Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 33

Chapter 33 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (33)

Bai Tang’s words made everyone’s expressions change.

Bai Tang’s gaze was too fierce, she was like someone who had been through the battlefield, with heavy killing intent, and her power didn’t need to be enforced.

Faced with this imposing manner, Shi Moxuan actually backed away two steps unconsciously.

Shi Moxuan continued to argue, “I haven’t done anything like that. No rape, no taking advantage of the weak, and no stabs in the back. Miss Bai, don’t believe my older brother’s one-sided words and misunderstand me.”

For Bai Tang, Shi Moxuan was just a lowly clown. She stood with her hands behind her back, “Right and wrong, I never listen to one-sided words of others. Moreover, Shi Minzhi never mentioned you to me, nor did he tell me specifically what happened in his past. You act of being a devoted little brother, but every word you say tells everyone that Shi Minzhi is a scoundrel, twisting the facts. How do I know if you pushed Shi Minzhi into the zombies? You exposed it yourself. Get out of here, your mind is not right, your desires are excessive, digging traps everywhere.”

Bai Tang’s eyes turned, “Such a heart, it must not be born of the same mother. Meeting each other was like meeting enemies. Could it be… you are an illegitimate child?”

Bai Tang’s words were undoubtedly a heavy slap in the face for Shi Moxuan, publicly executed. Shi Moxuan was both angry and surprised and also guilty.

How did she know about his status as an illegitimate child?

Bai Tang wasn’t sure at first, so she decided to test him. Now, based on his reaction, it was clear that he was an illegitimate child.

Shi Moxuan’s confidence was not strong, “Miss Bai, for you to say such insulting words, you must have evidence.”

Bai Tang was too lazy to talk to him more, she already gave her reasons. Talking more with Shi Moxuan would just be a waste of time, “The things I judged, never have I been wrong. Whether you are an illegitimate child or whether you pushed Shi Minzhi into the zombies, you know it in your heart. I don’t want mouse feces, let alone mouse feces that would spoil my pot of soup.”

Bai Tang’s fingers gently tapped Canglan towards Shi Moxuan, and he was immediately sent flying a hundred meters away.

Shi Minzhi looked at the embarrassed look of Shi Moxuan, and couldn’t help but laugh. Face was too important for Shi Moxuan, and Bai Tang’s approach was to rub his face on the ground.

In the past, Shi Moxuan was arrogant and looked down on him with contempt. Now, the roles were reversed. The downside was that it was not him who made Shi Moxuan like this.

Bai Tang scanned the room with fierce eyes, exuding a strong sense of oppression, “Since you have decided to join my team, then do things according to my rules. I allow questions, but not challenges. First, execute orders without hesitation. Second, allow freedom of love, but not using special means to achieve one’s own goals. Third, not allowing bullying. Fourth, not allowing infidelity or deception. Fifth, not allowing anyone to backstab, private grudges must be stated in advance, and must be resolved privately.”

Bai Tang’s oppression was really too strong, and everyone was too scared to even breathe heavily in front of her. Grandma was scared and became reserved, and Grandpa was even more surprised.

Bai Tang withdrew her momentum, and everyone finally relaxed. Qu Qingzi was the most satisfied with this team. When she hadn’t awakened her special ability, she was humiliated by those people. In their eyes, women were only tools for satisfying their desires, working hard and yet never having enough to eat.

Bai Tang looked disgustingly at Gutsy Guts who was still lying on the ground, gnawing on the dirt. With a wave of her sword, she cut off a section as long as a finger from the iron rod in Tang Manli’s hand.

This piece of iron stick landed in Bai Tang’s hand. Li Gai and Chen Songjin were both very envious of such a sharp sword.

Bai Tang frowned and said, “Gutsy Guts, get up for me.”

“Guru guru…” Gutsy Guts, reluctantly got up.

“Turn over, spit out the dirt from your mouth cleanly.”

Gutsy Guts turned over in a very aggrieved manner and spit out all the blood and dirt.



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