Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 111

Today’s exhibition was related to cultural relics.

No large pieces have been unearthed in this area, so this time most of them were borrowed exhibits. It was a rare opportunity and the public was very enthusiastic.

Although tickets were free, they were issued in limited quantities, and there were a lot of people queuing up on weekends.

Fortunately, the two got tickets ahead of time.

Even though Lu Wan was a science student, she was very interested in excavations.

She seldom watches TV but she would generally watch agricultural and history channels. Things like raising fish and pigs, or unearthing tombs.

Chen Nianqing asked, “Are you very fond of history? History is the science of the ancients and cultural relics embodies their wisdom. Many crafts have been lost in modern times.”

Lu Wan shook her head and honestly said, “No, I think they’re valuable. This can be sold for tens of millions and that one can also sell for tens of millions. If they give me any of them, then won’t I be rich? I’m not picky, as long as I can carry it.”

Chen Nianqing laughed. Lu Wan was daydreaming sincerely.

But he found the other party cute.

There were only a dozen special cultural relics on display, and Chen Nianqing knows all of them.

He acted as Lu Wan’s personal guide. He introduced it clearly and wasn’t showy, just picking out the parts that the other party was interested in.

For example, the value of the object at that time and how much it can be sold now.

Lu Wan: “You know so much, I almost thought you’re a liberal arts student.”

Chen Nianqing: “My grandfather[1]maternal grandfather likes these, so I slightly know about them.”

Lu Wan tutted.

“This is not a ‘slight’ degree. Little Comrade, excessive modesty equates to pride!”

Chen Nianqing bowed his head and laughed.

This time, even his shoulders shook.

No need to do anything special, just being together like this was fine.


When Xu Yao and Su Rao rushed over, their targets just came out.

They had no choice but to keep up.

Chen Nianqing glanced at his watch and said, “It’s eleven o’clock. Are you hungry?”

Lu Wan: “No.”

Knowing that she was out to play today, Lu Wan ate a little more in the morning.

Lu Buyu also laughed at her because of this, saying that this kind of behavior was really like that of a middle-aged veteran cadre from 40 years ago where there was nowhere to buy food outside.

Lu Wan immediately snapped back, “That’s because you’re afraid of getting fat. If you get fat, you’ll become old news, so you dare not eat.”

That one sentence hit the nail on the head. Lu Buyu, who was eating salad, lost his mind on the spot and left his seat with the dog in his arms.

Chen Nianqing: “There seems to be a ‘ghost school’ nearby. It’s an adventure-themed park. We can go and have a look.”

“Hey, how did you know?”

“I checked online. It’s 2 kilometers straight from here, three stops on the subway. We can eat while strolling around.”

Lu Wan was really interested. The two immediately clicked and decided to have a look.

Xu Yao and Su Rao, who had just left the subway station, went in again.

They didn’t dare to get too close so they stood in another compartment.

Xu Yao grabbed Su Rao’s shoulders and dragged her in front of him, “It’s safe for you to stand by my side so you won’t encounter a pervert again, which will delay things too much.”

Su Rao: “……You’re really annoying.”

The words were good, but why do they make people so angry?

Heh, foolish straight man.


Seeing that two people bought tickets to enter the ‘ghost school’, Xu Yao hesitated and said, “……How about we just wait here?”

Su Rao: “Wait here? If Lu Wan is afraid and lean on my brother, then what will we do?”

“That’s impossible. Lu Wan’s not afraid of these things.”

Su Rao sneered, “How do you know she’s not afraid? What if?”


Seeing that the other person didn’t speak, Su Rao thought of something and asked with some surprise, “You don’t mean you’re afraid, do you? It’s fine if you can’t.”

Such a large person was unexpectedly afraid of ghosts.

Xu Yao looked flustered and forced himself to calm down. “Of course I’m not! I’m not afraid.”

He didn’t want to be looked down upon by this person.

He started to hypnotize himself. What was there to be afraid of? It’s all the staff pretending! It’s fake!

“If you’re not afraid, then don’t dawdle.” Su Rao said teasingly and walked over to buy two tickets, completely cutting off the other party’s retreat.

