Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 110

On Saturday morning, Lu Wan went out early.

She and Chen Nianqing would go to the museum today.

They would meet in front of her house at 8:00 am.

Then the two of them would take the subway to get there.

Chen Nianqing often stayed next door on weekends and sometimes also on school days. Recently, Lu Wan had been encountering the other party frequently.

Lu Buyu who was hugging the dog, looked at Lu Wan and raised his chin slightly. “What are you doing out this early on a weekend?”

Lu Wan: “Of course I have something to do. But why are you at home again today? Aren’t you busy being a celebrity? Don’t you have any sense of career crisis? Are you not afraid of becoming a has-been?”

Lu Buyu: “You know nothing! I’m an A-lister! I’m very popular! I have 14 endorsements right now and 80 million Weibo followers!”

Taohua: “Woof!”

Lu Wan glanced at the dog. “Also, dad doesn’t run around the lake on weekends, so please take your daughter for a run to help both of you burn off your energy, OK?”

That’s right, Dog Lu said Taohua’s a girl so he bought her pink leash and collar……

Lu Buyu put the dog down in his arms.

“You talk to me like that? Go Taohua, get her!”

Lu Wan remained still, looking at a person and a dog.

“Bring it. I just ate a little too much so it’s good to get some exercise.”

Taohua whined and lied on the ground.

Looking at its father, the implication was clear enough.

How about you go?

I can only tear up the sofa. This is really unwinnable and beyond my scope of work.

Lu Buyu: “……”

Forget it, forget it. Father and daughter combined don’t have much chance of winning.

Why bother? Only a savage would do so.

Lu Buyu gave a cold snort and walked out leading Taohua.

He walked out the door was startled when he saw Chen Nianqing. He asked in an unkind tone, “Are you waiting for Lu Wan? Where are the two of you going? What’s the relationship between you?”

He copied the tone Lu Wan used just now when she was asking him if he weren’t afraid of becoming a has-been.

Chen Nianqing: “We’ve agreed to go to the museum to see the exhibition. Brother Lu, I listened to your new album yesterday, and I think the fourth song is very nice.”

“Really? I wrote the lyrics for that song myself! I like it a lot too! Kid, you have good taste!” Lu Buyu patted Chen Nianqing’s shoulder with a smile. His attitude changed in seconds. He added, “When you and Lu Wan go out, pay attention to safety. If she bully or hit you, just tell me. Though it’s useless to tell me, it’s better if you try to endure it yourself.”

Chen Nianqing said quietly, “How can that be? Student Lu Wan is very good.”

“Young! You’re just too young!” Lu Buyu shook his head. He had already given him advice. He hoped this one could keep it in mind.

Don’t think that you’re tall. In fact, can you withstand three punches and two kicks?

Recalling Lu Wan’s combo, Lu Buyu shuddered.

After Lu Jinye let the two juniors practice gun shooting, he called them to learn boxing.

In the future, they could protect themselves if there was an unexpected situation and stay fit if they have nothing to do.

He invited a national boxing champion to be their coach.

Lu Buyu felt that he looked handsome while doing shadowboxing. After all, he had good physical fitness.

After posing for a photo and preparing to post on Weibo, he turned his head and was shocked by the punching bag that Lu Wan shattered.


Even the coach praised Lu Wan’s explosive power and speed, and her quick reflexes. Although it was her first time doing boxing, it could be seen that she had rich experience in fighting……

It’s…… very Lu family style.

After a professional training, she could play professional games.

Lu Buyu cracked right then.

It was not a loss for Cool Guy to do ‘deadlift’ as a warm-up exercise in the gym.

Really, it’s a waste of her strength not to become a bricklayer.

He made up his mind at that time that he would never have a physical confrontation with Lu Wan in this life.

Was there something that couldn’t be solved with talk? If there was…… Forget it.

The older brother should give way to his younger sister. Why fuss about it?

When Lu Wan came out, the father and daughter had already gone for a run.

She halted and asked, “What did Lu Buyu say to you just now? Was he bad-mouthing me?”

Chen Nianqing thought for a while and said, “He asked me to take good care of you.”

Lu Wan rolled her eyes. “No way. That’s definitely not something he can say. Did Lu Buyu tell you to pay attention to your own safety when you’re with me?”

It seemed it had been a long time since she invited the other party to eat apples. Dog Lu couldn’t speak proper words and was not sweet.

Chen Nianqing: “……”

It seemed that the brother and sister have a good relationship and know each other very well.

