Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 106

Lu Wan heaved a sigh of relief after seeing off the two visitors.

It’s almost time…… to walk the dog again.

Lu Wan sighed, changed into her sneakers resignedly, and led Taohua out the door.

She eventually needed to walk the silly dog to consume its energy.

Or the house would be demolished.

Not to mention other the losses. Lu Wan cultivated a piece of land in the yard before and the tomatoes she planted finally produced fruit.

She hadn’t eaten it yet but half of it was already mauled by the silly dog.

Lu Wan couldn’t argue with the stupid dog, so she could only put the blame on Lu Buyu.

The daughter’s debt was paid by the father; there’s nothing wrong with this.

There were few residents in the community, and girls who could exercise regularly were very particular about it.

Taohua was very accurate in pouncing on beauties.

In just three days, Lu Wan had already met seven or eight beauties.

The captured beauties were all shocked to see the owner of the dog.

Such a handsome girl actually raising a husky…… What a novel combination.


Before going to bed, Lu Wan took out the perfume Chen Nianqing gave her.

She sprayed it into the air.

This time she really smelled it. Rosin, tea leaf, there’s also a hint of grapefruit, and possibly other things that she just didn’t know.

The scent was very clear, with just the right amount of bitterness.

Lu Wan sprayed some on the bed and felt something was wrong after lying on it.

The surroundings were very quiet, and she thought about what happened in the afternoon again. She simply froze.

On the quilt was the smell of Chen Nianqing, as if he was still there and hadn’t left.

It’s weird.

Lu Wan forced herself not to think wildly. They were only helping each other.

They were just good friends, nothing more.

After quickly convincing herself, tiredness hit her and she closed her eyes.


On the fourth day, Lu Buyu finally returned!

Lu Wan hurriedly told him to send the dog back wherever he bought it from.

No need to let the boss return money, so cut off the father-daughter relationship with Taohua.

Lu Buyu refused to agree at first. It wasn’t easy bringing it home.

Then after taking care of it by himself for a day…… he found something was wrong.

That afternoon, Taohua jumped out of the fence.

Lu Buyu put on his hat and went out to look for it for an hour.

He was in a hurry, sweating profusely from running, while the dog was hiding in the grass…… watching its father calmly.

His throat became horse from shouting but it even fell asleep.

Lu Wan, who was standing on the balcony on the second floor, had already seen the silly dog hiding in the grass.

After Lu Buyu searched for an hour and had enough suffering, she decided to tell the other party.

Lu Buyu was completely convinced. The key point was that this dog likes to pounce on beautiful women and bully him, its father.

With such a big stature, it looks very mighty. But when it met a Pomeranian weighing five or six pounds on the road…… it was so scared that it hid its head between his knees.

Almost knocking its father over.

When Lu Buyu bought this dog, the owner said Taohua was very special, but wasn’t this too special?!

Lu Buyu retrieved the dog and was about to take a rest and sleep for a while, but ten minutes later, he was woken up by Taohua stepping on him hard.

He finally made up his mind to return the dog.

……It really was unsuitable with them.

Lu Buyu steeled his heart and asked his manager Xiao Zhang to send the dog back.

Before leaving, he felt sad and bid farewell to it.

Goodbye, dog. You’ll have a dad who suits you in the near future.

An hour later, Xiao Zhang brought the dog back.

Renew the broken father-daughter relationship!

The owner of the pet shop righteously said that all dogs sold cannot be returned! In order to express his apology, he also took the initiative to send a bag of snacks with Taohua to make up for it.

Lu Buyu was dumbfounded. He doesn’t want to refund the money, but the shop owner didn’t even charge for this?

Lu Wan felt that something wasn’t right, so she asked, “How much did you pay for this dog?”

Lu Buyu: “The boss said that I was in tune with the dog, so he charged me 800 and also gave me a bag of imported dog food.”

Lu Wan: “……Don’t you think it’s strange that this dog is half a year old but hasn’t been sold yet? The boss sold it to you in such a low price and still gives you several hundred yuan worth of dog food?”

Lu Buyu: “……”

Thinking about it now, it does seem to be a bit strange?

“So why?”

Lu Wan smiled and said, “Guess?”

The owner of the pet shop would certainly not allow the return.

Taohua was extremely energetic and eat a lot. Because he couldn’t find a buyer, he could only keep her.

