Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 114

The competition requires two contestants to complete the answers separately and then check the correct answers in unison.

If both of their answers were correct, whoever rang the bell first or the one with the least time, wins.

After Wang Liguang finished answering the question, Chen Nianqing wasn’t affected in the slightest.

He completed the question seriously without even looking up.

His state was amazingly stable. One must know that many contestants would become very anxious when they saw that their opponent was done with the answer.

At 6 minutes and 10 seconds mark, Chen Nianqing rang the bell to indicate he was finished answering the question.



“How come Wang Liguang is so fast here? So much faster than Chen Nianqing?” A contestant asked in surprise.

“Yeah, it really scared me.”

“Maybe he just knows this type of question. It’s not really that surprising.” Liu Lu said with a smile.

Several contestants looked at each other. Liu Lu and Wang Liguang knew each other before the competition, they were friends, and were even in the same group in the last duo competition.

It wasn’t surprising that Liu Lu would speak for the other party.

But after several months of competition, everyone had a certain understanding of each other.

Wang Liguang had a good memory, but in terms of calculation and logical thinking, he wasn’t in the same echelon as Chen Nianqing.

Normally speaking, Wang Liguang’s winning rate in this round was very low, not to mention the speed was a bit outrageous. It took half the time less than Chen Nianqing’s.

Lu Wan turned her head to glance at the person and said in a flat voice, “Wait and see the answer.”

She was actually surprised, but if the other party didn’t wrote the answer in random, how could it be so fast?

After all, it took less than three minutes. Chen Nianqing couldn’t do it and neither could she.

Of course, there were others who can be that fast, but according to Wang Liguang’s performance on the previous rounds, that person wasn’t him.


The host stepped into the middle of the stage and said with a smile, “Thanks to the two contestants for their wonderful performance. Without further ado, we will now begin to check whether their answers are correct. Let’s start with Chen Nianqing, who took the longer time.”

“52! Contestant Chen Nianqing’s answer is correct!”

The host’s words were followed by a warm round of applause.

Although Xu Yao didn’t understand the topic, he was driven by the atmosphere and applauded vigorously.

It took him a few seconds to react. Why was he applauding for the little white face? He put down his hand in seconds.

Su Rao: “Heh, what an idiot.”

Xu Yao: “……”

Forget it. He’ll just let it go this time.

After all, this girl wasn’t in a good mood because she didn’t do well in the exams.

If he’d been the second placer in the exams and two transfer students suddenly came and pushed him to the fourth place, it would definitely not make sense.

Xu Yao was always the last in every exams but he could fully understand Su Rao’s mood!!

As a study slacker, he can be considerate to a top student who failed to get a good score in the exam.

The host waited for the applause to subside and then continued, “Next, let’s look at the answer of Wang Liguang who answered the question first. If he also answered correctly, he who took less time will win this round. Otherwise, the winner will be Chen Nianqing.”

There was now silence and the atmosphere became tense.

“Student Wang Liguang’s answer is 52. Congratulations! The winner of this round is him!”

This was turning the tide. The underdog won beautifully and the applause at the scene was even more enthusiastic. 

The host asked the two contestants to stand in the middle and speak separately.

First up was the winner of the round.

Wang Liguang smiled, “I think it’s because the topic just so happens to be what I’m good at. I guess I’m lucky.”

“Our winner is very modest.” The conversation turned and the host looked at Chen Nianqing next to her, “What would you like to say about this performance?”

Chen Nianqing’s voice was calm, “Since it’s a competition, there must be someone who will lose. Lu Wan, hang in there.”

The host was very surprised. She originally thought that Chen Nianqing whose performance had always been stable might not be able to accept being eliminated this time.

She didn’t expect the other side to be perfectly carefree.

He carried himself with a regal air and was not surprised by honor or disgrace……

At this age, it could be said to be very rare.

The CP fans at the scene and in front of the TV expressed they were hit!

Although it’s a pity that Chen Nianqing was eliminated, the last sentence of the other party mentioned Lu Wan to cheer her up!

It could be regarded as consolation to them.

