Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 113

After the targets left, Xu Yao and Su Rao looked at each other.

Xu Yao crossed his arms and said with anger, “This is your fault! If I had rushed out in the hot pot restaurant, how can these things happen?”

Su Rao: “Quit it. My mind is a bit in a mess right now, I have to straighten it out. I still feel something isn’t right.”

So were Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing really together?

Even now, she still had doubts.

Xu Yao sighed. “What else is there? Isn’t it all in the open! Do you want them to get married and have children first before you feel right? Miss, are you an undercover agent sent by Chen Nianqing? Are you helping him on purpose?”

Su Rao: “Keep your mouth shut!”

This idiot.

Xu Yao: “……What’s the matter? I just said a few words and your temper have come up again? I found that you’re a person who hides really deep. You are kind to everyone else but to me you’re like a roaring lioness from Hedong[1]refers to a shrewish wife. If I tell anybody about this, no one will believe it.”

Su Rao had had enough. Who could have a good face towards the enemy?

“Don’t push me. You are so big but got badly frightened inside a haunted house. People will definitely believe it if I tell them.”

Xu Yao: “……Fine, let’s not tell it to anyone else.”

Su Rao turned around and walked away, her voice drifted from a distance.

“I’m not as bored as you are.”

Xu Yao: “……”

What kind of attitude was this? Forget it, good men don’t fight women.

Besides, if his fear of ghosts was known to others, how embarrassing would that be?

Lu Wan, who was standing on the second floor, drew back her sight.

Not to mention that the two were chatting well, but even when she and Chen Nianqing had already left, they were still talking for a while.

Was this a revolutionary friendship after a long time of confrontation?


Half a month after New Year’s Day, the school had a winter vacation.

The results of the final exam for the third years came out very quickly.

The school would send the report card to the home address specified by the students before the Spring Festival.

However, the list of the top 100 in their grade was released in advance, and the class teacher’s sent it to each class group.

Chen Nianqing and Lu Wan tied for first place with 724 points, while the new scholarship student came third with 712 points.

Su Rao was fourth with a score of 707.

When Lu Wan opened the class group, everyone was discussing the report card!

Lu Wan, who was the most popular, finally took the first place in the exam, although Chen Nianqing’s name did not recede.

Then everyone was shocked. Where did the scholarship student come from? This was too amazing!

Such a good performance in his first exam!

These days, if one wants to be a scholarship student, one must have real skill.

Li Che’s popularity in school was not low. He’s lean, mild tempered, and the kind of herbivorous boy who had no sense of aggression.

He’s the complete opposite of those talkative outgoing dandies in school, so many girls like him.

With the released result this time, they’re afraid he would only be more popular.

Next…… Su Rao actually fell out of the top three. She was still very powerful though.

Lu Wan scanned it a few times, then turned her head and exited the chat page.

She booked a plane ticket and flew to the capital with Chen Nianqing in the afternoon.

《Math and Science Tournament》 had reached its last stages of recording. This time was the finals and also the last episode.

The recording tomorrow afternoon would be divided into two stages. In the first stage, the top six would advance to the top three. In the second stage, the top three would face off where the champion, runner-up and third place would be selected.

Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing cooperated very well in the last duo match. After the episode was broadcast, they gathered a lot of CP fans.

Because the parties involved were both high school students, fans supporting the CP were very discreet.

Just secretly poking and shouting: My CP is number one in the world! Good looking and smart!

Come on, come on, arranged a puppy love immediately.


On the plane.

Lu Wan pondered before saying, “Your score in the exam is the same as mine.”

Chen Nianqing smiled and said, “Yes, you’re great.”

Lu Wan: “Wait, shouldn’t you say ‘next time I will surpass you’ or something like that?”

“Then if I surpass you, will you be happy?”

“No.” Lu Wan paused, then added, “But if you deliberately lost the game, I won’t be happy either.”

“Do you mean that you will be happy only if I lose after I go all out?”

Lu Wan: “Yes.”

