Reincarnated as a Troublemaker Mob, but Nothing Happens Because the Protagonist is Too Competent
Reincarnated as a Troublemaker Mob, but Nothing Happens Because the Protagonist is Too Competent Chapter 3

3. Thorough Preparation

[For now, let’s prepare in advance so that I don’t fail in any major trouble.] There were various small troubles, but there were three major ones in particular.

First, there was a kidnapping for ransom. Rei, who had gone out to the city to go shopping, was kidnapped by a gang of thieves after getting lost in an unpopular alley. The protagonist and Mia work together to locate the gang’s hideout and rescue Rei.

“This is an event that happens soon after the protagonist joins the knight order…”

There was no description of what happened to Rei while he was kidnapped, but according to my settings, he shouldn’t have suffered any major injuries when rescued. 

He might have been beaten up a bit, but it shouldn’t have been life-threatening… Although being beaten up is still not desirable.

The second major trouble was an attempted sexual assault by a rough adventurer…  but it was only an attempt. The protagonist meets Natalie when they come together to subjugate a monster. When Rei is kidnapped by a rough adventurer in a guild-related trouble, Natalie asks the protagonist for help and they work together to locate Rei’s whereabouts. They should be able to rescue him just before anything happens.”

While there was still no detailed description of what had been done, according to my settings, they shouldn’t have gone all the way. At least the anal virginity would be preserved. Just the thought of being kissed or something gave me goosebumps.

“I really want to avoid this if possible… but…”

At this point, as someone with a pure body, I haven’t even had my first kiss yet. It’s heartbreaking to think that my estimated first kiss would be with a thug for the sake of Gil’s happiness.

I had no memories of having a lover in my past life. Perhaps as a pure virgin from my past life, I have an unusual yearning for my first kiss.

The third major trouble is when Rei gets involved in Duke Febril’s family scandal for some reason, gets kidnapped again, and the protagonist helps rescue Rei with the help of Lily’s power and influence, and also exposes the dark side of the Febril Duke’s family and causes them to fall.

“But the Marquis Febril family has already been dissolved, so this won’t happen, right…?”

I put a cross mark next to the episode I wrote down.

However, the problem comes after that. Rei, who has fallen in love with the protagonist’s heroic figure, proposes marriage to the protagonist.

The marriage between Mason, the Frontier Count, and the royal family is meaningful for strengthening the nation. Taking advantage of this, Rei proposes to the protagonist for marriage. However, when rejected at the proposal, Rei resorts to drugging the protagonist and tries to take advantage of him. But due to the clear difference in strength, the protagonist pushes Rei away and retreats to his room to console himself. It’s during this time that he realizes his love for Lily through a memory of her smiling face. After the effects of the drug wear off, the protagonist confesses his feelings to Lily and they have a happy ending together.

The fate of Rei is not described in detail, but there is an underlying backstory where he was sent as a male bride to a distant country. 

This means that he will never be able to return to this country again.

I don’t remember my sexual preference from my past life, but in this life, same-sex marriage is not uncommon. My older brother has already become the crown prince and has children, so it’s better for the country if I don’t have any children of my own. I have always thought that I would marry a man, and there is no aversion towards it.

As someone who is physically weak and in a vulnerable position, I could hardly leave the palace much when I was in the capital. My father rarely visited, and the servants treated me like a fragile object, causing me to always feel isolated. But now, there is someone who is kind to me and treats me as an equal.

“It’s obvious that I will fall in love with them…”

Even without the first half of the third episode, I already loved Gil very much.

“Looks like a definite rejection…”

As the protagonist of a harem novel, Gil is naturally heterosexual. In the novel, the scenes where Rei approaches him have a somewhat comedic tone.

“Well, it is kind of creepy…”

If I looked more like my mother or sister, maybe I wouldn’t have been rejected so much. However, my physique is clearly male and my facial features are not feminine enough to pass as a girl. I don’t have a reliable personality or any special abilities. There’s no reason for Gil to like me instead of the charming heroines.

“But Gil probably knows how I feel.”

Before I remembered my past life, I thought that maybe Gil liked me too. So I never hid my feelings and treated him kindly. I even considered proposing to him after my nephew, my older brother’s son, turns 10 years old and is officially presented as the heir to the throne next year. I had no reason to doubt that Gil would not accept it. Now I know that it was just a misunderstanding.

The protagonist is kind to everyone, not just me.

Even though he noticed my feelings, he didn’t reject me because of his kindness. To repay the kindness he has shown me so far, I will definitely complete the story.

So until the end of my final mission, it’s okay to keep thinking about Gil.

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