Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 21

Chapter 21 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (21)

Shi Minzhi slid in his wheelchair to the corner, with an indistinguishable expression on his face.

In fact, Bai Tang didn’t need a gun. With one person and one sword, they could pacify the world. The gun was for the people behind.

“Coward, you have to hold on tightly and make it through, or I can’t do anything if you can’t make it.” Bai Tang comforted Coward.

System 168 was speechless.

This host was better to a dog that was unfamiliar to her than to the blackened big boss, and she was also better to the two old people than to him.

Grandpa was still watching over Grandma. Bai Tang knew that Grandma had already awakened and won’t be depressed anymore, nor was there anything wrong. If he wanted to watch, then let him watch.

Bai Tang put Canglan aside and hugged Coward into the room. Shi Minzhi laughed mockingly.

Wait for a bitter end! Even a dog infected with the zombie virus was not thrown away, pretending to be a good person!

Shi Minzhi’s gaze turned to Canglan, which was placed aside. Without the hands of the owner, Canglan seemed to hide all its radiance and became unremarkable.

Shi Minzhi remembered the power of this sword. When he saw this sword, his chest ached. He did not die immediately after being stabbed in the left chest, and he was stabbed again on the right. A single sweep could cut down the stadium.


What if Bai Tang did not have this sword? What would she use to fight against him?
Technology or magic?
How could an ordinary mortal body resist?

Thinking of this, Shi Minzhi slid his wheelchair over and reached out to Canglan. A sword, it was probably not too heavy, he should be able to pick it up easily, then destroy it, if he can’t destroy it, then hide it so that it couldn’t be used by Bai Tang.

His hand had already touched Canglan, but the sword that should have been easily picked up was not movable?

What was going on??

Shi Minzhi tried hard to pick it up, but still couldn’t move it?!

A red light flashed, Shi Minzhi loosened his hand in pain. Bai Tang’s mocking and cheerful laughter came to his ears, and Shi Minzhi looked over gloomily.

The woman leaned lazily against the door, holding a small grey dog in her arms, very hateful!!!

Shi Minzhi looked down at his palm, the hot sensation directly rushed to his brain, his palm was already burnt beyond recognition, revealing the flesh and blood inside, and blood seeped out.

Bai Tang was very hateful, “Ah, I forgot to say, Canglan recognizes its master, no one other than its owner can pick it up~”

Then she gently called out, “Canglan.”

Shi Minzhi watched as the sword on the table disappeared, and it appeared in Bai Tang’s hands, becoming majestic and full of radiance once again.

How could this be? Was she still human?

Shi Minzhi originally thought that a person like him who didn’t want to die, wouldn’t die and could infinitely resurrect, which was already against the natural order. Bai Tang was even more abnormal.

“You intentionally left the sword here, just to see if I would move it.”

Bai Tang shook her index finger, “Canglan is more than just a sword~ However, what you said is not wrong. Canglan was indeed left here by me. Haven’t you already thought of attacking it? Then I’ll give you a chance. Look at how good I am to you! Foolish little idiot~”

System 168: Shameless host!
Draw a circle to curse her!

Shi Minzhi’s face turned red, not only angry, but furious, “Just you wait.”

The only thing left for Shi Minzhi was——


The sound of the door closing. Bai Tang didn’t even want to listen to his harsh words. Childish person, a ruthless heart with ruthless hands. Couldn’t even fight in an argument, like a child.

It was rare for Shi Minzhi to not lose control, but when he met this woman, it was his bad luck!

He also remembered the deal he made with Bai Tang. Before he successfully killed her, he couldn’t make a move against anyone else.

Goddammit, he had to endure again.
Shi Minzhi couldn’t help but burst out with a curse.

After Grandma woke up, Grandpa told her about the situation. She didn’t blame him for anything. They were both old and in such a crisis, there was no time to blame each other.



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