Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 105

Chen Nianqing handed the water in his hand to Lu Wan. “You’re tired.”

“Thank you, I happen to be thirsty.” Lu Wan wasn’t polite. She took it and drank it down.

It was eight o’clock in the morning of late winter! She had to chase the dog for several kilometers, catch him and turn back home, then walk several kilometers with a burden!

This ‘burden’…… was naturally the dog that still wanted to look around and doesn’t want to go home.

Huskies were a breed of sled dogs with great strength. Lu Wan felt that the amount of exercise she did today had exceeded the standard……

“What’s its name?” Chen Nianqing asked about the dog but was looking at Lu Wan with burning eyes.

“It’s Taohua[1]peach blossom. This is Dog Lu’s— I mean, this is my brother’s dog.”

Lu Wan’s cheeks were a little flushed after the exercise and she looked younger than usual.

“You have me, but you still want peach blossoms[2]love affair? I will be angry.” Chen Nianqing teased.

Lu Wan: “No, it’s the name chosen by the owner of the pet shop. I think it’s quite appropriate so I didn’t change it.”

Of course she had professionalism. She agreed to be each other’s smokescreen and wouldn’t do things halfway.

Furthermore, Lu Wan doesn’t have anyone she likes other than studying!

Her other half was physics! Mathematics! Electronics and information!

“However, there are very few dogs with this name.”

Lu Wan said faintly: “……You’ll know later.”

“You seem a little tired. I’ll walk you home. Let me hold the dog for you.” Chen Nianqing no longer dwelled with the dog’s name.

Lu Wan smiled sheepishly. “No need, no need, I can do it myself.”

“It’s okay. It’s just a short distance and I happen to want to walk too.” Chen Nianqing took the dog’s leash over.

Lu Wan shrugged. “Okay then.”

It’s only a short distance…… There should be no surprises.


Chen Nianqing led the dog and the two walked side by side.

Lu Wan asked: “You’ve been staying here for the past few days?”

“Yeah, this way I can see you often. Did anyone ask you anything?”

Lu Wan: “My Wechat is about to explode from all the messages. It’s still you who is cautious, putting on a full performance.”

Chen Nianqing smiled but did say anything.

This little fool still doesn’t understand.

The two of them walked a hundred steps, and when they saw a girl running towards them in workout suit, Lu Wan instantly became nervous.

“Watch out for his sudden lunge!”

The next second, the dog did run wildly in the direction of the girl.

Chen Nianqing was caught off guard and was dragged forward two steps, almost losing his footing.

Lu Wan didn’t have time to think about it as she grabbed Chen Nianqing’s hand and helped him hold the dog.

Taohua ran several times and didn’t give up until the girl was far away.

The silly dog ​​didn’t think it had done anything wrong. It turned back and rubbed its head on Lu Wan’s lower legs, grinning happily.

Chen Nianqing was startled and looked back at Lu Wan.

The other party’s palm was very hot as it covered his hand.

In the middle of winter, it seemed as if his whole body was instantly warmed up.

But the instigator looked calm, still educating the dog.

Lu Wan: “I’m so sorry. This dog hasn’t been taught well before and will occasionally lunge. How’s your hand? Is it injured?”

She added that the name ‘Taohua’ was appropriate because the dog would get very excited whenever it sees a girl.

It would actively go up to people to play.

The main point was that Taohua was also female…… It was mystifying.

Yesterday, Lu Wan asked Song Qianqian since the other party also had a dog at home and was more experienced.

Song Qianqian said that this was normal. After all, girls could appreciate beautiful girls more!

Go! Dog!

Lu Wan had nothing to say.

All right, she’ll just have to correct it slowly, though it seemed that teaching a dog was a lot harder than doing math problems.

Chen Nianqing spread out his palm and there was a red mark on it from the rope.

He had fair skin, so it was very noticeable.

Lu Wan grabbed his hand and looked down carefully. After making sure that there was no broken skin, she raised her head and asked, “How is it. Does it hurt?”

Chen Nianqing: “It hurts. Why don’t you blow it for me?”

Lu Wan gave a perfunctory blow and released the other person’s hand.

Still able to joke, it seems he’s all right.

“You use your hands to play instruments. I can’t take the responsibility if something goes wrong. Alright, I’m going to bring Taohua back. You can continue your walk.”

“If I had a problem, you and this dog have to be responsible for me.” After a pause, Chen Nianqing thought for a while and then asked, “Can I come to see you this afternoon?”

Lu Wan: “Why?”

“The next recording of 《Math and Science Tournament》 will be a cooperation between two people. I’ve already decided to be in a group with you. The mentors have guessed the general types of questions that could be given so it’s better if we study together.”

Lu Wan: “Oh, I see. Then can you come at two in the afternoon? It just so happens that there would be no one at home.”

“You don’t want your family to know that you have a boyfriend?”

Lu Wan: “……Not really.”

