Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 108

Li Che hit it with one stroke and the ball rolled a short distance after landing on the ground.

When it was 10 cm away from the hole, it stopped.

It was the third time for him to take golf lessons and he already have such skill, which meant he had good body control.

Lu Wan suddenly remembered that Li Che was very good at drawing. When he was in middle school, he was responsible for the blackboard newspaper every semester.

He often stands at noon to draw under the scorching sun, surrounded by many people watching.

Even if Lu Wan doesn’t have artistic talent, she could still see that the other party draws very well.

Li Che was one grade higher than Lu Wan, looked very well-behaved, had good grades, and had a particularly good reputation in school.

Compared with a school bully like Lu Wan, they were worlds apart.

Perhaps, it was because Li Che usually performed so well that he was very well-known among neighbors and schoolmates.

His father had fallen from the fifth floor to his death.

Li Che said that the other party climbed up the ledge and fell, and the police just went through the motion and closed the case.

A perfect revenge.

But Lu Wan wasn’t sure whether the man’s death had anything to do with Li Che.

They were both under fourteen at that time.

Fourteen years old, this was a sharp dividing point.


“Almost.” Li Che smiled and added, “Don’t worry, I won’t involve you again. This is the last time.”

Lu Wan had a lot of question in her mind, but in the end, she only said, “I see.”

Who doesn’t have secrets? Including her.

It was a particular moment in Lu Wan’s life when she got to know this person.

She was in sixth grade that year.

In the evenings of summer vacation, her adoptive mother would go outside to set up a stall selling things such as cold noodles, ice jelly, and ice liqueur.

As per usual, Lu Wan would go to the surrounding streets to dig through the trash cans.

She would collect plastic bottles and cardboard boxes that others don’t want, and sell them to the junkyard the next day.

After one night, if there’s less, she could get two or three yuan, and if there’s more, it would be five or six yuan.

The state implements a nine-year compulsory education system. There were no tuition fees for primary and middle schools, but they need to pay for the class activities.

In the years after graduating from primary school, she still had to buy school supplies and workbooks.

Lu Wan had to make her own money so that she doesn’t have to be disparaged by her adoptive father every time he opens his mouth.

Although her adoptive mother earned two to three hundred yuan a night selling snacks, it was just enough to pay for that man’s whoring and drinking. How could there be any share for her?

That day was no different from usual. At eight o’clock in the evening, Lu Wan rummaged through the trash cans with a stick.

She was quite disappointed because the harvest wasn’t very good.

Obviously, it was scoured not long ago.

It might be the old lady picking up waste or the sanitation worker in charge of cleaning the street.

Don’t look at it as just junks. In fact, the competition was quite fierce.

A passing woman exclaimed and Lu Wan turned her head.

With a look of surprise, the woman asked why a little child like her was digging through the trash can and asked where her parents were.

She also took out ten yuan from her own pocket and told Lu Wan to take it.

Thinking about it now, maybe Lu Wan’s clothes were too old at that time and there was dust on her face that’s why the other party misunderstood.

She didn’t accept the ten yuan, blushed and declared that she was not a beggar, but just wanted to pick up trash to make money.

The woman smiled and said, “I guess I misunderstood you. I’m sorry child. There are a lot of unwanted cardboard boxes at home. You can come with me if you want. I’ll give them all to you.”

Lu Wan shyly thanked the woman and followed her home.

She thought that the other party was so beautiful in her dress, had a nice voice, and a gentle smile.

Her mother had never smiled at her like that.

The woman stood at the door of the house and asked if she would like to go in for a glass of water.

Lu Wan shook her head with a red face. She just turned over a trash can and was so dirty. How dare she go in and dirty someone else’s house?

Lu Wan was waiting for the beautiful aunt to come back with the waste boxes when a few minutes later, there were screams inside.

That kind of scream was so familiar, she was instantly shocked.

Moments later, a tall man stormed out.

Lu Wan walked to the door and looked inside. The aunt was gone and there were some folded cardboard boxes scattered on the ground.

She saw a teenager about the same age as her packing them up.

The boy glanced at her, continued to pick the things up on the ground expressionlessly, then held them out and handed them to her.

Lu Wan reminded, “Your nose is bleeding.”