Song Qianqian simply wanted to scream. Isn’t this love?! This has to be ah!

She also didn’t know why a single dog like her was so excited about other people’s sweet love?!

She’s a big fan of this CP pair.


Lu Bainian and Zhao Jianing did not go to the scene but they stayed in front of the TV since the beginning to cheer for their daughter.

Both the couple were surprised to see Chen Nianqing eliminated.

Lu Bainian: “Before Wanwan left, I calculated the probability of her winning first. According to their performance in the previous rounds, Chen Nianqing has a 5% higher probability than her.”

Though it’s not that completely accurate.

Zhao Jianing: “I also think that the other contestant’s calculation in three minutes is too exaggerated. Can it be the case of the question getting leaked?”

The person who got the answer didn’t know when Chen Nianqing would finish the calculation. He was unsure so he rang the buzzer after three minutes.

The two looked at each other and came to an understanding.

Lu Bainian: “Wanwan is about to appear on stage. She won’t have a problem too, right?”

Zhao Jianing: “Even if there’s no problem in her group, I’m afraid…… your daughter already knows that something fishy is going on. With her character, how can she suffer in silence?”

Lu Bainian: “……”

Forget it, even if there was, it was beyond his control.

The couple were dismayed by this situation at first, but later thought about it. There were also a lot of deceptions in the academic circle, not to mention that this was another variety show mixed with the entertainment circle.

They were just a little disappointed.

If they had known it would be like this, they shouldn’t have let Lu Wan participate and let her see these things.


Liu Lu and Lu Wan would play in the second group.

This time it was a fair game, after all no one would use the Lu family’s young miss as cannon fodder.

Liu Lu was very nervous throughout the whole process. While answering the question, she observed Lu Wan from the corner of her eye.

Afraid that the other party would answer the question ahead of her.

She was a little shocked to see that Lu Wan was……. spinning the pen in her hands.

Was this because it was too difficult so she just gave up answering?

Although she was surprised, she lowered her head and continued to calculate. No matter what, she would definitely finish the game.

Five minutes in, Lu Wan started spinning the pen. On stage…… she performed tricks for ten minutes.

She would throw the pen up and catch it again, and then the pen would continue to spin in the air.

After catching it, she would even change hands. It was overwhelming.

Lu Wan, who was turning her pen with a smile, was in stark contrast to the nervous contestant with sweat on her forehead.

Although it’s a bit out of place, they have to say that Lu Wan was indeed a master at pen spinning!

The live audience and those in front of the TV watched Lu Wan spin the pen, and even wanted to take one and follow along.

It had some kind of magical appeal.

At the 15th minute mark, Liu Lu was finally done answering the question and rang the buzzer.

The second the opponent rang the buzzer, Lu Wan followed suit.

The host laughed stiffly. “Student Lu Wan, you just kept turning your pen, have you finished the question? Don’t you think this is a little improper?”

Lu Wan: “If it’s over then it’s over. But I’m not sure…… and only become certain just now. Spinning the pen is to relieve tension.”

Host: “……”

Oh, that was it.

The host looked a bit awkward and began to go through the process.

Lu Wan’s answer was announced, and after knowing that it was correct, there was a little commotion at the scene.

So why didn’t she rang the buzzer? Why must she wait for her opponent to finish answering before doing so?

Although she said she wasn’t sure, it was clearly obvious that she deliberately lost the game……

When the host announced that Liu Lu’s answer was correct, Lu Wan sincerely congratulated the other party.

“There are wins and losses in a competition. I think it’s enough that I got until here. I should participate less in such competitive variety shows in the future and study hard.”

Lu Wan bowed and then stepped off the stage with a relaxed expression.

There’s no sense of being eliminated at all, as if she only came to buy vegetables.

Liu Lu stood on the stage very embarrassed. Although she won, she felt unhappy.

She and Wang Liguang were friends, so no matter what the situation was, she would stand by her friend unconditionally, but she regretted it now.

She shouldn’t have said anything. She would rather lose the match in a dignified manner.