Xu Yao hesitated for a few seconds, then followed with a stiff face.

Su Rao: “When we go in, shall I walk in front? Or you want to walk in front?”

“You do it…… I’ll be on the back.” Xu Yao’s voice was already trembling unconsciously.

“Then let’s hurry up. This is not the museum, if we meet Lu Wan, let’s pretend it’s a coincidence.” Su Rao had an idea in mind.

“Oh.” Xu Yao timidly looked around and entered a state of alert.


Lu Wan squatted down and looked at the hanged ghost hugging her leg.

She stretched out her hand and poked the other party’s long tongue. “So cool. It’s made of plastic and quite soft to the touch. Your props are made with great care.”

The hanged ghost: “……”

Elder sister is just making a living and there’s a lot of competition now.

But your focus is wrong. Girl, you should scream loudly and turn pale with fright.

Can’t you have the basic qualities of a guest?

Lu Wan: “Okay, stop holding my leg anymore. You’re quite dedicated. How much is your salary?”

“Four thousand plus food allowance……” The hanged ghost stood up while talking, fiddled with her tongue, and left silently.

This was too shameful.

Forget it, she’d better recover her mood and get back in place for the next guest.

Lu Wan turned her face sideways and said to the person next to her, “I think it’s quite creative.”

Chen Nianqing: “You’re not afraid?”

Lu Wan: “It’s alright. After all, I know that it’s fake. What about you?”

It’s not that she’s naturally courageous. Lu Wan had walked many nights alone after the evening self-study, so she wouldn’t be afraid of anything.

She was clear in the turbidity, and turbid in the clear.

“I’m not as fearless as you. I’m a little scared.” The light in the room was dim, and the smile on the corner of Chen Nianqing’s mouth became surreal.

Lu Wan: “Oh, it’s not a big deal. Then you stay close to me.”

“Okay.” Chen Nianqing stretched out his hand and wrapped it around the other sides arm, “Let’s stay closer, it’s safer this way.”

The other side suddenly stuck to her and Lu Wan felt somehow unaccustomed to it.

It’s really unexpected that Chen Nianqing would actually be afraid of these…… but it seems normal.

Xu Yao was the same.


A male voice from behind them screamed, breaking the silence. Lu Wan was startled and she looked back. “Why do I think that that voice sounds familiar? A bit like Xu Yao’s.”

Strange. As soon as she thought of him, she heard the other person’s voice.

Chen Nianqing smiled. “Maybe it’s because men’s screams aren’t much different. This is an enclosed space so it sounded similar with the echo added.”

It had to be Xu Yao. Lu Wan once mentioned that Xu Yao was afraid to turn off the lights whenever he goes to bed. Chen Nianqing speculated that the other party wouldn’t like these things.

Hence, this itinerary.

Lu Wan: “Really?”

Chen Nianqing followed suit. “Of course, listen. Ahhhh~”

 Lu Wan: “……”

“It seems to be true.” Lu Wan said.

Chen Nianqing pushed her. “Come on, let’s get out of here quickly.”

Lu Wan: “Okay, there’s actually nothing to be afraid of. Also, it’s you who offered to come.”

Chen Nianqing’s hand wrapped the other person’s arm tightened, and he said with a smile, “That’s because I know that you will protect me.”

Lu Wan: “……All right.”

Suddenly, she felt a sense of responsibility for no reason.


“Get off, get off, get off, don’t touch me! Ahhhh! Mom, help me! I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die!”

Xu Yao’s emotions completely collapsed.

Su Rao chased after him. “Don’t be crazy, stop running.”

The staff was also baffled and was somehow dragged for more than ten meters by this guest.

Fortunately, today’s props and costumes were thick, otherwise a layer of her skin would be rubbed off.

The hanged ghost got up and said, “Fake! It’s fake! Don’t be afraid!”

The vampire next to her also stood up. “Don’t be afraid, it’s all fake!”

In these days, costumers come first. If someone was terribly frightened, these staff pretending to be ghosts had to comfort and coax people.

It’s all for the sake of good review. It’s really hard work.

