Reborn with the Ultimate Genius System
Reborn with the Ultimate Genius System Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Tang Feng’s Reminder

Tang Feng returned to everyone’s presence, his mood somewhat downcast. He knew why Su Xiaoli had called him. The reason was simple: she missed him. At this moment, how he wished he could fly to her side and hold her tightly in his arms, letting her feel his intense emotions.

“Little Feng, are you alright?” Tang Feng’s Mother noticed the change in her son’s expression and immediately became anxious.

“It’s nothing,” Tang Feng shook his head.

“Who was on the phone?” Tang Feng’s Mother continued to ask.

Tang Feng remained silent.

Seeing this, Tang Feng’s Mother immediately understood and did not press any further. After the meal, the Tang family prepared to leave.

“Aren’t you going back?” Tang Feng’s Mother asked Tang Feng’s uncle.

“No,” the uncle shook his head. “We rarely come back, so we plan to stay overnight before leaving.”

“Alright, Mom, Dad, we’ll head back first! We’ll visit you again when we have time,” Tang Feng’s Mother said, turning to leave.

Tang Feng and his father followed closely behind. Grandpa and others escorted them to the village entrance. After a while, a bus approached and stopped in front of them. They said goodbye to Grandpa and boarded the bus.

The conductor came to collect the fare, and Tang Feng promptly handed over a hundred-yuan bill. The conductor used a small flashlight-like device to check the bill, and after confirming its authenticity, gave Tang Feng his change.

“Old Tang, I’m really happy today! Whether it’s our parents or relatives, their attitude towards us has changed dramatically compared to before,” Tang Feng’s Mother couldn’t hide her joy.

“Yes! In the past, when we returned home, aside from our parents, it was all about comparing with each other, trying to outdo one another. Today, everyone’s attention was on us, which really made me proud,” Tang Long nodded, also smiling happily.

“We’re all basking in Little Feng’s success. If it wasn’t for his outstanding performance, everyone’s attitude towards us wouldn’t have changed,” Tang Feng’s Mother said with a smile.

Seeing them so happy, Tang Feng naturally felt very content. His parents were ordinary people with their own vanity. Even he was the same.

“Little Feng, was that Su Xiaoli who called you?” Tang Feng’s Mother changed the subject.

“Yes,” Tang Feng nodded.

“I noticed you seemed a bit upset. What did she say to you?” Tang Feng’s Mother asked with interest.

“She didn’t say much. She was just asking if I would be home tomorrow because she wants to come over,” Tang Feng replied.

“It seems she really likes you. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have called. You must treat her well and not let her down,” Tang Feng’s Mother advised seriously.

“I know!” Tang Feng nodded. “My feelings for her are very serious.”

“Little Feng, you know the relationship between your father and Su’s uncle. If you dare to let Xiaoli down, I won’t let you off easily!” Tang Long also made his stance clear.

“Mom, Dad, don’t worry! My feelings for Xiaoli are as clear as day and night! No one can replace Xiaoli’s position in my heart,” Tang Feng said, his emotions becoming agitated.

Tang Long and his wife exchanged a knowing smile but said nothing further.

“Dad, Mom, when we get home, I’ll continue to teach you how to cook. If Big Uncle and others want to learn, you can teach them too. After all, we’re relatives. Although we all have our own agendas on normal days, we still help out wholeheartedly when it comes to major issues. Now that we have the ability, it’s right to give them a hand,” Tang Feng changed the subject.

“We’ll do as you say! As long as they’re willing to learn, we’ll teach them properly!” Tang Feng’s Mother agreed.

“However, you can only teach them how to cook, not partner with them to open a restaurant. Otherwise, if there are any issues, it could ruin the familial relationship,” Tang Feng cautioned.

Tang Long nodded, understanding his son’s concern. “I get what you mean. You’re worried that conflicts over profit distribution might arise during the restaurant’s operation.”

“Exactly. Whether it’s relatives or friends, most conflicts arise from financial interests. To maintain stable relations, it’s essential to minimize financial transactions,” Tang Feng said seriously.

“I understand. Don’t worry! We’ll handle these matters properly,” Tang Long assured.

“By the way, didn’t you say you were going to visit Grandma on the way home? Are you not going anymore?” Tang Feng suddenly remembered to ask.

“We decided not to go today. After discussing it with your mother, we’ll visit her after your college entrance exam results are out. That way, we can also bring her some good news,” Tang Long replied.

“Great! I’m sure Grandma will be very happy to hear the good news,” Tang Feng exclaimed.

By the time they got home, it was already 5:30 pm. The first thing Tang Feng did was send a text message to Su Xiaoli to let her know he was safe, then he started to prepare dinner.

After dinner, he continued teaching his parents how to cook. It was almost 10:30 pm by the time Tang Feng finally went back to his room to rest. Perhaps because he had been so busy during the day, he quickly fell asleep.

Soon, a new day dawned. At 6 am, the alarm in his room went off, and Tang Feng immediately got up. After a quick wash, he went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

“Little Feng, why did you get up so early today?” Tang Feng’s Mother came out of her bedroom, still drowsy.

“I promised Xiaoli she would come over for breakfast,” Tang Feng replied.

“That explains it! Then you go ahead. I’ll sleep a bit more,” Tang Feng’s Mother said, turning back to her room.

Tang Feng busied himself in the kitchen. Just as he finished preparing breakfast, someone knocked on the door. He hurried to open it.

Su Xiaoli stood at the door, smiling at him. He invited her in.

“Are Uncle Tang and the others out?” Su Xiaoli looked around and asked.

“No,” Tang Feng shook his head. “They’re still sleeping.”

“Ah? Then we should speak quietly so as not to disturb their rest,” Su Xiaoli lowered her voice.

“Let’s eat breakfast!” Tang Feng led the way to the dining table and pulled out a chair for Su Xiaoli.

“Do we not wait for Uncle Tang and the others?” Su Xiaoli was surprised.

“No need! They’re still sleeping and won’t be up for a while. I’ve left some breakfast for them in the pot,” Tang Feng explained.

Seeing him say so, Su Xiaoli no longer insisted and sat down at the dining table.

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