Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 35

Chapter 35 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (35)

Shi Minzhi took a megaphone and began to record. 

“If you are still alive, take a breath and come out by yourself. If you want to survive, this village is your only chance.”

Bai Tang, “…”

Bai Tang looked at him with confusion. Was something off with Shi Minzhi?

Bai Tang took the megaphone and recorded her own message. 

“Attention survivors, this is Bai Tang, the Captain of the Invincible Squad. We have cleared some of the zombies in the building. If you are able, please come to the ground floor to meet us at the cargo truck. If not, please make a noise when we are nearby. This is your only chance.”

After recording, Bai Tang threw the megaphone back into Shi Minzhi’s arms.

Bai Tang walked ahead, while Shi Minzhi followed in his wheelchair. Shi Minzhi said casually, “Compared to them, you are much more pleasant to look at.”

Bai Tang gave a forced laugh and continued to hack away at the zombies with a blank expression.

Shi Minzhi didn’t speak anymore. Though Bai Tang had killed him four times, he was only angry at the beginning. He had learned to accept it. He was not as skilled as she was and had to admit defeat. 

Bai Tang was too kind, saving anyone she could.

If there were more people like him, who had fallen into the abyss and yet possessed strength and skill… 

Since he couldn’t kill her and he found her pleasing to the eye, perhaps he should try to assimilate himself with her.

With a new idea in mind, Shi Minzhi set out on a new plan.

As Bai Tang heard a noise up ahead, she rushed to open the door, revealing a little boy standing before her.

Terrified, the little boy implored, “Big sister, can you save me and take me out of here?”

Bai Tang ruffled the little boy’s head and handed him a kitchen knife from the kitchen. “Big sister needs to go check if there are any other people around. We cleared the zombies out of this building when we arrived. Hold onto this knife and don’t be afraid. Go and be a brave young man, standing tall in the face of danger.”

As Bai Tang heard the sounds of zombies coming from the bedroom, she prepared to go in, but the little boy’s face fell and he ran over, blocking Bai Tang with outstretched arms and pleading, “Big sister, you can’t go in there.”

Bai Tang looked on thoughtfully, “There are zombies inside.”

The little boy pleaded, “They’re not zombies, they’re my parents. Please, don’t hurt them. I beg of you, big sister!”

Bai Tang’s expression softened as she queried, “How long have they been in there?”

The little boy violently shook his head, “My parents are good people, they locked themselves in there to protect me. They’ve been in there for over a month. They knock on the door, it’s their way of singing me a lullaby and letting me know they are still there, so I wouldn’t be afraid.”

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky.

Could it be that she encountered another pair of zombies who have retained some semblance of consciousness?

Bai Tang asked the boy, “How did you survive?”

“My parents found a lot of food before they got sick. I ate and managed to survive, but it’s running out,” the little boy replied.

Bai Tang said again, “You said they knock on the door and sing to you. Why don’t we let them knock and listen? If they knock out of their own will, I won’t harm them. I’ll take them with me and send them to the government’s base. They’ll know how to cure your parents.”

The little boy’s eyes brightened, “Really?”

Bai Tang nodded, “Yes.”

Shi Minzhi smiled ironically, his own parents were nothing like the ones he had just encountered. He felt a pit of despair, how could fate be so cruel to him? He was truly pathetic.

Shi Minzhi’s tone was cold and dismissive as he splashed cold water on the situation, “Zombies are zombies, you’re still dreaming. You might be willing, but others aren’t. Killing them is the best solution, they’re all harmful.”

Bai Tang’s hand shot out, pointing her sword at Shi Minzhi’s throat, “I already said, I allow questions, but not doubts and definitely not opposition. They may be zombies and harmful, but what are you?”

The little boy was startled and felt a sense of revulsion towards Shi Minzhi’s words, wanting to refute. But he never expected the beautiful big sister wielding the beautiful sword to be faster than him. Though he couldn’t quite understand what was hidden beneath her words.



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