Chen Nianqing: “……”

It’s a bit complicated.

But my girlfriend is so cute that I think about how to better myself every day.


Business class at the front of the plane.

Xu Yao: “They probably didn’t notice us.”

Su Rao: “No, but why do you insist on coming?”

They purposefully covered their faces with scarves and were the first to board the plane, of course they wouldn’t.

Xu Yao: “Why can’t I come along?! If they have any intimate behavior outside, such as opening a room…… then I can prevent it from happening. Lu Wan won’t do that, but I’m afraid that kid Chen Nianqing has bad intention and is very sly.”

Su Rao frowned. “What are you talking about? You think everyone is like you?”

Xu Yao: “Don’t slander me. I’m still a virgin.”

“I know you’re a virgin. The whole school knows, so cut it out, will you?” Su Rao was on the verge of bursting out any minute. This fool.

Xu Yao hesitated for a while and asked, “What’s the matter with you today? Is it because you didn’t do well in the exam so you’re in a bad mood?”

She’s literally like a powder keg.

Su Rao: “Don’t ask.”

Xu Yao shrugged. Since she’s a comrade in arms, it was necessary for him to put the other party in the right frame of mind.

“Actually, it’s nothing. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. You placed fourth in the exam, that’s all. Later if you get tenth place will you go crazy?”

Su Rao: “What did you say? You actually cursed me?”

Xu Yao: “……I’m just making an example.”

He didn’t think there was anything wrong with the bottom twenty comforting the fourth placer.

“Not even as an example! I have never been tenth in the exam! Curse me again and you’re dead!”

Xu Yao: “……”

After saying a few words, she became angry again. This temper was too bad ba.

After being quiet for a few minutes, Xu Yao said again, “By the way, let me tell you a secret. Li Che has always been first in school before. What’s more, he has retained a grade, so it’s normal if you can’t beat him in the exam.”

Su Rao opened her closed eyes. “How do you know? You knew each other before? Then Lu Wan also knew him?”

In this way, Lu Wan’s testimony that day wasn’t as credible.

Xu Yao nodded. “Yeah, the three of us used to be in the same middle school. Don’t tell anyone.”

Although he was careless, there were still some things that were clear to him.

Su Rao snorted coldly. “I’m not that bored.”

She was also not interested in other people’s past.

Xu Yao: “Then are you in a better mood now? If you also stay in the same grade, let alone Li Che, you can even pass Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing in the exams.”

Su Rao turned her head and looked at Xu Yao. “Dummy.”

This big guy was not useless. No wonder he and Lu Wan could be friends for so long.

Xu Yao: “……”

So what did I say wrong? How did I become a dummy?

Girls were really difficult to understand. Not only do they have two faces, but they were also unreasonable.

So Lu Wan was still the best and the most compatible with him.


On the day of the recording, the audience entered the venue four hours in advance.

Most of those watching this kind of show were interested in the game, and their skills were not low.

Xu Yao seemed out of place.

During the security check before the recording, the audience had to hand in their mobile phones and electronic devices.

Su Rao prepared in advance and brought a book to read during the waiting period.

Xu Yao had nothing to do but wait until he was crazy from boredom.

He moved his head closer, originally wanted to read with Su Rao, but seeing that it was all in English, he immediately retreated.

Su Rao closed the book and asked, “What do you want now?”

Xu Yao: “We’re just waiting. Can’t we go and see Lu Wan?”

Su Rao: “Maybe you can. Go and ask the program staff. Just say you’re Lu Wan’s friend and ask them to let you in.”

Xu Yao’s eyes lit up. “Can I?”

Su Rao nodded. “Of course, after all, you’re a friend of a contestant.”

Xu Yao then went with great enthusiasm.

Su Rao glanced at the back of the other party, then turned her eyes back to the book.

She read quietly for ten minutes before Xu Yao came running back.

“I was not allowed! I asked three staff members and they all said no, telling me not to make trouble.”

Su Rao did not look up. She said in a flat voice, “So it’s not allowed ah.”

