Reincarnated as a Troublemaker Mob, but Nothing Happens Because the Protagonist is Too Competent
Reincarnated as a Troublemaker Mob, but Nothing Happens Because the Protagonist is Too Competent Chapter 10

10. The outcome of the incident is?

When I arrived at the research institute, it was already close to noon. I quickly finished my lunch and locked myself in the laboratory. Unless there is a special task, I usually spend the afternoon making medicine or processing herbs. During the break time, I made a cure for the Hedro Serpent disease.

Making it is not difficult. Just chop the ingredients and boil them in a small pot. When everything has melted, stir it around and recite a spell to finish it. Suddenly, the color of the liquid changed to green. After cooling it, I divided it into three bottles to complete the process.

“I hope they would accept it.”

If the incident happens according to the story, I’ll be able to give it to them then. After taking the medicine, the symptoms of the disease can be temporarily relieved. If they can regain their sanity for a short time, I can escape or persuade them.

However, considering the symptoms, it is also highly possible that they will not accept it readily. In some cases, I may have to force them to drink it. While imagining forcing the medicine bottle into their mouth, I put the medicine into my pouch.

“Rei~! Your husband is here to pick you up! He’s waiting outside.”

As the closing bell rang, my senior burst into the laboratory.

“Okay, I’m coming.”

I brushed it off as I went along and put the herbs away on the shelf.

The “husband” my senior mentioned refers to Gil. I don’t even bother correcting it anymore since they won’t stop calling him that.

“But if Gil is the ‘husband,’ does that make me the ‘wife’…?”

After cooling my blushing face with my palms, I picked up my belongings and headed toward the lab’s entrance where Gil was waiting for me.

“Gil! Did I keep you waiting?”

“No, I just came here on my own. Sorry for rushing you, Rei.”

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it. But anyway, did something happen?”

Although Gil sometimes comes to pick me up, he usually tells me in advance that he will come in the morning to avoid any misunderstandings. So it was the first time he came to pick me up without any notice.

“Did something happen with you, Rei?”

Gil pursed his lips and stroked my head.

“This morning, you were bothered by an adventurer, right? But don’t worry. I caught that guy.”


According to Gil’s story, the adventurer who had left us earlier had caused trouble in front of a tavern and was apprehended by the knights.

“So you can relax now.”

Ignoring Gil’s lovely smile, my mind was swirling with mixed feelings. If that person was caught, there would be no attempted rape incident. Even if I forgot about the incident and went back to my daily life, there would be no problem. 

However, once I realized that the incident might not have been that person’s intention, but rather due to an illness, I couldn’t just let it go.

“Gil, can I go see that person now? I have a vial of medicine for the possibility of Hedro Serpent Syndrome. I just need to give it to them…”

Gil raised an eyebrow and took the vial from my pouch.

“I’ll give this to him tomorrow. Let’s go back and rest for now.”

“It’s better to receive treatment as soon as possible. That’s right, there’s no need to bother you, Gil. I’ll go to the knight’s station now…”


As I panicked, Gil leaned over slightly and looked into my eyes to calm me down.

“I understand. Let’s go together now.”

As I nodded repeatedly, Gil furrowed his brow a little uneasily.


As soon as we entered the Knight Order’s headquarters, we met our target. Since the captain of the Order was responsible for managing the prisoners. 

We had come to negotiate directly with him.

“Oh, Rei! It was a disaster today.”

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. That person might have Hedro Serpent Syndrome.”

“I got a message from the Adventurer’s Guild Master too. He went to see a doctor and it’s likely to be true. But the cure…”

“If it’s a cure you need, I have it ready. Can I get permission to administer it?” The captain thought for a moment, then patted my shoulder.

“Hang on a sec. I’ll call a doctor.”

“…Indeed, this is a cure for Hedro Serpent Syndrome,” said the doctor, examining the vial solemnly.

“But where did you get this?”

“I made it. I’m a pharmacist.”

“But it’s not something that can be easily made, is it?”

“If it’s a common recipe, then no. But I have the ‘Pharmaceuticals’ skill, so…”

After remembering my past life, I understood the true use of the ‘Pharmaceuticals’ skill. By visualizing the specific characteristics of the medicine I wanted to make, the recipe for the medicine that matched that image would come to mind. That’s the feature of the ‘Pharmaceuticals’ skill, but at first, I couldn’t use it well because I couldn’t effectively gather the image of the medicine. However, once I started assembling the image systematically, like programming, the accuracy of the skill improved significantly.