It turned out that getting a ranking that didn’t belong to you could be uncomfortable. She suspected that it was Lu Wan’s revenge.


The truth was in the hands of a few people. Everyone loves to watch scenes of turning the tide and a game-changer.

So most of the audience felt that the game just now was fine.

But this scene with Lu Wan…… as long as one wasn’t a fool, one could clearly see that she lost the game on purpose.

Why did she throw the game? The answer was readily apparent.

The program group was picking on the soft target. Several other guests have signed contracts.

In the future, they would publish a book or be a live broadcast teacher.

Chen Nianqing was not interested in these things. He was a high school student and did not have such a strong background as Lu Wan, so he naturally became cannon fodder.

This kind of underhanded operation was too common that even the votes of a live competition can be altered in the later stage.

Perhaps at first, the program group made the show with a sincere heart, but as the ratings climbed and new capital continued to pour in, it gradually became less pure.

Chen Nianqing was unwilling to cooperate, so the program team didn’t need to flatter the other party.

It was agreed a long time ago to eliminate him in the first round, but the opponent was too strong, they could only reveal the question.

It’s just that they didn’t expect that Lu Wan, who was usually easy to talk to, would suddenly struck without warning.

Although it was still harmonious on the surface, but the situation was messed up.

It’s just that this was a live broadcast, no matter what accident happened, the competition had to continue. The host could only bite the bullet and carry on.


Chen Nianqing saw Lu Wan walking down, smiled and said, “You didn’t have to do this.”

“If I’m upset, then everyone should be upset. I’m a person who doesn’t like to cause trouble on my own initiative, but I’m never afraid of trouble.”

Chen Nianqing: “But they also didn’t do anything to you.”

Lu Wan: “There’s not much difference between messing with you and messing with me. I’m still very upset.”

Chen Nianqing: “Are you really that unhappy?”

Lu Wan nodded. “I’m unhappy. If I knew it, I wouldn’t come here. It’s a waste of my time, so it’s better to leave early now. It’s only past eight o’clock. Let’s go, we can still have a snack.”

“But the crew told us to wait until it’s over. There’s another interview.”

Lu Wan: “Not going. Screw them.”

Chen Nianqing gently looked at the other person. “Didn’t you read the contract? You may need to pay compensation.”

“Look, when we came, there’s only the reimbursement for the travel and accommodation expenses. How much can that be?” Lu Wan paused and added, “I’ll tell you a secret, don’t look at how I don’t usually spend money, I have a black card! My uncle gave it to me privately and I can spend five million a day! If it’s not enough, I can still handle it! So you can rest assured, I’m rich! Come with me!”

It’s just a few money, we can afford to pay!

The rich do not need to bend their waists.

Chen Nianqing: “Are you saying that you want to support me?”

Lu Wan thought it over seriously. “I guess, but not for too long. Two months at most. You still have to make money yourself ah.”

After all, her money didn’t come from thin air.

“Two months is fine, that’s quite long.”

The young man’s heartbeat was like the spring night rain dropping on the surface of a quiet lake, the ripples slowly swayed, and before it calmed down, an even bigger rain came.

Likely accompanied by thunder this time.

Chen Nianqing smiled and said, “Are you so nice to everyone?”

Lu Wan: “Of course not. I haven’t been so angry for a long time, don’t you see?”

After saying that she puffed up her cheeks. “How about this, can you see it?”

She’s really pissed.

Even if everyone thinks that this was normal, it’s fine.

Many people told her with their actions that the world was just unfair and f*cked up like that.

But she also wouldn’t compromise.

Even if it cannot be changed, she would never go with the flow.

Not before, not now.

Chen Nianqing: “I can see. Then shall we go?”

Lu Wan: “Let’s go. Though you can’t do anything now, they are all old and uselessly dull-minded. You’re only eighteen years old and certainly have a great future. You’ll be more awesome than these people.”

Chen Nianqing: “En.”

He was surprised that this person was very good at encouraging others.

When encountering this kind of thing, no matter who it was, it’s inevitable to feel emotional, but now, he was really not upset at all.

He was even a little happy.


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