Besides, what boyfriend? It’s a bit strange to say that.

Chen Nianqing laughed lightly, “Then I’ll see you later?”

“See you later.”


When Chen Nianqing came in the afternoon, there was another guest at home.

Lu Wan: “Xu Yao came today. He’s in my room.”

“In your room? Just the two of you?” Chen Nianqing’s eyes turned dark and asked again.

Lu Wan: “Yes. Is something wrong?”

In the past, the two of them often played games in the same room, and Lu Wan didn’t think there was any problem.

Chen Nianqing said calmly, “Nothing, I’m just curious.”

He had always known that Lu Wan had a vague sense of the boundaries between men and women because of her previous experience.

But she wasn’t enlightened yet so she was unperturbed.

Men and women were treated equally. It was pure friendship to her.

Xu Yao came here today with his test papers. Last time Lu Wan asked him to try his best to get in the bottom 30, so he had to work hard.

Thus, he came here to consult a top student. He had a valid reason!

Of course, his main reason was to find out the truth.

From Xu Yao’s point of view, how could it be possible for Lu Wan to ignore this handsome, interesting, and like-minded cherry boy, and instead like a little white face?

It was unscientific! Maybe she was possessed at that time and now she was awake.

After arriving at Lu Wan’s room, he persisted for half an hour before throwing the props test papers aside, took out his mobile phone and started playing games.

Lu Wan was already used to it. Okay, it’s good if he could study for even half an hour.

This guy also does training during the holidays. It’s rare to have a day off, so she let him be.

The bedroom plus balcony were 70 square meters. Xu Yao play games while Lu Wan studies. The two doesn’t affect each other.


Xu Yao raised his head and saw Chen Nianqing coming in. With an incredulous look on his face he said, “Why is he here? Tell him to get lost!”

Chen Nianqing said with a straight face. “Lu Wan and I have business to discuss. If you want to play games, you can go downstairs so we won’t interfere with each other.”

Xu Yao was choked. He stood up and said, “I came here first. Why should I go out?”

Lu Wan turned her head and looked at Xu Yao. “Enough, enough, go and play outside.”

“I won’t, I’ll study now! Besides this kid look dishonest at a glance!” After a pause, he added, “Lu Wan and I grew up together and also used to sleep in the same room before! Our relationship is very tight!”

Lu Wan: “You sleep on the bed and I sleep on the floor. You even like to throw clothes and socks, please!”

Xu Yao : “……”


Five minutes later.

Xu Yao stood outside the corridor, staring at the closed door indignantly.

How hateful. He had no idea what they were doing!

Xu Yao put his ear against the door, but unfortunately the sound insulation was so good that he couldn’t hear anything.

It was impossible for him to leave, so Xu Yao simply squatted at the door and continued playing games.

If there was any abnormality, he could rush in a moment!


Chen Nianqing looked at the room.

The decoration was very simple. The bed was on the far right, and beside it were a desk and a three meter floor-to-ceiling bookcase full of books.

The room was large, and there was a small sofa and a coffee table near the balcony.

Sitting here in the afternoon to bask in the sun and look at the scenery should be quite comfortable.

He could imagine Lu Wan’s profile while sitting here reading a book.

Other than that, there were no superfluous or very feminine elements inside.

But this was her style and one could tell that it was her room at first glance.

Lu Wan: “Let’s go to the sofa and talk. The light is good there.”

Chen Nianqing: “Okay.”

“I’ve read the types of topics you sent me. I have two books about them here. Let me show you.”

The two books were received by the aunt who put it on the top row of the bookshelf while cleaning last week.

Lu Wan was too lazy to take the small ladder, and wanted to jump up and take it down.

Her jumping ability was great so she does this a lot!

“Time to show my real strength!”

Lu Wan was held down by Chen Nianqing as soon as she stood on the tip of her toes.

“Are you going to take the books on the top row? This is too dangerous. I’ll get you a chair to stand on.”

Chen Nianqing brought a chair over.

“I’m holding it. Don’t worry, you won’t fall.”


Lu Wan was a little embarrassed. She often did this kind of thing.

And just now, she took a book like this too!

Xu Yao also gave her a thumbs up and praised her for being awesome!

“Do you think I’m crude and weird?” Lu Wan shrugged.

She was just asking casually. Even if she was, she wouldn’t give up treatment.

Chen Nianqing: “No, you’re not weird at all. And it doesn’t matter even if you’re weird. You’re fine as you are.”

“You’re good at talking. Do you treat everyone like this?” Lu Wan asked again with a smile.

Chen Nianqing: “……Of course not.”

Lu Wan stood on the chair and got the book smoothly.

She turned to look at Chen Nianqing.

There was a gentle smile on the corner of the other party’s mouth, and his eyes were bright.

She didn’t know if it was the brightness or the reflected light coming from the window, his dark short hair looked thicker and his curly eyelashes looked longer.