Lu Wan: “Forget it, let’s not mention him. Let’s go.”


There were many people on the subway on weekends. Chen Nianqing pulled Lu Wan in front of him. “Stand here, don’t get squeezed.”

The two were in the corner and Lu Wan stood within the walls formed by Chen Nianqing’s two arms.

No one could squeeze in at all.

Lu Wan felt that he was exaggerating and wanted to say that it was unnecessary, but when she raised her eyes, she saw Chen Nianqing’s straight nose and lips.

Lips that seem to be painted with lipstick and its corners turned up, similar to the letter ‘M’.

It looks good.

Lu Wan looked at it for a few seconds, then lowered her gaze again.

For a moment just now, her heart beats a little wrongly.

Lu Wan moved her head and looked away. The smile on the corner of Chen Nianqing’s mouth deepened.

She could actually be embarrassed too.

“Do you want to listen to music?”

Lu Wan: “Yes, can I listen to your playing again like last time?”

“You’ll know once you hear.”

Chen Nianqing’s hand was a little cold and when he reached over to put the earphones for her, Lu Wan’s earlobe felt chilled.

She looked up and was about to speak when the music rang through the earphones.

Lu Wan was surprised. “This is a song of Planet Band. Do you listen to them too?”

Chen Nianqing: “Last time you asked me to play their song on the cello and found that it matches pretty well. Later, I listened to their album and quite like it.”

Lu Wan was full of joy. “Do you know why it matches? Because the bassist also learned the cello before! He has learned it for ten years! Just like you!”

Chen Nianqing: “I see. Then they must play well. The band will have a performance in two months, we can go see them together.”

“Sure! I’ve always wanted to go! I’ll treat you!”

Lu Wan looked excited, after all they were talking about her idol, besides, Chen Nianqing also happened to like them.

She felt that her recommendation was a success!

Lu Wan tried recommending it to Xu Yao in the past but failed.

Xu Yao liked songs by the ‘Three Stars in the Grassland’[1]Tengger – Mongolian singer, Rong Zhong Erjia – Tibetan singer and Nimazeren Yadong – Tibetan singer, which was inherited from his father’s aesthetics.

Lu Wan bowed her head and listened to the song carefully while Chen Nianqing watched her with a smile.

It seemed that it’s very easy to make this girl happy and she was satisfied with even the smallest things.

Just seeing her happy also put him in a good mood.

He was infected by her happiness.

In between listening to songs, Lu Wan raised her head and said what was on her mind, “Recently, I’ve been seeing the lights still on in your room before I go to bed.”

In the darkness of the night, the window with the lights on was extraordinarily……

Anyway, it gave her an indescribable feeling.

Chen Nianqing’s heart moved. “You’re concerned about me?”

Lu Wan: “When I see that your lights are still on, my sleepiness goes away and I can study energetically for two more hours!”

She thought, no wonder he could take the first place in the exams. He was studying so late.

Then she couldn’t lose!

Ah, this damn competitiveness!

Chen Nianqing: “……”

Well, then, he had to go to bed early from now on.

Lu Wan continued to listen to the music. Chen Nianqing glanced at the end of the carriage and then looked away a second later.

He was tall so he could see far.

He had noticed early on the two tails that were following them.

However, Chen Nianqing wasn’t interested in catching them. After all, under the brazen suggestion of those two people, they might become a four person group.

 It would be better for them to follow in a sneaky way.


Xu Yao had been very upset ever since he knew that Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing were going on a date this weekend.

Su Rao was equally unsettled.

She still felt something wasn’t right. The real relationship between Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing was very doubtful.

Lu Wan just had an extra ticket and because Chen Nianqing brought her some snack, she casually gave it to the other party.

She though it was nothing, but in the eyes of others, it was a sweet date!

Su Rao and Xu Yao united and decided to investigate together, putting aside their previous prejudices and cooperated temporarily.

Wearing a hat and a scarf covering half of his face, Xu Yao looked at the two people talking and laughing on the other side of the carriage and clenched his fists.

Hateful! He would never let that kid take advantage of Lu Wan!

The subway train stopped at the station, and Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing got off along with the crowd.

Xu Yao: “Go, go, go, let’s follow quickly!”

He was ready to go but was pulled back by Su Rao.

“Hang on.”

Xu Yao didn’t want to wait for a moment and dragged the other person to leave.

Unexpectedly, the other person was strong and he didn’t manage to pull her.

Xu Yao turned his head and asked impatiently, “What do you want now?”