Xu Yao: “Don’t come here! You ugly bleeding monsters! Go away!”

The staff members: “……”

What a heck of day. Just now a girl asked her how much her salary was and now it was this drama??

Since she was a professional, she took red paint and dabbed a few lines on her eyes, nose, and the corners of her mouth.

So it was over again?

The hanged ghost who encountered an epic fail in her line of work didn’t want to talk, so she could only walk away silently for some peace and quiet.

Su Rao laughed out loud. “Are you really scared? It’s all fake. Some people are much scarier than ghosts.”

Xu Yao: “There’s no way. What’s so scary about people?! I can bring them down with a fist. Of course, ghosts are worse! But I am not afraid of them! I wasn’t just mentally prepared!”

Su Rao: “Okay, I know you’re not afraid, so can you stop pulling me with both hands? Let’s get going, we won’t be able to catch up if we’re slow.”

Xu Yao: “I’m pulling you because I’m afraid you’ll be timid. You’re the one who’s scared!”

Su Rao said indifferently, “Oh, I won’t. Let go.”

Xu Yao shook his head and pulled tighter.

Before they could get out, he wouldn’t let go even if he dies.


Lu Wan pushed open the door and the front suddenly opened up.

After adapting to the dark environment, she suddenly felt a little uncomfortable with the bright sunshine outside and squinted slightly.

Chen Nianqing: “Slowly open your eyes for two minutes.”

Lu Wan took off his hand covering her eyes. “I’m fine now.”

“Then let’s go eat. Is there something you want?” Chen Nianqing asked with a smile.

Lu Wan: “How about we go eat hot pot?”

It’s perfect to eat hot pot on winter!

“Okay, let’s have hot pot then.”

Lu Wan picked a nearby hot pot chain restaurant and ordered two-flavor hot pot.

Xu Yao and Su Rao also followed. They sat in a corner far away.

The waiter came over with the menu and Su Rao ordered casually.

The efficiency of this store was very high, the pot and the dishes were served soon. Xu Yao started to cook the beef rolls.

Su Rao frowned. “You still have an appetite? Did you forget what you’re here for today?”

Xu Yao: “Of course I’m watching my family’s Lu Wan so she won’t be taken advantage of. But I ate little in the morning and now I’m hungry. These two things do not affect each other, besides, you’ve already ordered. It’s too wasteful not to eat ah.”

While speaking, he poured all the meat in.

Su Rao: “……”

This dummy was too good at irritating people.


Chen Nianqing: “We have acquaintances in the restaurant.”


“Don’t look back, they’ll notice you. I also just found out. Didn’t you say that you seemed to have heard Xu Yao’s voice earlier? It was really him with Su Rao.” Chen Nianqing said in a faint voice.

Lu Wan was very surprised. “Are they following us? Why?”

Chen Nianqing: “I guess they want to see if we’re a real couple.”

Lu Wan: “……”

But she didn’t think she had shown any flaws.

Was Xu Yao crazy? He actually wanted to tear down her act.

Chen Nianqing: “At present, they’re just suspicious, probably because we are not acting close enough.”

“Not close enough? How can we act closer?”

The hot pot restaurant sent a plate of fruit in case they’ll need it.

Chen Nianqing obviously had already thought about how to express the ‘close’ relationship between the two of them. He delivered the peeled grapefruit to Lu Wan’s mouth.

Lu Wan: “……”

This was too strange. She’s not a little baby. Why would she need someone to feed her?

Chen Nianqing: “Open your mouth, they’re watching.”


Lu Wan used her peripheral vision to see where those two were. Splitting her attention between two tasks, in addition to the grapefruit, she’d also bitten Chen Nianqing’s finger.

Lu Wan comprehended what she was doing and quickly loosened her teeth.

“Why, you still want to eat me?”

Chen Nianqing received a shock. The bite actually didn’t hurt, but it was tingling.

Lu Wan: “……No.”

“Is the grapefruit sweet?” Chen Nianqing asked again.


“What about me?”

Lu Wan said without thinking, “Sweet.”


1 maternal grandfather


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