Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 107

Lu Wan didn’t answer. Hu Jia frowned and asked again, “Is that true or not? He said he was with you.”

Lu Wan looked at Li Che standing at the entrance of the cafeteria from a distance.

The two people’s eyes met, and the other waved his hand before turning and leaving.

Haley smiled and said, “This student, does it have anything to do with you? You aren’t close enough to ask about her private life.”

Hu Jia openly said, “How was it nothing to do with me? Someone saw Li Che in the bar yesterday and took photos, but he said that the person in the picture only looked similar to him because he was with Lu Wan at that time. You just need to answer me, is it true or not?”

Yesterday a girl from school went out to go dancing and ran into Li Che by accident. Asking the server, she found out that he was a bartender and also charged to accompany people to chat.

Preferably women.

This was a far cry from his usual good student appearance. The girl was shocked and took a picture as evidence.

She likes Li Che very much because she has a soft spot for well-behaved straight-A students.

She didn’t expect Li Che to be like this in private and felt that she had been cheated emotionally.

The girl gathered a few friends to confront him, but Li Che denied it.

Several girls kept asking, and they were bound to get to the bottom of it.

If it wasn’t him at the bar, then who was he with?

Li Che couldn’t provide strong evidence and that’s it.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t admit it. We’ll go to that bar and ask the staff one by one.”

Li Che hesitated for a few seconds before saying that he was with Lu Wan.

The girls were all shocked. He was with Lu Wan after ten o’clock in the evening?

If this was a lie, it would be exposed immediately. No one would be that stupid, so it was highly credible.

That’s why they were shocked. Didn’t Lu Wan have a boyfriend?

What does it mean to be with another boy at that time of the night?

“Whether it’s true or not, you don’t have the right to know.” After a pause, Lu Wan said, “But since you ask, there’s no harm in telling you, yes.”

Hu Jia sneered, “You’re really stepping on two boats[1]two-timing. You’re shameless! I can’t stand people like you!”

Very few people in the school dared to chase after Chen Nianqing and Hu Jia was one of them. She had chased him from freshman year until now.

Knowing this matter, she was the first to question the parties involved.

Lu Wan smiled. “You guys can go party at ten o’clock, but I can’t meet with classmates to discuss study problems?”

Haley: “President Lu, you’re mistaken. Others don’t hate you for studying secretly and being on the top three every exam. They resent the fact that Chen Nianqing likes you.”

Xu Yao: “Hehe, are you f*cking sick in the head? Go to Chen Nianqing if you are. What does it have to do with Lu Wan?”

Hu Jia took a deep breath.  “Okay, you’re still righteous after two-timing? I’ll go to Chen Nianqing right away and see if he can bear it!”

She’s going to expose the other party’s true face.

Xu Yao: “Go, go. Whoever doesn’t go is a bastard!”

Had this woman watched too many TV dramas?

However, he couldn’t wait for this psycho to get the two to break up.

That would really be a dream came true.

After the girls left, Xu Yao turned his head, smiled and said to Lu Wan, “That little white face certainly won’t be able to bear it. You might as well kick him first and stay with me. I’m different. I can surely bear it.”

Haley’s expression was indescribable. “You……”

What the hell’s going on in this foolish straight man’s head? He couldn’t wait to be green[2]cuckolded?

He lost.

Lu Wan: “Shut your mouth! Are you nuts or what?”

Xu Yao: “No, I’m lovesick.”

Lu Wan: “Flirting will kill you. Try saying another flirty word, I can’t guarantee that you can get out of here alive.”

Haley: “Hard, hard. My President Lu’s fist is hard.”

Xu Yao: “……”

Since that’s the case, he’d better remain silent.


Zhao Yihang learned about the matter immediately.

After all, he knew those girls.

Damn, wasn’t Lu Wan being too much?! Was she still not satisfied with Club Pres? Does she have insatiable greed?!

He took out his mobile phone and hurriedly told Chen Nianqing about it.

Afraid of typing too slowly, he decided to send him a voice message, but worried that he wasn’t speaking clearly, he made several long voice messages.

After putting away his phone, he dashed to the classroom.

“Club Pres, what do you think about what I told you?” Zhao Yihang asked in a hurry as soon as he entered the classroom.

Chen Nianqing: “What is it?

“You didn’t check your WeChat?”

Chen Nianqing: “I told you, don’t send me a lot of long voice massages all of a sudden. I don’t want to hear it. Explain it clearly in text. Listening to it makes my head hurt.”

Zhao Yihang: “……Fine, fine, I was too much in a hurry, I won’t do it next time.”

As soon as his words fell, the group of girls hurried over.

Hu Jia asked straight to the point, “Lu Wan had a date with Li Che, who’s in the same class as her last night, and both parties admitted to it. Do you know?”

Chen Nianqing knitted his brows. “Whether I know or not, what does it have to do with you?”

Hu Jia was stunned for a moment, before adding, “You don’t mind that she’s cheating on you? You like her that much?”

Chen Nianqing: “Are you out of your mind? I like her very much. Moreover, after Lu Wan and her classmate met yesterday, I was the one who sent her home. Is there any problem?”

Hu Jia looked astonished. “That’s impossible!”

Chen Nianqing had a lot of anger inside. Thinking of Lu Wan being with another man last night makes him very unhappy.