The floor heating was turned on in the room so Chen Nianqing had taken off his coat and inside was a gray V-neck sweater. He had beautiful collarbones, long neck, and distinct Adam’s apple.

Lu Wan’s heart skipped a beat and she quickly looked away.

She didn’t know if it’s because of the angle, but she felt that this guy looked better than usual.

No wonder so many girls like him, but few people actually chase him.

Chen Nianqing gave off a very clean and cold feeling that makes people unable to bear to destroy it.

Totally unlike that noisy scum Jiang Boyang.

Lu Wan got down from the chair and the two of them were very close to each other. She smelled that pleasant scent of that night again……

It was like Longjing tea after the rain or like snow under the moon.

Not very strong and faint, but very addictive.

Lu Wan suddenly felt a little hot, lowered her head and said, “You really smell good ah. So strange. Other boys don’t smell good, but you do.”

As soon as she was done speaking, she found that her words were too similar to a playboy.

“Really? I brought that fragrance bottle. I’ll give it to you later.” Chen Nianqing didn’t care much. He paused and added, “However, why do I feel like you’re nervous?”

Lu Wan: “No, why will I be nervous?!”

Of course she couldn’t back down in this situation, although she was slightly uncomfortable.

Chen Nianqing: “Then why are you backing away? Are you afraid of me?”

Lu Wan stopped in her tracks and took a step forward. “Who’s afraid? Don’t talk nonsense!”

Was he kidding? Who was she? This was only a trivial matter!

Besides, if she let the other party say whatever, how would she hang around him in the future?

She would surely be laughed at by this guy.

Chen Nianqing took a step forward smoothly.

The two got closer and could see their own reflection in each other’s pupils.

Chen Nianqing lowered his head and kissed the corner of the other person’s lips.

After a quick touch, they separated again.

Lu Wan: “!!!”

What’s this guy doing?

Chen Nianqing himself was also shocked. He thought Lu Wan was so cute, so he couldn’t help kissing her.

Only then did he realize what he had done.

Lu Wan: “Aren’t you a bit excessive? Is your competitiveness so strong?”

He’s too deep into the drama. There’s no one else here! There’s no need to do it!

Chen Nianqing looked away, not looking into the other person’s eyes.

“That’s not it…… You’re blushing.”

In today’s situation, it’s clear that he was the one losing his ground.

It seemed that he got carried away just now and his mind was still dizzy.

Lu Wan’s face was very hot and she said angrily, “You kissed me suddenly, of course I will blush! If I kiss you, you’ll be the same! This won’t do, I must kiss back!”

Chen Nianqing: “Oh, then do you dare?”

His head was still turned the other way, trying not to look at the other person.

Lu Wan: “You think I won’t dare?”

Although her heartbeat was a little out of balance, of course she couldn’t admit defeat in this situation!

Lu Wan turned the other person’s face over, looked up, down, left, and right, and bravely kissed him on the forehead.

“Now were even. Look, look, your face is also red. Goodness, your red till your collarbone! You’re worse than me!”

Chen Nianqing: “……”

It took him a while to finally calm down. This time he said, “That’s why from now on, you shouldn’t be alone in the same room like this with other boys.”

Lu Wan: “No, it’s all because you’re too deep into the play, getting me off track.”

She and Xu Yao just went about their own business. It would never be like this.

Chen Nianqing: “Okay, I was wrong.”

Lu Wan: “It’s good that you know you’re wrong!”

That said, Lu Wan’s mood was a little sensitive and suddenly she had a real awareness of the difference between men and women.

In the future, she must avoid being alone with a boy, even though she was very open-minded.

Chen Nianqing took the lead to go to the sofa and Lu Wan followed.

The two discussed the problems while glancing at each other and hastily looking away several times.

It wasn’t until half an hour later that the situation improved and they refocused on the topic.


Xu Yao checked the time. It had been two hours. They should have finished talking about everything, right?

After knocking on the door twice, he walked straight in.

The door was not locked.

Unbelievable. Just now when he was sitting on the ground playing games, the silly dog ​​stepped over his head many times.

Why was Lu Wan keeping that thing? He felt like that dog was insulting him……

There’s a term called ‘crawl between another’s legs[3]the humiliation of having to crawl between the legs of one’s adversary’ and apparently, this dog doesn’t know it! Uncultured!

Xu Yao: “Have you finished talking? Lu Wan, did this boy do something?”

The two people: “……”

Chen Nianqing chuckled softly, “Yes.”

Xu Yao: “You’re dreaming! My President Lu can throw you down from the second floor.”

Lu Wan: “……”

She also kissed the other person.

Well, she had almost ignored this matter but this guy brought it up again.

Lu Wan stood up, trying to ignore the uneasiness in her heart, “Alright, it’s getting late now. My parents are coming back soon so I won’t keep you for dinner. That’s it then, both of you can go home.”


1 peach blossom
2 love affair
3 the humiliation of having to crawl between the legs of one’s adversary


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