Since the safety of the medicine had been confirmed, it was decided to administer it to the patient right away.

“Um, if it’s possible, could you let me be there too?”

“Rei, it’s dangerous.”

“As a pharmacist, I want to see with my own eyes that the medicine has the intended effect.”

I have confidence in the effectiveness of the medicine I made. However, since it’s my first time using it, I can’t guarantee 100% effectiveness. If any side effects occur, I might be able to help with treatment using the herbs I have on hand.

“Cover your face deeply with the robe so that your face cannot be seen, and I will allow it if it’s through the grid.”

“What! I object.”

“It’s okay. Because Gil is here.” Gil looked at me with startled eyes.

“You’ll protect me, won’t you?”

That was the first promise we made when we came to this frontier land. It was also one of the reasons why Gil ended up living with me. We’re still friends, so this promise should be valid.

“Of course, no matter what happens.”

Gil took my hand and gently kissed my fingertips. 

I didn’t notice that the Guild Master was watching us with a bewildered look.

When the knight on guard duty opened the door to the underground prison as instructed by the captain, we could hear shouting from inside.

“Who the hell do you think I am? Let me out!”

I adjusted my hood and stepped inside. The man inside was restrained with chains attached to the walls of the cell, binding his hands and feet. 

When he saw us, he twisted his body violently, causing the chains to clash and make a loud noise. Blood was dripping from the wrist that was restrained by the handcuffs.

“He’s not in his right mind…”

His condition seemed to have worsened since this morning. I was glad we came today after all. 

Feeling the man’s sharp gaze like a blade, I instinctively hid behind Gil. Gil kept his eyes fixed on the man and supported me from behind.

In the tense atmosphere, the doctor calmly examined the man.

“Hmm, it doesn’t seem possible to administer it orally.”

As soon as he made that judgment, the doctor quickly drew up the medicine with a syringe and stabbed it into the man’s neck.


The man’s body jerked and he groaned softly, his head drooping.

“Oh…ah…what…is happening…ugh!”

A glimmer of rationality returned to the man’s eyes. The medicine seemed to be working, but I couldn’t help feeling worried about the man’s painful condition.

The doctor remained calm, even though he was watching the situation up close.

“It seems like the medicine is working. Can you hear me? Please take this medicine for your treatment. It will work better if taken orally.”

As he spoke, the doctor pressed the medicine bottle to the man’s mouth. The man grimaced as he swallowed it, then slumped against the wall, completely motionless.

“I hope he’s okay.”

“Don’t worry. His treatments are always precise. They may be a bit rough, but still…”

Although they spoke in a joking manner, the leader’s face betrayed his concern. He couldn’t help but think about the man’s condition when he was being treated.

“Alright, let’s move him now.”

The doctor instructed Gill and the leader to carry the man to the bed. He was still restrained.

“Be careful, as his symptoms may worsen when he regains consciousness. Stay alert.”

According to the doctor’s diagnosis, if they continued the treatment for another three days, the man should make a full recovery due to the medicine’s effectiveness. However, as a precaution, they decided to continue treatment for about a week.

They left the room to the doctor and the leader and made their way out of the room. It had started snowing heavily since they had arrived.

“Come here. You don’t have a snow cloak, do you?”

As I was called, I crawled into Gil’s snow cloak. Even in the blizzard, it felt warm as long as we were together.

“Thank you, Gill.”

“No problem. It’s warmer this way for me too.”

“Thanks for bringing me along, and the cloak, too.”

Feeling a bit embarrassed, I buried my face in Gil’s arm.

“I’m sure even if I went alone, it would have been a struggle just to get inside the headquarters. Thanks to you, Gil, we were able to treat him so quickly.”

Gil gently stroked my head as I couldn’t lift my face.

“…Rei is really kind. Helping someone who even hurt him.”

“It’s not that big of a deal.”

I only did it to increase the possibility of saving myself. 

And as a pharmacist, it’s natural not to overlook people with diseases that can be cured with medicine. 

So, while I was happy to be praised by Gil, I also felt guilty for deceiving him.

Thus, the attempted rape incident did not occur. 

Relieved of the stress, I fell asleep as soon as I arrived home.

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