Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 109

Lu Wan got up at 5:30 every day to recite vocabulary.

After she was done she would go downstairs just as Professor Lu would come back with Taohua after running a lap of ten kilometers.

While Lu Wan was having breakfast, Professor Lu would hand over the dog leash to President Zhao. At this time, Taohua would follow President Zhao to ‘speed walk’ for half an hour to continue exercising.

When Lu Wan finished eating and was about to leave, the dog leash would be handed over to Lu Buyu.

Of course the father had to accompany his daughter.

The father and daughter continued to walk for another twenty minutes.

In the morning, the three of them took turns to play with Taohua so her energy was almost exhausted.

She becomes very gentle during the day, instead of tearing up the house.

When Lu Wan came home in the evening, it was time for her to walk the dog.

No one in the family should do less.

When Lu Wan was changing shoes at the entrance, Lu Buyu was showing the dog his newly bought toy.

“Look, this is fun. This fish’s tail can move by itself.”

The exhausted Taohua who had already exercised just wanted to sleep, drooping her head.

Lu Wan glanced at the father and daughter and quietly asked, “You’re the one who wants to play, right?”

Lu Buyu quivered inside.

“What nonsense are you talking about? What do you know? Little brat!”

He would not admit that he chose toys for the dog according to his own preferences. Were all dog toys so advanced now?

Lu Buyu had already played a round. It’s fun.

Lu Wan shrugged her shoulders. “Taohua’s favorite toy is you.”

Dogs had keen senses. Even if it’s a silly dog, it would be slightly gentler in front of the two elders.

In front of its father however, it’s complete nuts.

Lu Buyu: “You’re stepping over the line, showing no respect to your elder. Try saying that again and see if I don’t deal with you.”

Lu Wan: “Haha, you are Taohua’s favorite toy.”

Lu Buyu: “???”

“A good man doesn’t fight with you girls. I’m too lazy to talk to you.” Lu Buyu pulled the dog away with a face full of refusal.

What else could be done? He couldn’t beat her anyway.



Haley routinely asked, “What are we going to eat today?”

This was a must-ask question every day.

Lu Wan: “Chen Nianqing and I made a plan to have lunch today.”

Haley covered his chest and said in disbelief, “President Lu, this is too much ba. Totally dropping your friends just because you’re in a relationship!”

How do you want me, this red panda, to feel?

Xu Yao was full of disdain. “Can you eat while looking at him?”

“Xu Yao, don’t say such nonsense. Honestly, Chen Nianqing isn’t so good-looking that I will want to eat him up.” After a pause, Lu Wan added, “I didn’t say I would leave you guys behind ah. We can go eat together!”

Li Che raised his head and looked at Lu Wan with some surprise.

She’s okay with it? How come it’s the same as before and there’s no change at all?

Lu Wan: “Are you guys coming or not?”

Xu Yao and Haley looked at each other and said in unison, “Of course we’re coming!”

“Then count me in too!”

“I’ll join you!”

Other students on the side echoed. Anyway, there’re already light bulbs. Why not add a few more so that the light can be brighter?!

This was an opportunity to eat with President Lu and Chen Nianqing.

How could they miss this?! They could still brag about it after graduation. They must go!


Chen Nianqing looked at Lu Wan with a half-smile on his face, and at the seven to eight people following behind.

“You invited all these schoolmates?”

Lu Wan: “Not really. We just happened to meet, so we came here together. It’s more enjoyable to eat with many people anyway.”

Chen Nianqing: “I guess it’s all right to have more people.”

The three nearby tables were quickly filled.

Chen Nianqing opened the paper bag he was carrying.

“I brought you snack. I tasted it and thought it was good, so I took some for you to try.”

Lu Wan: “Snack? Is it sweet?”

Chen Nianqing nodded. “But I only brought yours, so I’m sorry, I can’t give some to other students.”

Haley: “It’s fine.”

“Forget it, I don’t like sweets.” Xu Yao curled his lips. This guy was just being courteous for nothing! Shameless!

The soft cake made of black rice was soft and chewy.

There were small shops selling this in the market, but this one was especially made by Chen Nianqing’s grandmother[1]maternal grandmother.

The best raw materials were selected, and sweet-scented osmanthus was added in, which gave a rich aroma.

Lu Wan took a bite and flavor filled her mouth. She doesn’t have a sweet tooth, but this pastry was easy to eat.

“It’s delicious!”

Chen Nianqing: “Then I’ll bring some again for you next time.”

Dating in high school where just bringing some snacks and doing homework together, but it was quite interesting.

“Where did you buy it?” Lu Wan wanted to buy some back for her parents to taste.

“It’s not bought. It was made by my family. If you like, I can learn how to make it, so that you can eat it often.” Chen Nianqing said with a smile.

The students on the side: “……”

What the hell was this? Why did they want to come?

They haven’t eaten yet but were already full from dog food.

Lu Wan: “Forget it. It’s too much trouble.”

“No trouble. Since this is something you like, I want to learn how to make it.” Chen Nianqing took out a tissue and handed it over to Lu Wan.

After a slight pause, he looked around and said with a warning, “This is what I should do.”

The students on the side: “……”

We should have been under the car and not inside, seeing how sweet you two are[2]from 《He loves you very much》 by A-Do.

Was this an oath of sovereignty? Damn, that look in his eyes……

During the rest of the meal, only Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing chatted occasionally, and the others were silent.

Being a quiet tool person as they eat.

Oh, except for the occasional less-than-timely speech by Xu Yao which had no combat power.

He could only shout ‘awesome’ and jumped up high enough whenever Lu Wan said something.

