Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 55

Chapter 55 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (55)

Bai Tang spoke, “I have brought back something interesting for you all, your leaders will definitely be intrigued. Oh, by the way, I am Bai Tang. I heard that there’s a girl named Ji Mengmeng who has been accusing me of taking her abilities and giving them to someone else. Little brother, are you still going to call?”

Bai Tang’s gaze shifted and an imposing aura radiated from her, it was gone as soon as Shi Minzhi looked in her direction.

The man hesitated for a moment before making the call, briefly explaining the situation before handing the phone to Bai Tang.

Bai Tang lazily spoke, “Hello, I am Bai Tang. Please send someone to the base entrance. I have two trucks full of firearms and ammunition, and a truck full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, I have 27 special zombies that can control themselves. And a healing ability user that will help with the recovery of zombies. Oh, and a pot of a zombie tree demon that’s been subdued for now, but mutated plants will soon be appearing.

“Forgot to inform you before, but there’s a foreign invasion that surrounds the Earth, and a crack in the sky made by a sword. There is a deadline for this matter and we must discuss it in person, but keep it confidential.”

In just a minute, Bai Tang gave the man too much shock, no matter what, they had to come see for themselves.

“Miss Bai, please wait a moment, I’ll arrange for relevant personnel to come and others will be arranged first. The things Miss Bai brought have high danger levels, so it will be a bit of trouble.”

“Alright.” Bai Tang responded with a single word, and handed the phone back to the man. The young man’s attitude became more respectful as he immediately began inspections and arrangements for the people brought in by Bai Tang.

As the group of nearly three trucks arrived, it was clear to see that the group was made up of all ages and walks of life — the old and young, pregnant women, and even children. Their spirits were high, and the young man in charge of leading them couldn’t help but question if they were actually in the apocalypse. Of course, the key individuals had been kept behind by Bai Tang.

It hadn’t even been ten minutes when a group of people arrived. They were led by a man in a suit and leather shoes, with a strong presence that exuded an air of cleanliness and decisiveness, the unmistakable natural aura of a leader.

Shi Minzhi’s eyes darkened, and he slid his wheelchair to Bai Tang’s side.

“You must be Miss Bai, please come this way.” The leader said.

Shi Minzhi grabbed Bai Tang’s hand, and Bai Tang smiled, “I am Bai Tang, this is Shi Minzhi. Please arrange for us to be together.”

She then turned to Shi Minzhi and said, “I’ll be back soon.”

Shi Minzhi drummed his fingers on the arm of his wheelchair, a hint of a smile in his deep, dark eyes. “Alright, be careful and come back soon.”

Bai Tang followed the leader, her lips curved as she whispered, “You have ten years. In ten years, those things outside will come in.”

The leader’s face changed, “Ten years, that’s not long enough.”

“I have cleaved a path of survival for you all. I am sure you are well aware of the fact that the crystal cores within the zombies cannot be used for cultivation,” said Bai Tang with a smile. “I have two requests for you in return for resolving a hidden danger.”

The leader calmed his emotions and said, “Your words carry weight, Miss Bai. You are a savior of humanity. What is it that you would request of us?”

The leader did not see Bai Tang as someone who would make frivolous requests. He understood the details surrounding the incident with Ji Mengmeng, and he agreed with Bai Tang’s actions. Healing abilities should not be in the hands of someone like Ji Mengmeng.

With a lazy tone, Bai Tang said, “First, there is a person named Shi Moxuan, I want him handed over to me for disposal, regardless of whether he lives or dies. Second, if there are any future troubles that require fighting, mention it in front of Shi Minzhi. Do not bring this second request up again after this, as Shi Minzhi will know and it will be exposed.”



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    it’s already 50+ chapters, just when will this arc end?

    • eness has spoken 6 months ago

      You can refer to the synopsis page (fiction page) for arc list.


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