There‘s been a lot of loss. Aside from the dog food, there’s also the property damage. And although this dog looks good, it was not suitable for breeding, after all, the mother was stupid…… so the litter was also stupid.

All the ones born were like Taohua, and he had to pay for it even though he’d already lost his pants[1]broke.

So whenever someone came to buy, he half sold and half gave them away.

Sure enough, the buyers would come back within a few days…… But it was impossible to return them. At worst, he would just send another bag of snacks.

Lu Wan: “Forget it if you can’t return her. It’s not like there’s no special place that gives dog lessons. I heard it from a classmate. Why not let Taohua go?”

Although the chance was slim, they should give it a try.

There just happened to be a pet school nearby. Maybe after the class and Taohua had graduated, her temperament would be gentle.

Lu Buyu: “Okay, okay, I got it.”

An hour later, Xiao Zhang took Taohua to the pet school.

He…… ran into an acquaintance.

The pet school was opened by the shop owner who sold Taohua. He happened to go there to do some business and that’s how he ran into the other person.

The owner was about to cry. Why were they sending her to him again?

He said that Taohua wasn’t suitable for class and the school does not accept huskies.

It’s impossible to return the dog. It wasn’t easy to find a buyer and the other side was also quite reliable.

Meeting was fate. He could send another pack of dog food, then they should never see each other again in the future!

The pet shop owner was also very depressed. He had already sent the dog out, so how could they come back to cheat him?

And so Xiao Zhang led Taohua back again.

There was no other way, so Taohua stayed in Lu’s house.

Lu Wan felt that the father and daughter were really destined for each other.

Taohua thinks about how to pounce on beautiful girls every day.

Lu Buyu was someone who girls who wants to pounce on.

Both the father and the daughter exchanged brains for their looks. Lu Buyu, needless to say, relied on his looks to overwhelm the entertainment industry.

As for Taohua, Lu Wan had never seen a more beautiful husky.


It was the first day of school after the holiday.

Students were all discussing the fact that Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing were together, and that they were also holding hands on New Year’s Day.

Not long after, even the teachers in the office knew about it.

Outstanding students not only attract a lot of attention among their peers, but were also frequently mentioned in teachers’ conversations.

There were also cases of puppy love in schools, but as long as the parties concerned pays attention to propriety and it does not affect normal academic life, the teacher would generally not bother too much.

After all, times were different now. Seventeen or eighteen years old were considered young adults.

The number one and number two were together? The school flower and school grass were together?

Chen Nianqing had been rumored to be a candidate for the school flower before since his good-looks was the kind that transcends gender.

As for Lu Wan, everyone’s first thought was “Ah, so handsome”.

It’s not about the length of the other party’s hair, but because of her vigorous youthful spirit and fearless disposition.

It seems that whatever she set her mind to do, she would definitely be able to achieve.

Some students expressed that they were heart broken.

Although there’s nothing that could be nitpicked about the person the other party likes, it was hard not to feel wistful.

There were also those supporting universal love, expressing that they have suffered two serious injuries in a row.

Originally, Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing could get anyone they like. Who would have thought that they would be together?

Since both sides failed miserably, why not just take this opportunity to support the CP?!

Other people have nothing to do with this matter and once they had accepted this setting, it’s actually quite easy to support.

The two used to get along with each other, but now that they think about it carefully, there were some questionable things.

No wonder when Lu Wan just transferred to the school, in that alley, she pointed at Chen Nianqing in public and said that she liked someone like him.

And no wonder Chen Nianqing showed up that day?!

After careful scrutiny by several big CP fans, the students who were firmly unbelieving at first said that it seemed plausible.

The students who were still hesitating even started to eat sweets[2]indulging on one’s favorite CP……

Haley felt that he couldn’t adjust.

Lu Wan actually voluntarily gave up the sea? Gave up being the sea king?

And he also lost the chance to manage these waters and became a fish dying of thirst on the beach.

As expected of Chen-Chunyuan-Nianqing.

The three thousand favorites had become one and the imperial harem was now colorless ah!

During the lunch break, several people were eating in the cafeteria.

Xu Yao said indignantly, “That guy is like a male fox spirit[3]vixen. What’s good about him?”

Lu Wan: “Why do you say that about others? I also think you’re like a bear spirit!”

