Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 69

Chapter 69 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (69)

For the sixth time, Shi Minzhi died at the hands of Bai Tang.

Two halves of the blade fell from Shi Minzhi’s heart and clattered to the ground as Bai Tang pushed his wheelchair forward. Behind them, someone quickly approached to clean up the mess.

Resurrected once again, Shi Minzhi’s heart still ached. Each time he came back to life, the pain was still intense.

Gradually, he regained his composure, his eyes dark and brooding. He knew he had no room left to maneuver. He had underestimated Bai Tang, and this was the price he paid.

“Little Captain is really ruthless.”

“Tit for tat, we are even. You have your moments of ruthlessness too. Whether it’s summoning zombies to feast on me, or poisoning me and even yourself. Not to mention when you were shooting at me, it was as if you were shooting your most hated person, completely unlike Shi Moxuan. And just now, you went to great lengths to get what you want, yet you still found the time to disgust me. Your method was completely wrong. I, Bai Tang, have always had a clear conscience. Even if they had hurt me, I wouldn’t blame them. They could no longer be called human.”

Bai Tang recounted all of Shi Minzhi’s offenses.

“Every single one of them. Which one was unjust to you, Shi Minzhi?”

Shi Minzhi only asked, “Do I still have a chance to kill you?”

It was a pity that he was limited by the power of his abilities. His abilities, which had been so easily disabled by Bai Tang, were no match.

Bai Tang patted Shi Minzhi’s shoulder and encouraged him, “Hey, there is still a chance. If you practice for ten thousand years, you might be able to fight me for more than a few rounds.”

The problem was that Bai Tang was not standing still either.

Although she lived a reclusive life, she didn’t waste her time. On the contrary, she spent a lot of time every day improving herself.

Shi Minzhi hung his head, feeling utterly powerless. 

Two years of scheming, two years of enduring, and it had all been just a game to her.

Was it pitiful? Not really.

He had always wanted to lead everyone to their deaths, but Bai Tang was an unpredictable variable that could ruin all of his plans. That was why Shi Minzhi chose to kill her.

Finally, they arrived at their destination. Bai Tang lifted the layer of cloth covering it, revealing a delicate and beautiful cage.

It was just a cage.

“We made a deal. I handed Shi Moxuan over to you at your disposal, and you agreed to be at my disposal when the time came. While you were busy scheming, I had nothing but idle time. You see, wild beasts are always best kept in cages. If I can’t kill you, then just go inside for me.”

Bai Tang pushed Shi Minzhi inside with a palm, closed the door, and clasped her hands together. A resplendent golden light burst forth, and with the flick of her fingers, a restriction array fell on the cage.

If she couldn’t kill him, then she’d just have to imprison him.

[Bai Tang! You have to release him! You can’t treat Shi Minzhi like this!]

[Bai Tang, do you hear me!]

Killing the blackened big boss wasn’t enough? Instead of trying to reform him, all you wanted to do was kill!

Right now, the blackened big boss had been locked up, seemingly with the intention of keeping him locked up indefinitely.

System 168 was completely exasperated with its host.

“Hey, little system, don’t be so anxious. Once he’s gone, it’ll be your turn.”

Bai Tang only offered this one remark and had no plans to engage it any further.

This little system was hopelessly biased— allowing Shi Minzhi to kill her, but forbidding her from retaliating in any way against him.

“Hahaha…” Shi Minzhi laughed until tears were almost coming out.

“Little Captain, I have a few more questions for you,” Shi Minzhi said.

“Ask away,” Bai Tang said with a smile.

“Are you really a white crabapple tree?”

He had thought it was a foregone conclusion that he would kill her— so he had carefully arranged multiple layers of white crabapple flowers to see her off, especially because Bai Tang was the person he wanted to kill but didn’t detest.

Whether it be a god or a Buddha, no one could stand in his way when it came to fulfilling his desire to kill. And yet, Bai Tang’s mere existence left him feeling hopeless and despair.

Bai Tang’s gaze shifted and she said, “Oh, I was just spouting nonsense. Of course, I know you’re still fixated on dragging everyone down with you. Although I won’t try to reform you according to the demands of that little thing.”



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