The blood was extremely jarring as it dripped on the washed out white shirt, before slowly getting absorbed by the fabric.

One side of the boy’s face was extremely swollen. He wiped his nose with his wrist nonchalantly.

But the more he rubbed it, the more his wrist was stained red.

“Where’s Aunt?” Lu Wan asked.

The boy’s voice was calm. “Her head was broken so she went back to the room.”

Lu Wan asked carefully, “Do you both need to go to the hospital?”

“No, we have gauze and iodophor here. We can handle it by ourselves. Besides, she won’t want to go to the hospital, hehe, since it’s too embarrassing.”

Lu Wan took the waste boxes silently and asked, “Was it your father who left just now? He hit the two of you, why didn’t you fight back?”

Just like her. Because of desperately fighting back, that man rarely does anything.

The boy smiled and said quietly, “Maybe one day I will kill him.”

Lu Wan was startled by that remark, but thought that maybe the other party was just too angry and spoke harshly.

Happy people were roughly the same, and perhaps the same was true for unhappy people.

The first time they met, they saw each at their worst.

A year later, Lu Wan entered middle school and met Li Che again.

Neither of them mentioned what happened that day.

Until half a year later, it was rumored in the school that Li Che’s father fell to his death.

Everyone believed that it was an accident.

After all, Li Che was well-behaved, and some neighbors even thought it was good that he died so the mother and son could get a relief.

Those neighbors also expressed their dissatisfaction with the violent deceased when the police came to inquire.

Heaven has eyes!

No one doubted Li Che, who was under fourteen years old, except Lu Wan.

Although Lu Wan felt it was strange, she didn’t tell anyone.

That was, until her adoptive father made her reach the tipping point of tolerance.

It made her feel that either she die or the other party die.

On the first day Lu Wan went to follow Li Che, she was discovered.

The teenage boy turned his head and asked her directly, “What, do you want your father to die too? You didn’t dare do it, so you came to me?”

Lu Wan: “……”

“I can help you.”

Without saying a word, Lu Wan turned around and left.

After all, this plan was too shocking that she only dared to think about it.

Though she had killed a lot of chickens, but……

Her adoptive father often coming back with takeaway chicks and messing around on the sofa, she could put up with. Him often going crazy from alcohol, she could also put up with.

But he shouldn’t be…… plotting how to trick young girls and sell them.

He also planned with one of his takeaway chicks to get it in the mountainous area where it could sell for 160,000 yuan, which could set him up for life.

That man said that he had already found a good target that absolutely no one knew.

Lu Wan could guess that he was talking about her.

Simply disgusting.

Rather than being on guard day and night, it was better to take precautions before it happen. Li Che gave her a lot of inspiration.

Lu Wan was only thirteen years old. She didn’t have an ID card, and her gender on the household registration book was also male. She had saved a couple yuan but where could she go if she ran away?

And she still wanted to study and doesn’t want to leave.

But Heaven was still kind to her. While she was still hesitating, that man fell into the river drunk and died.

He died in front of her, and the plan that hadn’t yet been conceived ran aground.

Half a year later, Li Che also transferred away from school.


Li Che asked with a smile, “What are you thinking about?”

Lu Wan: “Nothing.”

Li Che: “There’s one more thing I have to ask you. Since a schoolmate met me at work, it will be a hassle if they insist on digging further. You have to help me settle this matter.”

“How can I help you?”

“The bar where I work is on the block owned by the Lu family. There must be something you can do.” Li Che said.

He used a fake ID to apply for a job, saying that he was a college student.

Lu Wan immediately grasped the key point of his words and asked, “Did you investigate after the incident and found out that it was the property of the Lu family, or did you find out that it was the property of the Lu family and then went to work there?”

Li Che: ” What’s the difference? So will you help me?”

Lu Wan: “What will you do if I don’t help you?”

Li Che thought for a second and said quite frankly, “Then I have to transfer to another school. There’s nothing I can do.”

“OK, I’ll help you, but you should study seriously. If you’re short of money, I can…… lend it to you without interest.”

“Thanks, but I don’t need it for now.”

His business was very good. As long as he calls those women ‘sister’, they were willing to order wine without any sweet-talk.

He made a lot of money in these two months, at least enough to spend for a year.

He separated himself from his colleagues who sell alcohol in the bar with sweet words, but instead the effect was very good.