Song Qianqian: “You can’t say that, President Lu. After all, bears are so cute. I don’t agree.”

Xu Yao: “……”

Haley rested his chin in one hand. He didn’t feel like talking at this moment.

He only wanted to sing a song.

“Your body has the smell of his perfume, it’s my nose’s fault[4]Poisonous perfume by Hu Yang-Lin~”

That’s right, the scents on Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing today were exactly the same.

Although it was very light, he had a good nose.

Haley once smelled this scent on Chen Nianqing and went back to search for all the big brands’ tea-scented perfumes.

After finding out, he also bought a bottle, and had a matching one as his favorite fierce 1.

He just kept it in his cabinet but rarely uses it.

The scent was too light and too cool, it wasn’t suitable with his alluring style.

And now…… he smelled it on another fierce 1 he liked.

Were the two using couple fragrances as a secret show of affection?

Heaven was too cruel to him, this cute red panda.

Although he was very resilient, wasn’t Heaven afraid that he really couldn’t bear it?

Speaking of which, this perfume had a nice name, Jade Dew Tea Fragrance, and Haley thought that it was suitable for a dream guy like Chen Nianqing.

Now he had to admit that this neutral perfume was also suitable for Lu Wan……

The two of them have the same smell. He didn’t need to guess that they have seen each other during the holidays.

And it was possibly a romantic date.

Haley sighed. Blame him for being too smart and knowing too much.

Lu Wan: “……”

Well, it was discovered. She shouldn’t have sprayed it in her room.

Haley: “Right, are you and Chen Nianqing seeing each other every day these days?”

Lu Wan hesitated for a second, then nodded.

Although she had never been in a relationship, she had seen other people in one.

At first, they were inseparable every day, until one day one side would get tired of it and stopped sticking with their partner.

Haley, who was still resting his chin on his hand, asked again, “He gave you the perfume?”

Lu Wan: “Yeah. Is this perfume expensive?”

She was embarrassed to accept gifts from others, but this time she accepted it because she really liked it.

She’d been thinking about how to give him a return gift. After all, giving him money was too distant.

Haley thought for a while. This one seemed to be only about two thousand. He said with a smile, “It’s not expensive. Why, you want to give him a return gift?”

Lu Wan: “En, I plan to give him three bottles of hair growth essential oil. It should be able to last for two months.”

If it runs out, he could ask her for more.

Lu Wan observed carefully. Chen Nianqing’s hair was very thick and dark.

But who knows if he would be bald like a sudden spring breeze at night in the future. There’s no harm in being prepared.

Haley was drinking and almost choked.

President Lu, you’re sending essential oils everywhere like a real sea king showing consideration for everyone’s feelings.

Lu Wan looked at Haley doubtfully. “You don’t think it’s good?”

Haley smoothed out his expression, shrugged and said, “I think it’s great.”

He couldn’t wait to see Chen Nianqing’s expression when he received the gift.

Lu Wan finished her meal and just as they were about to leave, there was a sudden commotion in front of them.

Haley craned his neck to take a look. It seemed to be very lively today.

The people over there appeared to be coming to their table.

First exclude himself, then exclude the Buddhist-like Xiao Song, after that would be Xu Yao and Lu Wan.

How could a girl look for Xu Yao, this foolish straight man? Only a few would.

But it’s most likely boys looking for him to fight.

Haley was not surprised at all. He’d vaguely felt that something would happen today.

“You’re Lu Wan? I heard that you and Chen Nianqing are boyfriend and girlfriend. If that’s the case, why were you still with Li Che last night?”

Four to five girls stopped in front of them and the girl who was in the lead said.

Lu Wan raised her head. She was a little confused about what the other side meant.

“You were together at ten o’clock last night, weren’t you?”

Lu Wan understood now.

However, at ten o’clock last night, Taohua rolled around in the muddy ground and got extremely dirty.

She was in charge of holding down the dog, and Chen Nianqing was in charge of washing it. The whole tossing and turning lasted for two hours.

Lu Buyu wanted his daughter to be washed at a pet shop, but Taohua was blacklisted in shops within ten kilometers.

It was because even two guys couldn’t hold her back when she went crazy……

They could only wash this famous dog within a ten kilometers radius by themselves.


1 broke
2 indulging on one’s favorite CP
3 vixen
4 Poisonous perfume by Hu Yang-Lin


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