On the night of the New Year’s Eve, upon hearing what Xu Yao and Su Rao said, Chen Nianqing drank so much vinegar[3]jealousy from the water lily vat in the temple.

He felt green at that time.

He wanted to wait for the two of them to graduate from high school before seriously pursuing her and was even thinking about their future together.

What ‘treat each other as smoke screen’? Lu Wan thinks so, but he doesn’t!

Now that they were together, they should be responsible for each other.

If Lu Wan doesn’t want to be responsible for him, then he…… would think of a way again.

Three women were enough for a drama[4]something is bound to happen when several women get together, but Chen Nianqing’s heart was rich enough to stand alone as a pillar.

He haa deep thoughts, but most people couldn’t see it.

“Go if there’s nothing. You’re not welcome here.” Chen Nianqing lowered his gaze, impatience written all over his face.

Although he was usually cold, he had never spoken so ruthlessly that the people around him were startled.

He was literally angry for the beauty.

Hu Jia was taken aback. Being humiliated in public by the person she likes, she couldn’t stand it.

She turned around and ran out, the other girls following after her.

The classroom return to quiet and the students who were watching the excitement also dispersed.

Well, it really was a wild accusation as expected.

Zhao Yihang: “Pres, drink some water. Don’t take it to heart.”

“Not drinking.”

Chen Nianqing was unhappy. At this time, his mobile phone vibrated several times.

All of them were sent by Lu Wan.

Four long voice messages.

Zhao Yihang curled his lips. “Lu Wan doesn’t know you too well. Didn’t she know that it’s basic social etiquette not to send long voice messages?”

Chen Nianqing lowered his head and clicked on one, then put the phone beside his ears.

Listening to one sentence at a time doesn’t count.

He listened to them again after it was all over, his complexion gradually improving.

Lu Wan briefly explained that she was not with Li Che yesterday, but was at home all the time.

If Chen Nianqing’s side has troubles, she would find a way to make up for it.

There was nothing she could do this time. She owed Li Che a favor.

The other party had her be his witness at this time, probably guessing that she would help with the lie.

In all likelihood, the person in the bar yesterday was Li Che.

It’s pretty wild……

After listening twice, Chen Nianqing’s heart calmed down.

It turned out that the two were not together.

Hum, Lu Wan still knows to explain to him immediately. It seemed she still cared about him.

Chen Nianqing raised his head and asked happily, “Didn’t you bring me a bottle of soda— water?”


Zhao Yihang silently handed over the water. You’re in the mood to drink again.

President, you’re such a steady person, how can you suddenly turn your face faster than turning a book……?

That Lu Wan looked ordinary, but she’s actually a fox spirit.

A bit impressive— no, way too impressive.


Chen Nianqing was looking down sending a message as he drink water.

【Chen Nianqing: Starting tomorrow, you should have lunch with me every day.】

【Lu Wan: Why?】

【Chen Nianqing: Other couples eat together, and after today’s incident, others may have already suspected something. We should be more cautious.】

【Lu Wan: ……Okay, got it.】

Lu Wan shrugged. It’s fine to eat together.

She thought about it. After all, high school subjects were heavy, and love between students’ meant doing schoolwork and eating lunch together every day.

Everyone else was like this, so she would just go with flow.

Chen Nianqing smiled and then sent another message.

【Chen Nianqing: Every day before going to bed, you have to chat with me for fifteen minutes.】

【Lu Wan: Why is that?】

【Chen Nianqing: Aren’t you in a relationship? Other couples contact each other every night. It’s too fake if you didn’t do this. We have to for appearance sake. Can you do it?】

【Lu Wan: Of course I can! No problem! Wait for my call at night.】

【Chen Nianqing: OK, every day.】

As a promising youth, Lu Wan doesn’t like hearing others say that she couldn’t or that she’s unable to do it.

Wasn’t it just a phone call? Let alone fifteen minutes, an hour was fine!

She can! She’s good at it!


This afternoon, they had PE class and would play golf.

Shangde High School wasn’t exam-oriented, so their courses were very diverse.

If people from ordinary families learn equestrianism and golf, it was difficult to be realized and earn money quickly, but these were Shangde students, and their skills would be used in social occasions in the future.

Li Che came over. He looked at Haley and said, “Sorry, can I switch with you today? I’d like to be in a group with Lu Wan, thank you.”

Haley: “That’s fine.”

Before he left, he took a deep look at Li Che.

This scholarship student hid a little deep, even he didn’t see it.

However…… what’s the connection between Li Che and Lu Wan?

After all, the two of them had little interactions in class and their relationship also wasn’t that great. Maybe they have known each other before?

Lu Wan looked down at the club in her hand and aimed at the target hole.

This person got her involved for no reason. Although she was willing to help, but…… the other party should give an explanation.

Li Che smiled. “Thank you.”

Lu Wan: “No need for thanks. We’re even now.”

She swung the club vigorously, and the ball drew an arc into the air then fell into the small hole ahead them.

Lu Wan turned around and looked at the person. “Your turn.”

Children who suffered from domestic violence since they were little would definitely have a profound impact on them.

For instance, Lu Wan herself, and another was Li Che. It’s just that the two of them were the opposite.

Lu Wan deliberately ignored the past events, but she had never forgotten them.

The number of times she had asked others for help was very few, and this happened to be one.


1 two-timing
2 cuckolded
3 jealousy
4 something is bound to happen when several women get together


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