Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 39

Chapter 39 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (39)

As they journeyed on, Bai Tang had saved many people, nearly a hundred in total. At each stop, they gathered food, weapons and miscellaneous things.

However, Bai Tang couldn’t take all of these hundred people with her. She had prepared an extra truck with provisions for those who did not meet her standards.

When Bai Tang ordered a rest stop, the truck also stopped. 

She gathered all her people together, including her grandparents, Shi Minzhi, Tang Manli, Chen Songjin, Qu Qingzi, and Li Gai.

Holding her sword, Canglan, Bai Tang spoke loudly, “I’ve done all I can for you all. To the East is the government’s base, to the West is a civilian-organized base. This truck behind me is for those who don’t wish to come with me. I’m not taking just anyone. I’ll give you all ten minutes to think about it. If you wish to come with me, line up here. After ten minutes, anyone who has not come will be assumed to not be joining us.”

The over hundred people began to talk among themselves. Shi Moxuan watched from a distance, not knowing what was happening.

The first person to come forward was Yang Ziyu. Without hesitation, he said, “Big sister, Ziyu can do some cleaning and singing, but if it’s possible, I can also fight zombies. I’ll listen to whatever you say.”

“Good,” Bai Tang nodded.

Shi Moxuan stepped forward and shouted, “Everyone, do not be fooled by this woman’s false kindness. She is in league with the zombies, there are even three zombies in that truck! I am a level three fire-system ability user and I can lead you all to the government’s base. Don’t make a mistake by following her.”

Bai Tang’s grandmother stood up and cursed, “You ungrateful wretch! My granddaughter saved you from the zombies and yet you have the audacity to call her fake. Your heart is as black as a wolf’s and your lungs as foul as a dog’s.” 

Tang Manli, filled with righteous indignation, stepped forward, “You illegitimate child, pushing your half-brother towards the zombies, pretending to be close brothers, you piece of trash. I wish I could kick you until you’re nothing but a pile of mud, but I don’t want to dirty my soles.”

Chen Songjin also spoke out, not wanting these people who had benefited from Bai Tang’s kindness to misunderstand her, “Becoming a zombie is not something everyone willingly chooses. They still have some consciousness and may have a chance to recover. Captain Bai is kind and compassionate, taking them to the base may give researchers a chance to find a cure to turn them back to normal people.”

Bai Tang remained calm, “Eight minutes left.”

Several more people came forward, Bai Tang examined them and kicked out a young woman.

The young woman protested, “Why would you take someone who is disabled but not me who is fully able-bodied? You are pretending to be high and mighty, you must have taken a fancy to him because of his looks!”

Shi Minzhi’s mouth twitched, he did not expect to be targeted like this.

Grandpa became angry, “You ungrateful girl. Not only are you ungrateful, you even defamed my granddaughter. I may not like this gloomy young man, but he is better than you. At least he has the water-system ability and can wash dishes. He’s a hard worker.”

“Get lost.”

With a wave of her hand, Bai Tang sent the girl flying a hundred meters away, leaving those who had never seen Bai Tang in action in shock.

The girl picked herself up in embarrassment and, looking disheveled, went over to Shi Moxuan. “Hey, do you still need people? I want to join.”

Shi Moxuan hesitated for a moment before saying gently, “My group always welcomes beautiful girls like you.”

Many others also chose to join Shi Moxuan’s group, believing that a woman as the captain wouldn’t be powerful enough and that she didn’t have any special abilities, just a sword that looked decent.

“The ten minutes are up. The Invincible Squad will not accept those who haven’t made a choice, those who are indecisive, or those who betray. The rest of you have nothing to do with me anymore. I, Bai Tang, have done all that I can.”

Bai Tang gave them a chance, but if they couldn’t grasp it, it was no longer her problem.



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