Walking out of school, Lu Wan took out her mobile phone and looked through her contact list.

At first she wanted to call Lu Jinye, but after thinking about it, she shouldn’t bother her uncle about this matter.

He was usually very busy with work.

She then slid down and stopped at the name Lu Lin.

This cousin of hers should have a lot of time, because he looks very…… laidback, with nothing to do all day long.

Lu Wan called and it was answered quickly.

“My darling Wanwan, do you miss Brother? Where are you? Brother will find you right away, okay?” The man’s exaggerated voice came from the receiver.


This guy feels even more abnormal than Lu Buyu.

All the men in the Lu family seem to be very coquettish, except for her father.

After a mental preparation, Lu Wan briefly explained the matter.

“That’s why I’m asking you.”

“It’s just a small problem, but how can your classmate be like this? Working at a club in such a young age? You won’t follow suit, right?”

Lu Wan: “……”

Lu Lin: “It’s great if you learn to be bad. Bad girls are more attractive, but you have to remember that a lot of men aren’t good things. You’re so beautiful and so capable, what’s wrong with it? De-slag them, go for it.”

Lu Wan held her forehead and reminded, “I’m…… still a high school student.”

Lu Lin: “I know. If you don’t like older people, then find scumbag high school boys.”

Lu Wan: “I still have things to do. Brother, I’m hanging up.”

What kind of bewildering and confusing words were these?

Scumbag high school boy? De-slag…… Chen Nianqing?

Well, even if Chen Nianqing wasn’t good, she still wouldn’t do that.

It’s so weird just thinking about it. Those words were simply poisonous.


Fifteen minutes before going to bed, Lu Wan remembered their agreement and called Chen Nianqing.

She found his number in her phone book and pressed call.

As it happened, she had something to talk to about with the other party!

It was picked up almost in seconds.

Chen Nianqing had been waiting for the call since half past eight. He wanted to call several times, but gave up after thinking about it.

It was the first time Lu Wan initiated a call.

The two of them had nothing to worry about when it comes to topics. Lu Wan looked at the math problems with multiple integrals with the other party.

The two of them discussed it together.

For convenience, Lu Wan hung up the phone and the two of them change into video call.

On the screen, Chen Nianqing was wearing blue striped pajamas. Lu Wan was stunned for a moment, thinking that this look was a tinge adorable.

Not the same as usual.

Kind of cute.

It took the two twenty minutes just studying this topic.

Waiting until they have solved it, Chen Nianqing put down his pen and said, “Since were done with this problem, we should talk about something else.”

Lu Wan: “Talk about what? Do you have math problems too?”

Chen Nianqing laughed, shook his head and said, “No, I want to ask, what type of the opposite gender do you like?”

Lu Wan had not really thought about this.

“At least someone who isn’t too noisy.”

“That boy in your class?”

“Li Che? No.” Lu Wan replied in seconds.

Chen Nianqing pleasantly smiled, “I think the person you like must be smarter, more considerate and better-looking than me. Otherwise, as a friend, I won’t be able to let him pass.”

Lu Wan: “Shoot. You’re making it hard for me. Better-looking than you? Who? Someone smarter than you is already hard enough.”

Chen Nianqing: “If not, you might as well like me.”

“Sounds like…… there won’t be one. Someone that I can get along with will be fine.” Lu Wan thought for a while and then asked, “Then don’t talk about me, how about yourself? You don’t have any beautiful girl you like?”

Chen Nianqing: “What kind of person do you think you are?”

Lu Wan: “Hey, hey, you still haven’t answered the question just now. Of course I’m a very nice person!”

Chen Nianqing: “En, then the person I like must feel that she’s a nice person.”

Lu Wan’s brain turned. She frowned and said, “What you said is the same as if you didn’t say anything. These days, villains think they are nice people. That’s rather cunning.”

Chen Nianqing was a little helpless. “All right, then I won’t say it. Good night.”

“Good night, I’m going to sleep.” Lu Wan cut off the video call.

She lay on the bed and thought again. So what kind of person does Chen Nianqing like?

Anyway, it wouldn’t be someone like her? Although she’s not bad herself.

Maybe it’s because the two of them doesn’t match. It’s definitely not because she’s no good.


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