Reborn with the Ultimate Genius System
Reborn with the Ultimate Genius System Chapter 52

Chapter 52: The Relatives’ Envy

“Grandma, I’ve also prepared a gift for you,” Tang Feng said, presenting a beautifully crafted box.

“Little Feng, what are you doing? You’re still studying and not earning a salary yet, you don’t need to buy anything for me. Put it away!” Grandma urged upon seeing this.

“Grandma, although I haven’t started working, it doesn’t mean I don’t earn money. After the college entrance exam, I went to the night market to set up a stall and made some money,” Tang Feng explained.

“Setting up a stall at the night market? Brother, you’re impressive! I see you in a new light!” Little Juan couldn’t help but give him a thumbs up.

“There’s nothing else to do at home! By setting up a stall at the night market, I can earn some money. This way, I can buy things I like without asking for money from my parents,” Tang Feng said with a slight smile.

“It’s a pity I’m only in junior high school now, or I could also set up a stall at the night market to earn some extra cash,” Little Juan sighed.

“Grandma, please open it and see if you like it. If not, I can exchange it,” Tang Feng suggested.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Grandma opened the box.

Instantly, a golden bracelet shone brightly, capturing everyone’s attention.

Grandma was stunned on the spot.

It took her a while to recover.

“Little Feng, is this bracelet real?” Grandma asked, taking the bracelet out of the box.

“Yes,” Tang Feng nodded, “It’s pure gold.”

“Little Feng, where did you get so much money?” Grandpa asked in surprise.

“I earned it myself!” Tang Feng responded.

“Little Feng, it’s only been a dozen days since the college entrance exam ended, right? Does setting up a stall at the night market make that much money?” Big Uncle asked with a tone filled with shock and envy.

Tang Feng shook his head, “You can’t earn that much from setting up a night market stall. I only made about a thousand or eight hundred.”

“A thousand or eight hundred? This bracelet must be worth at least three thousand, right?” Big Uncle was somewhat skeptical.

“Four thousand. Don’t be so surprised. My parents know that I made this money because I sold the recipe for grilled gluten,” Tang Feng explained straightforwardly.

Otherwise, the constant questions from everyone would be too bothersome.

“Mom, Dad, here’s what happened. Little Feng went to the night market to sell grilled gluten. Someone liked it so much that they paid him for the recipe,” Tang Feng’s Mother also helped explain.

“Brother, what’s grilled gluten? This is the first time I’ve heard of it,” Little Juan asked curiously.

“It’s a kind of street food. If you want to try it, I’ll make it for you the next time we gather,” Tang Feng offered.

“Little Feng, how much did you sell the recipe for?” Little Uncle asked eagerly.

“Not much, just twenty thousand,” Tang Feng answered.

Everyone gasped upon hearing this number.

After all, it was 2003! An ordinary person working hard for a month would only earn a few hundred yuan.

Twenty thousand yuan was considered a huge sum for them.

“Little Feng, you’re really amazing!” Big Uncle and the others gave him thumbs up.

Tang Feng just chuckled.

This was the first time he received so much praise from his relatives!

He was overjoyed inside.

“Little Feng, I can’t accept this bracelet,” Grandma said, placing the gold bracelet back into the box.

“Don’t be like that, Grandma! This is a birthday gift for you! You must accept it!” Tang Feng insisted, clearly anxious.

He had thought long and hard to find a gift that would please her, and he couldn’t take it back.

“Yes, Mom, it’s Little Feng’s thoughtfulness! Please accept it!” Tang Feng’s Mother urged.

“I’m his grandmother. It’s not appropriate for him to give me such an expensive gift. This gold bracelet should be given to you.”

“My birthday hasn’t come yet! When it’s my birthday, Little Feng will surely prepare a gift for me. Besides, after earning money, Little Feng already bought several sets of clothes for me and his dad. It’s his way of showing filial piety; please accept it!” Tang Feng’s Mother took the gold bracelet out of the box and forcibly put it on Grandma’s wrist.

“But…” Grandma hesitated.

“Mom, you’ve always taken care of Little Feng. It’s only right for him to buy you a gold bracelet now that he’s made some money. Today is a happy day; let’s not push it back and forth, or else people passing by might think we’re arguing at home,” Tang Long also spoke up.

“Alright then.” Grandma, seeing her son-in-law speak up, nodded and accepted the gift.

“Little Juan, learn from your brother! When you earn money in the future, also buy a big gold bracelet for your grandma!” The second aunt instructed her daughter.

“I know. I will,” Little Juan quickly agreed.

At this moment, Big Uncle and the others were filled with mixed feelings.

How they wished it was their child who bought the gold bracelet for Grandma!

That way, as parents, they would also feel honored.

After the meal, Tang Feng’s phone rang.

He glanced at the caller ID and saw it was Su Xiaoli calling.

He smiled apologetically at everyone, then quickly stepped outside.

“Big sister, when did Little Feng buy a phone? Isn’t that expensive?” The second aunt asked immediately.

“I don’t know how much it costs. After selling the recipe, he bought phones for the whole family,” Tang Feng’s Mother replied, her face beaming with pride and joy.

“Little Feng is really filial! Big sister, you and your husband are truly blessed!” The eyes of Big Uncle’s wife were filled with envy.

“It’s the same for everyone! When little Qiang’s graduates from college, he will surely buy you one too,” Tang Feng’s Mother said with a smile.

“He’s just going into his third year of college after this summer holiday; it’ll be two more years before he graduates. Who knows what will happen by then,” Big Uncle sighed, expressing his concern.

He had always been proud of his son, the first among many relatives to attend college.

Even though it was just a second-tier university, it was considered quite an achievement for them.

But now, with Tang Feng possibly attending one of the best universities in the country, the gap seemed insurmountable.

His previously felt sense of superiority had vanished.

Tang Feng had already answered Su Xiaoli’s call.

“Xiaoli, did you need something?” Tang Feng asked with a smile.

“Can’t I call you if there’s no reason?” Su Xiaoli retorted.

“Of course, you can!” Tang Feng hurriedly replied.

“Are you still at your grandma’s?” she continued to inquire.

“Yes,” Tang Feng nodded, “If I head back now, I’ll probably get home around five or six.”

“Are you going out tomorrow?”

“I shouldn’t be.”

“If you’re not going out, I’ll come over to play tomorrow.”

“Great! Don’t eat breakfast tomorrow, come to my house!” Tang Feng agreed.

“Then I won’t disturb you any further! See you tomorrow!”

“See you tomorrow!”

The call ended.

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