Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 116

Lu Wan took a step forward and at the same time reminded Chen Nianqing beside her.

“Stand back.”

If this was for Lu Buyu…… then it’s much scarier than the program crew!

There were several dozens of men and women in total…… the most she could guarantee was to get out in one piece.

If she fought hard, she could fight about ten or so.

Dog Lu’s assistant pointed out to her that generally, the ones that closely follow stars itinerary were either fansite manager or obsessive fans.

A fansite manager and an obsessive fan had a big difference!

To put it bluntly, an obsessive fan was a creep and would intrude on an artist’s private life in every possible way.

Buying information from brokers in advance, blocking the entrance hotels, chasing cars at high speeds, they had no moral bottom line.

The year before last, Lu Buyu had a minor car accident because of an obsessive fan.

He was fine since he was sitting in the back seat, but the driver suffered a broken wrist.

These people want to get up close and personal with their idols. There were times when they block the set and interfere with normal filming.

After being driven away by the staff, they continued to curse all the way through, which was very unpleasant.

Lu Buyu’s face would turn dark then.

In short, this was a group of abnormal sickos.

Ordinary people would have exploded if they were treated this way, but artists could not.

The general public acquiesces that this was what artists must endure.

But in the fan circle, obsessive fans have an exceptionally bad reputation.

This situation continued to happen despite repeated prohibitions. Lu Buyu’s fans were young and numerous, so he had severe cases of obsessive fans.

That’s why he doesn’t disclose his family members.

“Lu Wan! Is Lu Buyu upstairs?”

“Are you here to see him? What floor is he on? Tell us!”

“Little Sister, take us to him! Ahhhhh! Little Sister!”

Lu Wan’s head was full of black lines. What the hell was this?

Don’t they have other things to do?

In addition to obsessive fans, there were also proxy photographers that came to take pictures.

These ‘photographers’ make money by selling photos of celebrities, ranging from tens to hundreds of yuan.

Lu Wan’s eyes were blinded by the camera flash a few times and when she looked over, it even had long lens?

She secretly cursed. Are you f*cking insane?

The proxy photographers all knew Lu Wan, but they didn’t know anything about Chen Nianqing.

They haven’t seen the variety show.

However, they think that this little brother looks good and he wasn’t bad compared to the new generation of traffic stars in the entertainment industry.

He appeared here today but maybe in a few months he would become someone popular?

They could store the photos first and then sell them for money later!

Apparently, the proxy photographers reached a consensus, and took another shot of Chen Nianqing.

The cameras almost hitting his face.

Chen Nianqing reached out to block. “Please don’t take pictures.”

“Why can’t we take pictures? Aren’t you pretentious? We paid money for this trip! We’re doing you a favor by taking your pictures!”

This person’s mouth wasn’t clean.

Lu Wan pushed the person away. “F*ck you! Are you looking for a beating?”

What the hell was Dog Lu doing? He’s only adding to the mess.

Never mind that these people were taking pictures of her, but what do they mean by taking pictures of Chen Nianqing?

The other person wasn’t a celebrity?! Her temper got the better of her.

“Why are you hitting people? Knowing a celebrity is great. Come on, come on, you call your backer Lu Buyu down and hit me together then smashed my camera!” The person said in a spiteful way.

Lu Wan: “……”

You’re forcing my hand.

Some idiots were especially capable of being irritating.

If she beats someone up now, she’ll be on the news tomorrow.

But it’s okay to go to the local news, let’s talk about it after the fight.

Chen Nianqing held Lu Wan back and signaled her not to be impulsive with his eyes.

Lu Wan patted the other side’s hand as she turned to him to imply: Don’t worry, I’ve got it. I must make it painful but there won’t be flesh wound.

Lu Wan turned her head back and suddenly her whole temperament was different.

She moved her knuckles and walked towards the person expressionlessly.

Some people really deserve a beating.

The other proxy photographers near him didn’t move up, for fear of being accidentally hurt.

“W-what are you trying to do?”

Xu Pei also began to be afraid. His daily job was to act as a proxy photographer, and because he had been doing it for a long time, he had gradually become more and more daring.

After all, nothing had happened to them. Celebrities were generally afraid of impinging their reputation, so they wouldn’t pursue it too much.

But although this one was a girl, she was taller than him.

And the ‘clicking’ sound made by her fingers was pretty scary……

He only said that just now but he didn’t think she would do it.

“S-stay away.”

Lu Wan: “I’ll gladly fulfil your wish. Your brain is not clear, you need someone to give you a head massage!”