You won’t bring us food, but ask Lu Wan ‘what do you want to eat?’. We want to try it too, don’t eat alone ah.

The students watching on the side felt like they had indigestion.

Being a light bulb once was enough. Next time they wouldn’t join in on the ‘fun’.

Haley looked up. “Isn’t that Li Che? Why is he being surrounded by a group of girls again?”

This fellow was usually quiet and doesn’t talk much. He looked like a good student.

But…… something feels odd.

Lu Wan followed Haley’s line of sight and saw that the girls had already turned and left.

Li Che sat alone and continued to eat.


Even though Li Che had denied the matter and even had Lu Wan as his witness, Lin Chun was still skeptical,

She’d clearly seen him. If the person she met in the bar wasn’t Li Che, then who could it be?

In order to find out about this, she went back to the bar last night.

She asked around and all the people said that it wasn’t Li Che. The bartender she saw was just a normal college student.

Lu Lin had already given prior notice, so Lin Chun naturally got nothing.

Lin Chun regretted it. She knew she shouldn’t be so impulsive.

She liked to look at the well-behaved, cold, and pure Li Che, which was why she became mad when she saw the other person at the bar.

Lin Chun thought about it all morning and decided to apologize to the other party.

“Student Li Che, I’m sorry. The person that day really looks similar to you.”

Li Che raised his head, looked at the person clearly and stated, “If your family dog is disobedient and not as docile as what you imagined, you can be angry. But I have nothing to do with you. Even if I did something, it’s none of your business, Schoolmate.”

Lin Chun: “I just- I just—”

Li Che: “You don’t need to apologize. You should go, Schoolmate. I don’t feel like talking anymore. I’m a scholarship student so I came here to just study well.”

The students all around also know what happened yesterday. School was a collective life and whatever happened spreads fast.

They suddenly began to discuss.

“It’s too much. If it’s me, I certainly won’t be able to stand it.”

“Li Che has a good temper.”

“Fortunately, someone helped clarify this kind of thing, otherwise he would be flat out discredited.”

“If I may be rude- she’s not the world’s police and it has nothing to do with her.”

“I’m really sorry. I was wrong.” Lin Chun was red in the face.

Hu Jia wrinkled her brows. It was because of Lin Chun’s vow that she went to Lu Wan first and then to Chen Nianqing…… Making an ugly scene.

Annoyed, she said, “Next time, you should be more careful. Don’t go around talking without being sure.”

Lin Chun: “Sorry, it was indeed not Student Li Che that day. I’ve went back later to ask again.”

Li Che glanced at the girl. Picking up the bottle of drink on the table, he switched it between hands and tossed it in the air.

This should have been a common action, but Lin Chun was completely frozen……

This action completely coincided with the bartender’s action that night.

Lin Chun was full of disbelief and shouted, “I’m not mistaken, it really is you! You deceived me!”

Hu Jia was completely pissed off and loudly questioned, “Are you insane? Just now you swore he’s not. How long has it been and you’re already eating your own words? If you have brain problems, go see a doctor!”


“It seems that everything’s fine.” Lu Wan said.

Sometimes you want to be low key and live quietly, but things still finds you.

Chen Nianqing swept his eyes over and immediately withdrew them. “Don’t worry about other people’s affairs. Finish your meal.”

“Oh.” After eating the last bite of her food, Lu Wan put down her chopsticks, thought for a while and asked, “This weekend, there’s an exhibition at the museum. Do you want to go?”

Chen Nianqing smiled and asked, “Are you inviting me?”

Lu Wan: “……It’s okay if you don’t have time.”

In fact, it wasn’t exactly like that. It just so happen that Professor Lu gave her two tickets.

The other party brought her pastries, so of course she had to return the favor.

Besides, Xu Yao and Haley wouldn’t go to this kind of exhibition. Xu Yao wasn’t interested in most exhibitions other than auto shows.

Haley was only interested in arts.

Zhao Yihang: “Our Music Club has a gathering this weekend. Club Pres isn’t available. I’m afraid you don’t know. Pres is very busy. If you have something to ask him, it’s best to make an appointment three days in advance.”

He just saw that there were many people here, so he simply came to sit.

Lu Wan: “Forget it.”

Chen Nianqing: “I have time.”

“Didn’t he say I need to make an appointment three days in advance?” Lu Wan asked.

Chen Nianqing: “There’s no such thing. A girl like you only needs to make an appointment. If you have something to ask me, just tell me an hour in advance. Otherwise, if it will take time for me to come over, you’ll have to wait.”

Zhao Yihang: “……”

President, what’s wrong with you? You clearly said before that it’s better to inform you a few days in advance.

Was this a massive double standard scene?!

Others: “……”

A girl only needed to make an appointment…… Dear me, this sentence was too much to take ba.

Even if he didn’t say it to them, they couldn’t help showing their auntie smile.

If they use this standard to find a partner, would they be lonely for the rest of their lives?

These words were spoken by a handsome guy. Others couldn’t be as handsome but at least they couldn’t be inferior in other aspects, right?! Wasn’t this asking too much?

They shouldn’t have come today!

They’re obviously single dogs, but their taste in finding a partner was elevated for no reason. What’s more, daring to use Chen Nianqing as a reference…… was too bold!

Lu Wan: “Then you should also find me an hour earlier, so you don’t have to wait.”

Chen Nianqing: “All right, it’s a deal.”

The two left the cafeteria after eating.

The other students had mixed feelings. They really shouldn’t have come today.

What eating food? It’s eating dog food ba.


1 maternal grandmother
2 from 《He loves you very much》 by A-Do


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