Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS Chapter 72

Chapter 72 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (72)

“Woof woof woof woof woof!”

Coward fidgeted anxiously, clearly feeling uneasy.

Bai Tang said with a smile, “You’re a mature dog now, with strong combat skills and intelligence. Live well. If you meet someone you like, make them your master. If not, with the abilities you have now, you can still live a good life in this apocalypse. You can choose to continue fighting, find your dream dog, or just wander around, punishing evil and promoting good. Live life on your own terms!”

“Woof woof woof woof woof!” Coward didn’t seem particularly pleased with her words, so Bai Tang soothed it for a while longer.

She had kept her promise to the zombie tree demon, removing the zombie virus from its body and helping it take on a human form. Of course, it had the same restrictions as Tang Manli’s healing ability.

Suddenly, System 168 poured cold water on Bai Tang, [Want to go back? Without my help, you’ll never make it back. You might as well die here.]

Ignored the system!

Refused to do the tasks! 

Want to go back? 

Dream on!

Bai Tang casually asked, “Hey, System 168, how long has it been since you contacted the headquarters of the Space-Time Administration?”

System 168 choked. It had been repairing itself every day but still hadn’t found out where the headquarters were, hadn’t received any messages from anyone, and couldn’t contact the Space-Time Administration.

Bai Tang drawled, “You are only alive because of me. Do you really think you can go back to the Space-Time Administration without my help? You are overestimating yourself. If I don’t let you go, you won’t be able to leave.”

[Bai Tang, do you think you can outlast me? You won’t be able to leave the mission world!]

System 168 retorted angrily.

A mere human woman like Bai Tang was so disrespectful and unaware of her place.

Bai Tang, “…”

What kind of Space-Time Administration was this? They created such a stupid and malicious system.

System 168 hesitated for a moment and then decided to take Bai Tang’s soul to the next mission world.

Suddenly, the body fell to the ground, lifeless.

The scared Coward barked incessantly, biting Bai Tang’s clothes and pulling them, hoping she would wake up.

But there was no response, and Coward ran out to call for help, grief-stricken.

Bai Tang’s departure wasn’t exactly quiet, and many people had already realized that she had been saying goodbye for the past two days. Her uniqueness led many to believe that she hadn’t died, but had instead gone to another unknown world.

Grandpa and Grandma tearfully collected her body back.

She kept her word and returned their granddaughter to them when ten years came. The old couple were not dead yet, and they were still able to see their granddaughter for the last time.

The most heartbroken of all was probably Coward who whimpered and howled in grief.

The mournful and desolate sound was unbearable to hear.

The master didn’t want it anymore…

Three days had passed and Shi Minzhi still hadn’t seen Bai Tang. Before this, Bai Tang had always come once every twenty days, which was his only opportunity to speak to others.

He faintly heard funeral music, like the sound of a suona, or even more like…the sound of a funeral procession he had heard before.

Could it be…

Shi Minzhi shook his head, feeling that it was impossible.

But it had only been eight years. Bai Tang couldn’t have died so soon.

It must have been someone else with status and contributions who had an accident. It couldn’t be Bai Tang.

But she was undeniably late, which was not supposed to happen.


The door was opened.

A stranger walked in, someone Shi Minzhi had never seen before, wearing a white coat and gold-rimmed glasses, with a strange look in his eyes that seemed to want to dissect him.

“Where is Bai Tang?” Shi Minzhi’s eyes darkened, as he sensed an answer was about to be revealed.

For eight years, he couldn’t see anyone except for Bai Tang every twenty days.



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