Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 31

Chapter 31 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (31)

The male zombie was dragged away unwillingly. He was too scared of Bai Tang’s threat, so he couldn’t react instinctively and could only look at the others behind him, drooling and showing wolf-like, glowing green eyes.

Bai Tang’s words were too obvious, even Li Gai understood. Shi Moxuan’s face turned dark, “Miss Bai must have misunderstood me. What I just said is for Miss Bai’s consideration. Zombies can’t control their desire to eat people. If it hurts Miss Bai, it wouldn’t be good.”

It seemed that Shi Minzhi, that little scoundrel, told her something that ruined his reputation.

He didn’t believe Shi Minzhi, who was lucky once, could be lucky twice.

But it was just a crippled person. When it came to life-and-death situations, the first person to be left behind would be him, this useless waste! It couldn’t be said that it was useless, at least feeding zombies was somewhat useful, right?

Qu Qingzi also advised, “Miss Bai, he’s just a zombie, can he be more important than everyone’s safety?”

Bai Tang sighed helplessly. People with poor eyesight are really bad, none of these four people could see the key problem.

Bai Tang laughed softly, “The four of you combined, couldn’t stop one of my strikes. I want to protect it, naturally I have my own purposes. You’re not my teammates, I don’t need to explain anything to you.”

“Really stubborn!” Li Gai said impatiently.

He couldn’t understand why someone would want to protect a zombie.

Li Gai couldn’t help but want to make a move, but he was stopped by Chen Songjin, “Miss Bai has her own purposes. What she said is right, we’re not members of her team, so we shouldn’t intervene. But if this zombie runs out, Miss Bai shouldn’t blame us for making a move.”

Shi Minzhi, from the car window, saw Bai Tang dragging a zombie back, followed by four people, three men and one woman. One of them was a person he knew very well.

As bitter enemies met, the eyes of Shi Minzhi grew red with anger. His fingers clenched so tight they creaked, and if he had legs to walk on, he would have charged forward and torn Shi Moxuan apart.

Shi Minzhi’s killing intent was too heavy. Afraid that he would do something bad, Grandpa couldn’t help but want to shoot. In the end, he still held back. After all, it was his granddaughter who brought him along.

In their group, his granddaughter was the Captain, which was also equivalent to a Commanding Officer in an army. Soldiers obey orders as their duty. Even if Bai Tang did not give any order, Grandpa wouldn’t act on his own.

Grandma wanted to say something, but looking at Grandpa shaking his head at her, she didn’t say anything.

Tang Manli held an iron rod and quickly came over, “Sister, you’re back. It… Sister, what are you bringing it back for?”

Bai Tang handed the end of the curtain that was binding the male zombie to Tang Manli, who received it naturally. The rod in her hand could break his head with one hit, Tang Manli was not afraid of this zombie.

“It’s an interesting little thing, I’ll explain it in detail later. You lead him for now, he won’t dare to run.” Bai Tang instructed.

Tang Manli said seriously, “I’ll be in charge.”

Bai Tang looked at the male zombie with disdain, who had green eyes and was drooling, who couldn’t control himself when he smelled human scent, and said, “I’ll call you Gutsy Guts, we’ll talk more later once you clean up your saliva. Control your instincts and recite the Clear Heart Mantra for me, or gnaw on a tree bark if you can’t recite it.”

Gutsy Guts was stunned for a moment, then turned around with reluctance, knelt down and started to gnaw… dirt?

Gutsy Guts: Gnawing on dirt was my final stubbornness (╥╯﹏╰╥).

Tang Manli was also stunned by Gutsy Guts’ actions, her eyes sparkled, “Sister, I understand why you brought Gutsy Guts, he can understand you. However, sister, do you think he’s dumb? You told him to recite the Clear Heart Mantra or gnaw on a tree bark, but he’s directly gnawing the dirt, hahaha…”

Chen Songjin took another look at this girl holding an iron rod, and the corners of his mouth twitched. Whether it was before or after the apocalypse, he had never seen such a strong girl.



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