Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 10

Chapter 10 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (10)

Maybe they were still alive— not infected, or have awakened their abilities. If they were still alive, then let’s meet them sooner.

Bai Tang was proactive; she acted as soon as she thought of something and was full of energy.

Pushing Shi Minzhi out of this deserted area, Bai Tang smiled as she took out her sword, Canglan, and started to search for resources.

Bai Tang specifically looked for a large truck, which could hold a lot of things. At this time, it didn’t make much sense to have a small and delicate car.

In the apocalypse, with all the water pollution, Bai Tang moved a lot of water into the truck, also put in some clothes and food. She put Shi Minzhi in the co-pilot seat and threw the wheelchair in the back, stepped on the gas and headed towards the gas station.

Shi Minzhi’s expression was really complicated. He had never seen a woman like Bai Tang before— full of combat and destructive power, and full of energy. When killing zombies, she looked like she was excited and couldn’t get enough.

Putting him in the co-pilot seat like this, she was really not afraid of him doing anything to cause a car crash and kill her. It should be known that as long as he didn’t want to die, he wouldn’t be able to die.

Bai Tang gently sang a song in her mouth, a language that Shi Minzhi couldn’t understand, with obscure and throaty lyrics, but very affectionate. It was like being in the spring sunshine, with grass growing and birds singing, and flowers blooming, beautiful and harmonious.

“Bai Tang, can you stop humming? It’s annoying to the ears.”

Shi Minzhi said with a dark face. He wouldn’t admit that he actually felt warm, but suddenly remembering the word ‘reform’, he spoke nonsense with his eyes open.

Bai Tang’s expression didn’t change and retorted, “A person who is deaf and blind to the heart will think that the songs of Lu Xi are not pleasing to the ears.”

“By the way, Lu Xi is indeed much more suitable than me. On the contrary, I’m just a vulgar person who understands nothing but fighting and killing. I start a fight at the slightest disagreement. You really think highly of me.”

Shi Minzhi, “…”

He didn’t know who Lu Xi was, but no matter whoever comes, he would kill them!

Bai Tang sang another song. She didn’t want to reform any blackened or dark person. Tenderness and kindness were not her labels.

This second song was really burning. It was like being in the midst of sword and blade, fighting to the death, killing at will, igniting fighting spirit.

Bai Tang drove faster than before. When they arrived at the gas station, she cleared out the zombies around the area and found a large metal bucket to fill up with gasoline.

She returned to the driver’s seat and met Shi Minzhi’s eyes. Shi Minzhi mockingly said, “You really don’t have a brain. Bringing so much oil, if I light a fire in the back, you’ll know what it means to face danger.”

Bai Tang chuckled and continued driving, “You can try it and see. Maybe you’ll experience a different way of dying. Explosion, burning to death, have you experienced that before?”

Shi Minzhi’s face turned dark and he turned his head away, not looking at Bai Tang.

Bai Tang was amused.
This little brat was still too inexperienced!

Whenever Bai Tang came across a food store, she would go in and scavenge, and also grab some mats and blankets along the way. 

The two of them drove the truck to the countryside. There were fewer zombies outside the city because the city was a densely populated area.

The environment outside the city had been almost completely destroyed and the water had been polluted, and even some animal mutations had occurred.

When they arrived in the village, there were still many zombies wandering around. When the zombies smelled the scent of living humans, they became excited and came towards the smell.

Bai Tang hit the brakes and raised an eyebrow, “Hey, Shi Minzhi, could you summon them over for me?”

The zombies were spread out in different locations and if she could be lazy, Bai Tang didn’t mind taking the opportunity.

Shi Minzhi’s face darkened. Does she think she could use him as a tool for her laziness? No way! 

“Aren’t you very powerful? You need me to do everything for you?” Shi Minzhi sneered.

Bai Tang placed Canglan on his neck and threatened, “Hurry up, at least I had given you a ride and pushed your wheelchair for you.” 



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