Xu Yao: “……”

He sat down in a huff. He suspected that this guy was playing with him.

“Handsome guy, which university are you from? Let’s add each other in WeChat.” There were two girls near them who excitedly run up to ask Xu Yao for his contact information.

There’s still a demand for this kind of wheat-colored muscular man.

Xu Yao: “Not adding. I’m not in college. I’m a recluse!”

The two girls looked at each other and left sulkily.

Not long after, a boy came to ask Su Rao for her WeChat.

Su Rao looked up at Xu Yao who was still upset beside her and said calmly, “Excuse me, I have a boyfriend?”

The boy looked at the big guy, said “I’m sorry”, and immediately retreated.

Xu Yao was startled, and after the boy left, he asked, “How can you say that? What if Lu Wan finds out!”

Su Rao: “I just think it’s convenient, don’t think too much. I also think it’s bad if Lu Wan knows so be quiet.”

Xu Yao: “Then using me as your shield, will you pay me?”

What kind of person was this? Why was this girl liked by so many people in school? It was very puzzling!

Su Rao took out a hundred yuan and stuffed it into the other party’s arms. “Fine, can you shut up now?”

Every time a boy came to ask for her contact information, Su Rao would look at Xu Yao and said he was her boyfriend.

Sure enough, the other party would leave quickly without any delay.

Who would create a trouble with a muscular man?

Afterwards, Su Rao would give Xu Yao a hundred yuan.

In just three hours, Xu Yao made a thousand yuan……

He was completely dumbfounded and returned the money. “I don’t want it. Keep it for yourself.”

Su Rao: “Didn’t you say you want a pay? Even call ducks needs money. This is your reward.”

Xu Yao: “????”

He was just making an argument. Although he knew he couldn’t win, he had to have an attitude as a man!

How could he eat soft rice[2]to live off a woman?

Before he could say anything, he was interrupted by the other party.

Su Rao: “Stop talking, the recording has started.”

Xu Yao: “……”

All right, I’ll have a talk with you later.

Xu Yao folded up the one thousand yuan and put it in his pocket.


Lu Wan was worried that she would be assigned to fight against Chen Nianqing at the beginning.

If that happened, one of them has to be eliminated as soon as they came up.

She personally hoped to meet him gradually, after all, they were friends, even if they had to be opponents, it should at least be in the second round if possible.

When she got the matched up list, Lu Wan breathed a sigh of relief.

Chen Nianqing was in the first group and she was in the second. They were not rivals.

Lu Wan asked with a smile, “Nervous?”

“Not nervous.”

Lu Wan patted him on the shoulder. “Go, give me a good start.”

“Okay, I will.”

The final was live but with a ten-minute time difference between the recording and the broadcast. There was also a big screen in the backstage for the contestants so they could see the situation on the stage.

“There should be no suspense this time. Chen Nianqing is sure to win.”

“Yeah, I think so too.”

“Chen Nianqing seems to be stable all the time.”

The remaining six contestants in the backstage apart from Lu Wan, all started talking.

Even if Chen Nianqing doesn’t get the first place, he should be in the top three since he was the contestant with the most stable performance.

Of course, that might not also be the case. After all, certain opportunities could develop during the game.

Maybe…… his opponent would be better than him this time. This kind of situation wasn’t unheard of.

After the topic on the big screen came out, the room became quiet for a moment.

The questions in the first few rounds were all centered on memorization and when it comes to the top fifteen, it leaned more towards calculation, which raised the difficulty level.

Lu Wan glanced at the question. If it goes well, it would take about four to six minutes for her to solve it.

If it doesn’t go well…… it’s hard to tell.

She reckoned that Chen Nianqing should be similar.

Soon someone rang the bell before the four minute mark.

Lu Wan looked at the screen. The contestant who rang the bell wasn’t Chen Nianqing?

Her breath caught in her throat and her heart missed a beat.

She probably wouldn’t be as nervous as she was now if she’s the one playing the game live.


1 refers to a shrewish wife
2 to live off a woman


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