Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 16

Chapter 16 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (16)

Bai Tang couldn’t understand, “Why can’t he do it? Is there something special about it? I can allow the elderly who are too weak to do less, or children who can’t walk to not do anything, but young people with hands or feet should do what they can.”

System 168 felt that it was impossible to reason with Bai Tang. She really didn’t make sense. Could a blackened big boss really be treated like a normal person?

[When dealing with a blackened big boss, you should be very caring, don’t you know that? Only by carefully and attentively caring for him can he possibly put down his knife and become enlightened on the spot! Instead of grinding him like you are now, he was already miserable enough, and now with you, he is even more miserable!]

Bai Tang did not agree, the little system’s way of thinking was very problematic, “A person with a black heart and black liver, a person truly in darkness, will not believe in anything like light. He will pull all people into the abyss. It is true that he is miserable, but he is not pitiful.”

[Host, what do you know? Following what I say is guaranteed to be correct, it will save time and effort, and it will be efficient and fast. Who is willing to be reformed for the sake of a person who is constantly thinking about killing him?]

“Coincidentally, he just wants to kill me, so how can I be good to a person who is constantly thinking about killing me?”

System 168 was unable to persuade Bai Tang and retreated to a corner to draw circles and curse Bai Tang.

Shi Minzhi had a serious expression as he opened his pale palm, which contained a transparent ball of water, “Are you satisfied now?”

Bai Tang ate her food with a hint of a smile in her eyes, “Providing water resources is not bad. We don’t have to carry water anymore.”

Shi Minzhi withdrew his hand and slowly ate his food. It was the most substantial meal he had had in his five years of imprisonment and three months since the end of the world.

He was surprised that Bai Tang was not a great person, but her cooking skills were good.

After they finished eating, Bai Tang picked up the glass of water on the table and gently shook it. Shi Minzhi’s expression did not change as he slowly enjoyed the hard-won meal.

Bai Tang also did not drink, just holding it in her hand. Seeing Shi Minzhi put down his chopsticks and wiped his mouth, she suddenly put down the glass, moved quickly, and used her fingers to press on several points on Shi Minzhi’s acupoints, rendering him immobile.

She grabbed Shi Minzhi’s jaw and forcibly pulled it open, then took the glass and forcibly poured both glasses of water down his throat.

System 168 urgently shouted, trying to stop Bai Tang, [Host, stop! Stop it!!! Don’t be so rough with the blackened big boss!]

Bai Tang was unaffected, “Little system, if you want to stop me, you’ll have to use a level 10 soul lightning strike!”

System 168, […]

Don’t talk about level 10, it can barely use level 1 now! Level 10? Give her a level 10 soul punishment and let her electrocute the blackened big boss into ashes again??

She had already made the blackened big boss deeply hate her, and now she was doing this? Adding injury to insult? Worsening the pain?

Finished pouring the two glasses of water, she released him and elegantly sat back in her seat and chuckled, “After resurrection, clean up the dishes and wash them. The food isn’t for you to eat for free.”

Shi Minzhi’s clothes were wet and there was water around his mouth, “How do you know that both glasses of water are poisonous?”

As he spoke, he looked pained and blood began to flow from the corners of his mouth.

Bai Tang muttered, “At least this death by poisoning killed you quickly and didn’t die ugly.”

Upon hearing this, Shi Minzhi spat out a mouthful of blood and began to bleed from all seven orifices. Bai Tang quickly stood up and moved away from the area, brushing her sleeves.

“Glad I got away fast enough, didn’t get any on me. Looks like you can’t talk too much. Seven orifices bleeding, huh~”

After a few minutes, Shi Minzhi opened his eyes again, the pain from his internal organs had not subsided.



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