Reincarnated as a Troublemaker Mob, but Nothing Happens Because the Protagonist is Too Competent
Reincarnated as a Troublemaker Mob, but Nothing Happens Because the Protagonist is Too Competent Chapter 11

11. Peaceful Daily Life

“Good morning, Rei-san. Today is beautiful as well.”

“Good morning, Johann-san! Yes, it’s a beautiful day, and the snow is sparkling.”

The adventurer, who called out to me at the entrance of the guild and had completely recovered from the Hydro serpent syndrome was- Johann San.

Since then, we had become friendly enough to talk about the weather like this.

Johann-san seemed to be a well-known adventurer in the capital. He had stopped a monster outbreak that occurred in a nearby town by himself and provided support to the affected residents. 

The guild master had said that he was a splendid person who had been awarded a gold medal of honor. 

He only started causing various troubles after the onset of the illness and wandered around various places until he finally arrived here.

“How’s your health?”

“Thanks to Rei-san’s medicine, I’m in excellent condition. It’s… really like having an angel around.”

I couldn’t hear the last part because his voice was small, but Johann-san had a healthy complexion again today. There seemed to be no recurrence of the illness.

I went to the counter and finished the usual delivery procedures, and was about to leave when I was called back again.

“By the way, Rei-san, do you have time tonight for dinner? If you’re free, how about having a meal together–“

“He has a prior engagement tonight.”


When I turned around, there was Gill. It seemed that he was going to make a request to the adventurer guild from the knights, and had brought the documents for it.

I was lucky to be able to meet Gill during work. While restraining my cheeks to rise, I turned to Johann-san.

“Johann-san, I’m sorry even though you kindly invited me. As Gil said, I have a prior engagement today.”

Although Gil and I usually have dinner at home, we also regularly visit restaurants and bars in town. Today we were planning to go to a new restaurant with delicious wine.

Johann-san opened his mouth without breaking his refreshing smile.

“That’s unfortunate. But I’m fine with tomorrow or the day after. Or even on a holiday-“

Johann-san stopped mid-sentence and gasped.

“I’m sorry, I just remembered I have something to attend to. Excuse me.”

He glanced towards where Gil was standing behind me and hastily left. I turned around and saw that Gil was staring at Johann-san’s retreating figure.

His long limbs stretched elegantly, his whole body toned with supple muscles- the very physique I had always wanted. Not to mention his sweet and charming features that would surely be attractive to many people. 

Would Gil be attracted to someone as handsome as Johann-san, even if it’s a man?

“Do you like someone like Johann-san, Gil?”


“I mean, I’m not tall like Johann-san, and I don’t have muscles like him… No! It’s nothing! It doesn’t really matter!”

As I spoke, I realized I had inadvertently revealed my desire to be Gil’s type.

Watching me panic and try to come up with some excuse, Gil chuckled.

“It’s fine for you to stay the way you are, Rei.”

Gil wasn’t the kind of person to discriminate against his friends based on their appearance, so he probably wouldn’t care about my looks as a friend. But what I wanted to know was whether or not he saw me as a romantic interest.

If a guy can be a romantic interest, then maybe I had a chance… no, probably not.

Even if a guy could be a romantic interest, my looks were probably not up to par. Still, I couldn’t give up on Gil completely, clinging to the slightest possibility.

In the afternoon, I mostly worked on making or researching medicine. I used to mainly focus on making medicine, but since I got better at using my skills, I’ve been entrusted with research tasks as well. 

Today as well, while gathering research data, I also concocted another medicine during my free time.

The slime I bought from the adventurer’s guild was originally green in color, but it turns a light peach color when exposed to moonlight. 

Using this as a base, I made a love potion that required a final touch. I utilized my “Pharmaceutical Creation” skill to create a delicate potion with a duration of one hour, an effect that would make even a healthy knight lose their mind, and yet the memory of what happened while under the potion’s effect would remain clear.

“It took quite a bit of time. We’ve had a lot of cloudy and snowy weather recently.”

Certainly, it took some time to complete the first step. However, a big factor was also my lack of enthusiasm, making it difficult for me to get started. 

Although there was no attempted assault, the fear of possibly being sexually assaulted had taken root in my heart. If I used the love potion, I would end up doing the same kind of thing to Gil.

Just the thought of having to do something that I disliked so much to the person I loved so much made me feel depressed.

“Do I have to use this…?”

I poked at the pale peach-colored liquid in the unremarkable bottle with my finger. 

While love potions are generally known as “love elixirs,” the impulse that is forcibly extracted is nothing but sexual in nature. 

However, in novels, the protagonist realizes their own feelings of love after being induced by the sexual impulse brought on by the love potion.

“…I guess I should think of a different way.”

The important thing is for Gil to realize that he likes Lily. It hasn’t been exactly like the novel so far. I can’t think of a way right now, but there must be another way.

Also, if I don’t use the love potion, maybe Gil will still be friends with me after he’s with Lily. Watching Gil become happy up close may be painful, but even so…

“This is much better than using something like this… I’ll put it away in the medicine cabinet at home.”

I picked up the love potion and put it deep inside my bag.

As the closing bell rang, I rushed out of the lab. I spotted the person I was looking for at the entrance, so I tidied myself up a bit before calling out to him.

“Sorry, did you wait for me?”

“No, I just got here.”

The grey long coat suited him well. His simple outfit without any decorations only accentuated Gil’s good style.

“Shall we go?”

I took the hand he offered to prevent myself from slipping, and we left the lab. Crunching the snow under our feet, we headed toward the store we were aiming for.

The restaurant, located one block off the bustling main street, had a calm atmosphere. The first champagne that came out was delicate and had a good taste, making it easy to eat more.

Delicious food and drinks, and the smile of the person I love in front of me. 

I was so happy that my heart felt light and fluffy. I couldn’t help but laugh.


“Rei, aren’t you drinking too much?”

“Hmm, you think so?”

I had only had five…no, six glasses, right? Gil took my glass and gave me a cup of juice instead.

Yeah, it’s delicious.

“So, what kind of girl is Gil’s type?”

“Out of nowhere, huh? What’s up?”

It’s a given that conversations during a drinking session will turn to love talk, right? 

I convinced Gil, and he furrowed his brow in embarrassment before seriously considering it. 

This is not just a drunk guy’s banter (although I’m not drunk yet). It’s an advanced plan to make Gil aware of his preferences and realize that Lily fits the bill!

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Gil stared at my face intently.

“Kind, cute, smart but a little ditzy…”

As I listened, I nodded in agreement. Lily is kind, cute, and hardworking. She doesn’t really have any ditzy tendencies, but maybe it’s good to have some gaps like that.

“Honest, pure, and hardworking.”

Maybe it’s because he’s drunk, but I feel a warmth in his gaze. It’s like he’s…

“A person who will always love me and be faithful, I guess.”

I feel like he’s saying he likes me. My face got hot and my heart raced painfully. Suddenly, Gil took my hand, and I flinched.

“It’s not fair to just say mine. What about you, Rei? What’s your type?”

“I, uh…”

It’s obvious.

“Strong, cool, and can do anything.” the person in front of my eyes right now, “A kind person, I guess.”

I felt embarrassed and looked down. I didn’t even notice how Gil was petting my head at the time.

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