Reincarnated as a Troublemaker Mob, but Nothing Happens Because the Protagonist is Too Competent
Reincarnated as a Troublemaker Mob, but Nothing Happens Because the Protagonist is Too Competent Chapter 4

4.The first trouble occurred

It has been a few days since I remembered my past life.

No matter how much I worry, time does not wait for me.

I haven’t been sleeping well lately, but I still have to go to work today.

When I went to the living room after getting ready as usual, breakfast was prepared on the table, but I couldn’t see Gil anywhere.

Since I’m not a morning person, Gil has been preparing breakfast for me for a while now. Even after becoming a formal member of the knights, he still takes the time to prepare breakfast for me, even though he must be busy.

“I’m just adding to Gil’s burden, aren’t I?….”

I remember Gil from the initiation ceremony. I was staring blankly at his majestic figure wearing a beautiful white cape from the front row of the audience. However, when the representative of the new members finished his speech, I was taken aback by the admiring voices I heard around me.

Gil, who was already popular as the Count’s adopted son before becoming a knight, will become even more popular from now on.

On the other hand, I only have the position of the second prince, which is a delicate one at that. Regardless of novels or anything, there’s no way I can match up with Gil.

“Ugh, this is depressing…”

Even though I understand that the breakup is final, I can’t quite accept it in my heart. On top of that, Gil has been leaving earlier than me since joining the knights, and there have been so many social events for the group at night that we haven’t even had a chance to see each other.

“Well, even if we did see each other, I wouldn’t be able to face him.”

Knowing that my feelings for him are exposed makes it difficult for me to look him in the eye. So in a way, this distance between us is a relief.

With that in mind, I finished breakfast and sluggishly headed to work.

Four years ago, a magic medicine research institute was established in this city, which has become safer now. After graduating from the frontier academy this spring, I began working at the institute as a pharmacist.

Here, I’m treated as a low-ranking researcher who just started working a few months ago, not as the second prince, which makes me feel at ease. 

The thing is, I’ve been hiding my identity since coming to the frontier. If people found out that I’m the second prince, there would be trouble.

“Rei! Here’s today’s delivery.”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Be careful, it’s heavy!”

As a junior researcher, my job encompasses a variety of tasks. Today, I have to deliver some magic potions to the Adventurer’s Guild. I received the box containing the potions and left the laboratory.

“What a nice day!”

The autumn sky was clear without a single cloud, and the refreshing breeze felt pleasant. I enjoyed the colorful leaves of the trees lining the streets as I walked. That’s when it happened.


I tripped over a small brick step on the ground and lost my balance. The box of potions slipped from my hands and flew through the air in a parabolic arc.

“Watch out!”

Just at that moment, Gil and Mia came running from the other side of the road. I remembered. This was another one of our troubles.

The flow of the novel goes like this:

While patrolling the town, Gil and Mia notice Rei almost tripping over. Mia catches the box of magic potions, but the force of the catch makes her almost fall back. Gil holds her to prevent her from falling. It’s a typical lucky perverted moment that happens often in novels.

As for me, I’m just glad that the magic potions are safe, even if Rei falls to the ground. 

I prepare for the pain that will come and tightly close my eyes.


The impact that I expected didn’t come. My body was firmly held by a muscular chest and two arms.

“We made it just in time. Rei, are you okay now?”

As I raise my head to the sweet voice above me, I see Gil’s face up close. His straight black hair falls elegantly on his slightly flushed cheeks, perhaps from running to get here.

He’s cool… Wait, that’s not it!

“What about Mia-san?”

As I look around, Mia is sitting on the ground with the box still in her arms.

“Are you okay? Is the magic potion safe?”

I slip out of Gil’s arms and rush to Mia in a panic. Because I became too close to Gil, he prioritized helping me in front of him.

“I’m sorry, Mia-san. I caused you injury because of me…”

Although Mia says it’s not a big deal, I caused her an injury that wouldn’t have happened if it were not for the novel. 

I took out a magic potion from my pouch and handed it to Mia-san.

“If it’s okay with you, please use this.”

As a novice pharmacist, I always have some self-made magic potions in stock. The one I gave to Mia is a type that is effective for bruises. Mia stared at the magic potion I handed her and glanced at Gil’s condition behind me.

I suddenly realized something. According to the novel, Mia should also be conscious of Gil. She might not want to accept a gift from a background character in front of someone she’s interested in. 

And Gil might not want to see Mia-san accepting a gift from a background character either.

“Ah, the knight order has better magic potions, right? Maybe you should just…”

“I’ll take it. Thank you very much.”

Mia spoke quickly and took the magic potion from my hand. I hope it works well for her.

“So, we just need to take this to the Adventurer’s Guild, right? I can take it with me, let’s go together.”

Before I knew it, Gil had the box containing the magic potion in his hand.

“N-No, it’s not okay. You’re still on the job, right?”

“But what if you fall again and get hurt? Helping citizens is also part of a knight’s duty. Is it okay with you, Senpai?”

“…I understand. Please help me.”

“Yes! Let’s go.”

It seemed like it was already decided without me being able to say anything, as Gil held the box with one arm and supported me with the other.

“I can walk on my own, you know!”

“Hehe, but what if you fall again in a place where there’s nothing to hold onto?”

“Ugh, well, that’s true, but…”

As we talked face-to-face for the first time in a while, there was no awkwardness at all. Our conversation flowed smoothly like before, and we both naturally smiled. Gil also smiled without any signs of discomfort.

I know I should hold back to deepen the relationship between Gil and the heroine, but if Gil doesn’t mind, then it’s fine, right? 

As we made our way to the Adventurer’s Guild, I enjoyed our conversation while feeling Gil’s body warmth next to me.

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