to give. Good, but if the original owner is not satisfied, then they won’t give high scores, that’s why our wish system has always been unpopular.” 444 was very honest at this moment, because Baizhi is bound to it and can’t run away.

“What about the original owner?” Baizhi asked again.

Before summoning the original owner, System 444 said: “Host, be prepared, the original owner may not be too satisfied. You must know that you have been doing your own business for all these years, but you only dealt with Li Xiangxiang’s family at the beginning, and then you only care about If you are engaged in scientific research, maybe the original owner will not give you a high score…”

It didn’t know why, thinking that Baizhi’s grades may be obliterated, 444 felt inexplicably a little reluctant.

And it even thought for a second that Baizhi would succeed.

In the past, there was another host with an EQ like Bauzhi. That woman with an EQ of only 70 hasn’t lost her battle. She was so frightened that she just wanted to call her mother.

When the systems voice fell, a woman appeared in front of Baizhi.

– Li Baizhi.

Before she and the system could see clearly, Li Baizhi rushed over and held Baizhi’s hand with a look of excitement –

“Academician Baizhi! Hello! You are really amazing, I adore you so much, you lead the scientists of the country to great heights. How have you been from…”

She was full of excitement and praised like an endless stream.

Baizhi and System 444 had the same thought at the same time.

Hmm, kinda familiar.

In the world from just now, the younger fans and older fans of academician Li Baizhi, the scientist, all reacted this way when they saw her…

“100 points! Of course it’s a perfect score!” Li Baizhi’s voice was still a little guilty, “It’s a pity that the maximum that can only be given is 100 points, otherwise I would have definitely give 10,000 points to the academician! No, 10 million points, countless points!!”

Baizhi: “…You’re welcome.”

After scoring, Li Baizhi still has a lot to say, but obviously, the system space will not keep her anymore, her body gradually faded, and then disappeared.

Only one sentence remained –

“You are so great!!”

444 fell silent.

Baizhi: “So I got 100 points, then we can see the system rating, right?”

444 regained its sanity and couldn’t help rubbing its hands, a little excited: “Since the original owner gave you 100 points, it means that host your evaluation is at least A, maybe even S, if it is A, the host can get 90 points, if it is S, it is 100 points!!”

Baizhi: “Oh.”

444: “…” This reaction is a bit too bland, right?

But it got excited, rubbed its hands again, and looked at the screen expectantly.

Can they get an S?

Soon, writing appeared on the screen.

However, the moment he saw it clearly, System 444’s eyes widened! !

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