Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 6

Chapter 6 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (6)

If it weren’t for her strength, System 168 would have been harassing other girls instead.

It doesn’t want a partner, just a puppet that will do its bidding in order to benefit from it.

System 168 felt her killing intent and shrunk back, not saying a word. It didn’t think Bai Tang had the ability to destroy it, at most she just couldn’t find a way to do it right now.

The level 10 lightning strike lasted for a full quarter of an hour before stopping. The sound of thunder and lightning drowned out the cries of pain.

“Life is like a fleeting breeze, death is like dew that disappears in the morning. It’s turned to ashes. Ah, it’s all turned into ashes!” Bai Tang took a startled step back, but there was a smile on her face.

Among the ashes of zombies, however, there was a mass that was slowly gathering. Bai Tang knows that it was Shi Minzhi. She went over and squatted down, curiously observing.

A person with an undead BUFF that can’t die even if he was turned into ashes under a level 10 soul lightning strike. But it was no surprise given how strong the BUFF was, just like cockroaches in the mortal world that can’t be killed.

Perhaps the intensity of the lightning strike was too strong this time, Shi Minzhi’s body was damaged too thoroughly. Bai Tang waited for a long time but the pile of ashes was still gathering so she simply brought his wheelchair over.

Since she couldn’t kill him, she will personally keep an eye on him. This was a privilege that many people cannot ask for.

So, their first meeting was very pleasant for Bai Tang as she killed Shi Minzhi twice. For him however, it wasn’t so good. Without real strength, he could only rely on summoning zombies. This method of killing one thousand enemies but losing eight hundred of his own to achieve the goal, apparently failed twice.

Bai Tang counted the stars and the moon all night long before Shi Minzhi was finally resurrected.

It was just that ——

“Whoa, bastard! You’re naked!”

Bai Tang kicked him into the ashes and rolled him around a few times before he was ‘clothed’.

Poor Shi Minzhi, after being struck by dozens of lightning strikes and finally resurrecting, his head was still ringing with the sound of thunder and lightning, and then Bai Tang kicked him again, filling his mouth with… ashes. 

Bai Tang made a few leaps and jumped out. Within dozens of miles, everything was clean and nothing was left, all electrocuted clean. The stadium still existed only because Bai Tang protected it. After finally finding a clothing store, Bai Tang took a few pieces of clothing and rushed back. Without a word, she wrapped Shi Minzhi in white silk, performed a cleansing technique on him, and threw him a huge pile of clothes.

She left only one sentence, “Pick among those yourself, there’s no other choice from that.”

Shi Minzhi’s head was splitting with pain and, just as he was recovering, he was kicked again. He was in so much pain that he was curled up, trembling.

Now there was suddenly a pile of clothes thrown towards him like a small mountain, Shi Minzhi was nearly suffocated under the weight. Struggling to crawl out of the pile of clothes, he waited a moment, filled with anger and resentment. He wanted this woman to die without a burial ground! 

He took a piece of clean clothes and wiped off the dust on his body. Despite dying so many times, his legs were still disabled from a congenital disability, even resurrection couldn’t change that. Fortunately, his hands were flexible and it was easy for him to put on clothes and pants. However, what was with the bra and skirt for women here? Was this an attempt to humiliate him?

Had Bai Tang known what he was thinking——

Bai Tang: I’m innocent, okay. (*ω)

She just took them at random. She didn’t care about it so much. She had taken almost all of the clothes from the store and brought them here. As for there being women’s clothes, that was normal. It was he who had thought too much about it being an attempt to humiliate him.

After no longer hearing any sound of rustling clothes being put on, Bai Tang went in. As a female god of killing, she had no fetish for peeping at people’s naked bodies.



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