Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 18

Chapter 18 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (18)

Shi Minzhi: ╰()╯

Shi Minzhi said with gritted teeth, “State your conditions!”

This damn poison was causing pain that kept changing; it would itch one moment, felt like a sting the next, and then like a knife cut.

It was only then that Bai Tang took out the previous brown and grey pills, spoke very kindly, “Until you succeed in killing me, you cannot lay a hand on anyone else, nor can you use others to attack me. Also, Coward, you cannot attack it either.”

“Deal.” Shi Minzhi threw the two pills into his mouth and chewed hard, as if he were grinding Bai Tang to bits in his mouth.

Bai Tang sneered, “Hurry up and wash the dishes, clean up the table.”

System 168 was still constantly scolding her.

[Host, I’m telling you, what you’re doing is called going against the natural order! Doing things that shouldn’t be done!]
[How could you poison the blackened big boss like this! You should have quietly poured it out instead of giving it to him!]

Bai Tang said rascally, “Little system, you should understand, it was he who administered the poison, he did the deed, so he should have the courage to accept the worst outcome. Why should he get all the benefits?”

“I have no parents or ancestors, and no siblings below me. How can I go against the natural order? He, Shi Minzhi, can resurrect and has countless chances, but I only have one.”

Shi Minzhi can make countless mistakes and fail countless times, but Bai Tang only has one chance. Why should she let him off?

System 168 was about to point at Bai Tang and cursed, [Bai Tang! Let it go and let it be, do you know? Why do you have to make things so ugly when you don’t have to?]

Although Bai Tang smiled, it was as cold as winter, making one feel fearful, “Well then, I’m sorry, little system. My dictionary doesn’t have anything like ‘let it go and let it be’ or ‘repaying kindness with enmity.’ If he attacks me, I’ll attack back and I won’t let him off lightly!”

See if she didn’t peel his skin!

To put it simply, the reason Shi Minzhi was able to become the blackened big boss was because of his undead BUFF that always lets him find an opportunity. To deal with someone like this, could persuasion work? Bai Tang didn’t think so.

[Indulgent and unresponsive!]
[Just wait for disaster to strike!]

System 168 crouched in the corner angrily, began drawing circles and cursing Bai Tang again.

Shi Minzhi held the plates and utensils in one hand, and pushed his wheelchair into the kitchen with the other hand. Inside the kitchen, Bai Tang had already prepared water for him and placed it on a stool where he could reach it.

For a moment, Shi Minzhi was speechless again.


In the apocalypse, the sky had never cleared, always gloomy. Night also came quickly.

Grandpa dressed his wife in clean, smooth, and soft clothes and carefully wiped her face.

The old, hoarse voice that was soaked in time, carried a unique flavor, “My wife, I was too happy when I saw little Tang’er before. But we are old, our legs are not agile anymore! Staying by her side is just a burden for her!”

“If we encounter those monsters again, how can little Tang’er run? She will be implicated by us. And you, you were injured by that monster, they say it’s very likely you’ll become a monster.” Grandpa wiped away his tears as he spoke.

“It’s okay if you caught me, I’m your man after all. But little Tang’er— you love her so much. If you woke up and found out that you’ve hurt her, you’ll blame yourself again…”

Grandpa carried Grandma on his back, feeling her weight. It wasn’t heavy at all, but it bent his waist. Everyone had their own world, and at this moment, what he carried on his back was his world. The weight of the world pressed on his already thin shoulders; how can he not bend his waist?

Pushing open the door, he tried his best not to make a sound as he carefully walked towards where Bai Tang was resting, took a deep look before going downstairs.

In the darkness, Bai Tang’s hand rested on the wheelchair.



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