Su Rao: “……That man touched me just now.”

It was something she couldn’t tolerate.

Xu Yao looked her up and down. “You shouldn’t have worn a skirt today! Lu Wan wouldn’t wear it!”

Su Rao was naturally angry. She told the other party thinking that they were at least schoolmates and that he could help strengthen her courage.

But she didn’t expect this attitude.

Su Rao: “That’s right, Lu Wan won’t wear this! If she did, it’ll be for an entrapment! You’re so much worse than her! If it’s her, she would never say that!”

Male chauvinist!

The more Su Rao talk, the angrier she became. She turned around and quickly walked towards the middle-aged man just now, then stomped hard on his foot.


Xu Yao also felt baffled. What he meant was that she could do many things if she didn’t wear a skirt.

There wouldn’t be any delay either.

Now the doors have closed and they’d lost the people!

So why not wear pants?

Xu Yao walked over and pulled up the middle-aged man’s collar. “You motherf*cker, where did you put your hands just now? Do you believe that I won’t cut off your balls and stuffed it in your mouth?”

Xu Yao was tall and muscular, and with his brows furrowed, he looked very fierce.

The middle-aged man was afraid of being beaten, so he explained tremblingly, “Misunderstanding! Misunderstanding! I didn’t mean to!”

The man changed his lines when Xu Yao was about to throw a punch.

“I was wrong! I won’t dare to do it next time!”

What happened was basically evident from the dialogue between several people.

Although not everyone dares to act bravely, many passersby still dare to speak out and criticize when the scoundrels were suppressed.

“He looks like a dog but he actually does such things!”

“Take photos with your mobile phones! Let everyone see his face. Be careful when you take the subway in the future!”

“Wow, this girl’s boyfriend is so handsome! Super secure!”

“Yeah, some men are just terrified to speak up.”

Xu Yao and Su Rao looked at each other.

Who’s this guy’s/girl’s girlfriend/boyfriend? Hilarious!

However, both of them were angry and did not explain to the surrounding passengers.

On the next stop, Xu Yao led the middle-aged man out and handed him over to the subway police.

“Thank you both, but can I trouble you to make a statement to testify against the suspect?” The policeman asked.

Su Rao thought for a while and asked. “Can we come back in the evening? We have something to do now.”

Xu Yao: “Do it, do it now. Try to do it quickly.”

“Okay, it will only take half an hour. Thank you both for your cooperation.” The subway police took the two of them back to the duty room.

Su Rao was surprised. She turned to ask, “Aren’t you in a hurry?”

Xu Yao: “Lu Wan won’t be able to finish visiting the museum for a while anyway, so we can just rush over there when we’re done. Aren’t you very angry?”

“How can I not be angry? What was your attitude just now?”

Xu Yao: “I have no problem with my attitude. You look so beautiful and you even wear a skirt. If there are any perverts, you’ll be the first person they will attack. They’re not blind.”

Although he only liked Lu Wan, he still had aesthetics. Su Rao was indeed beautiful.

Su Rao: “……”

Well, although there were still problems with this statement, she’s surprisingly not mad.

She suspected that the other party said it on purpose.

The subway policeman smiled. “Okay, okay, young couple, stop arguing.”

“We’re not a couple!” The two said in unison.

“Huh? Isn’t it just a temporary conflict? When your temper subsides, won’t you get back together again?”

“Of course not!” Once again, they both said in unison.

Subway policeman: “……”

All right, as long as you’re both happy.

Su Rao’s anger resurfaced. If it wasn’t for this pervert, how could all this happen?

She ran over and kicked the man. “It’s all your fault!”

She’d long to do this! She used to be too gentle! Tomorrow, she’ll sign up to learn self-defense!

“Ouch.” The middle-aged man wailed.

Xu Yao was even angrier. This pervert was delaying his business. He also kicked him. “F*cking bastard!”

“Ouch~” The middle-aged man screamed even more miserably.

The subway policeman just pulled the girl away, then turned around to pull the young man next.

“I know you’re angry. The law will hold him accountable. For the last time, beating up a suspect is illegal!”

After the two was done giving their statements, the police officer looked at the suspect crouched in the corner. This time he kicked an iron plate.

He really doesn’t deserve sympathy.

But those two just now were really just ordinary friends? With both of their temper, they would blow up the whole house once they quarrel.


1 Tengger – Mongolian singer, Rong Zhong Erjia – Tibetan singer and Nimazeren Yadong – Tibetan singer


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