Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 14

Chapter 14 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (14)

“It’s a special ability. For example, you can try using your intuition to feel it and then try to make it appear on your palm.” Bai Tang explained briefly.

Grandpa started to try, and Bai Tang glanced at his palm to see fine dirt gathering there. He curiously asked, “Hey, where did this dirt on my hand come from?”

Bai Tang explained, “Grandpa, you have awakened an earth-system ability. Later, I’ll teach you how to use it.”

“Great, great, that’s even better,” Grandpa happily looked at the handful of yellow dirt on his hand.

Coward nuzzled up to Bai Tang’s side, getting closer and eventually curling up to sleep. This unexpected scene made the group of people appear surprisingly harmonious.

When they arrived at a small town, it was already dark. Bai Tang decided to rest here for the night. In the past, people came and went and cars went back and forth, but now everything was broken and decaying.

Bai Tang closed the car, and with a wave of her hand, placed a protective restriction array on it. She took enough food for one person to last three days and placed it outside the restriction array, considering it a kindness to any living person.

Grandpa pushed Shi Minzhi’s wheelchair while Bai Tang carried Grandma on her back. Coward quietly laid on Shi Minzhi’s body.

Grandpa asked, “Little Tang’er, you still haven’t told me what this young man’s name is!”

Bai Tang gave him a mysterious look and said, “Grandpa, his name is Shi Minzhi. He was born with a disability in his legs.”

“Poor thing!” Grandpa exclaimed.

Shi Minzhi’s eyes flickered with disgust. Hypocritical people, who were they trying to show pity to? Shi Minzhi felt the medicine in his sleeves and chuckled.

The group entered the hotel, where they encountered two individuals, a man and a woman, both wearing dirty and disheveled clothes. They were extremely cautious and stared at them intently.

When they saw the old lady that Bai Tang was carrying, the couple brandished their clubs and the man pointed at Bai Tang and shouted, “Quick, kill the person you’re carrying!”

Bai Tang and Grandpa’s faces fell and Grandpa was not happy, “Did we ever invite you to join us or provoke you? You still want to kill my wife?”

Amusement flickered in Shi Minzhi’s eyes as he observed this scene, wondering how they would deal with the burden of being bitten by a zombie.

The woman, showing fear on her face, quickly explained, “The old lady on her back is clearly infected with the zombie virus. We’re just trying to kindly warn you that nine out of ten times, people become zombies after being infected. It’s a burden to carry around someone infected with the virus, and it will eventually kill you.”

Bai Tang coldly replied, “What we do is our own choice and we don’t need your interference.”

The man pulled the woman aside, “Ignore them. Let’s quickly leave here and go to the base. What fools, bringing along a cripple, and two old people who can’t die, they’re nothing but a burden!” His voice was laced with disgust and contempt, making it clear that he had no sympathy for the group.

Grandpa’s turbid eyes flashed with a pained expression and he asked, “Little Tang’er, will people really turn into monsters after being infected with the virus?”

He didn’t want to abandon his wife. The couple had been married for over 60 years. His wife was willing to risk her life to find medicine for him. How could he abandon her while she lay unconscious?

Shi Minzhi, with malicious intent, said, “Not necessarily. However, out of those infected with the zombie virus, only a very small minority do not turn into zombies.”

Grandpa’s face clearly showed panic. He quickly went to hold his wife and said, “Little Tang’er, let me carry her.” Even if you’re going crazy, if you want to harm someone, just harm this little old man.

Bai Tang gave Shi Minzhi a slight smile and said, “It’s okay, let’s go.”

Just as Grandpa placed Grandma on the bed, he locked both Shi Minzhi and Bai Tang outside the door. He said with determination, “Little Tang’er, young man, you two are still young. Don’t get involved in this. I’ll take care of my wife myself. Even if she turns into a monster, I’ll still be with her.”

Bai Tang suppressed the urge to break down the door and said, “Shi Minzhi, how do you feel now?”



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