When Lu Wan heard someone calling her name, she turned her head and saw Lu Jinye.

Lu Jinye, who was wearing a dark coat, walked in the front. His temples were white and there were a few wrinkles around his eyes.

It could be seen that he was not young, but he had the demeanor of a mature man.

Following him were about twenty other people.

But…… it was different from the appearance of the big boss in movies.

Because those burly men were all wearing bright red down jackets and had mid-length hair.

Although their expressionless faces were very fierce, but coupled with their disastrous style, it was inexplicably comical.

Lu Jinye was thinking of picking up Lu Wan tomorrow using his private jet.

But after seeing the live broadcast, he moved up his schedule by one day and went to the airport right away.

He flew in overnight.

Even though Lu Wan was eliminated, Ah Biao still made everyone put on a festive red down jacket.

After all, in his heart, the young lady was the number one. The best!

Lu Jinye: “How can you do it yourself? Tell Ah Biao about this kind of thing and let him handle it.”

Ah Biao showed a smile that he thought was amiable, but was actually ferocious.

“Yeah, I like dealing with pork entrails the most. I’m good at cooking.”

Everyone: “……”

Ah Biao was 1.9 meters tall with well-developed muscles even on his face.

After he came over and stood before him…… the light in front of Xu Pei suddenly dimmed and his heart started beating very fast.

Ah Biao snatched the camera like taking away a child’s toy, and then opened his mouth and asked, “You want someone to smash your camera?”

Xu Pei: “……”

Mom, I’m so scared!

Ah Biao slammed the camera hard on the ground, then crushed it with his foot a few times. He smiled and said, “Since you requested it, I’ll satisfy you! I won’t charge you for the service. You won’t go as far as to ask me to buy you a new one, will you?”

Xu Pei: “……”

Ah Biao patted the other party’s shoulder vigorously. “Good boy, don’t do this kind of thing in the future, got it?”

Xu Pei’s shoulder hurt so badly. Shivering, he said, “My camera costs more than 10,000 yuan……”

“Oh, that means you got a problem with me. It’s okay, let’s talk slowly. I’ll compensate you for a new one.” Ah Biao turned and said to the person behind him, “Xiao Wu[1]Little Five, take this wicked boy to the car. I’ll talk to him later.”

Xiao Wu: “Okay, Brother Biao.”

Xu Pei’s body shook. He immediately changed his words. “N-no, it’s fine, you don’t need to pay for it.”

Ah Biao patted the other party’s face. “Why didn’t you say so earlier? Naughty. It seems that you have a lot of opinions about me. We need to have a good chat to resolve the misunderstanding. I’m not unreasonable. I usually watch law programs. Alright, Xiao Wu, take him.”

Xiao Wu’s hands were strong and Xu Pei was taken away crying and shouting.

Lu Jinye: “You can handle these people here, Ah Biao. Lu Wan and I will go up first.”

“Okay, Boss.”

There were more than a dozen big men here, who wouldn’t be afraid?

Ah Biao: “Good evening, everyone!”

“What do you want to do? You want to illegally detain us? It’s against the law!” A girl plucked up her courage to say.

Ah Biao smiled. “Are we violating the law? Then aren’t you breaking the law by stalking others and disrupting public order?”

“We’re wrong, Big Brother. Let us go back.” The boy said obsequiously.

Ah Biao shook his head. “You don’t trust me but you should at least trust the police. I’ve already called them. After a while, the police uncle will take you to the station. But rest assured, after all, no substantial harm has been caused so you’ll only need to sign a pledge that you won’t do it again next time, then they will let all of your parents take you back.”

This sentence can be described as agonizing.

Once they heard that their parents would be called, many turned pale on the spot.

There were also the younger ones who cried out, saying that they knew they were wrong and that their parents mustn’t find out.

Ah Biao was unmoved, expressing that the parents must be called.

If they besieged ordinary stars, they probably wouldn’t suffer any loss.

But the one who was stuck in the room and who dared not come out was the eldest lady, and the one who was forced to charge downstairs was the second young master!

Who can bear this?!

They cannot!


After the few people went upstairs, they found that there were more than a dozen obsessed fans blocking the rooms on this floor.

Lu Jinye didn’t speak but his men following behind started to act.

Lu Buyu was hiding in the room next to Lu Wan’s. When he opened the door and saw the three people, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Fortunately, you guys are here.”

Lu Wan: “What’s the matter with you? Bringing such a group of people here?”

Lu Buyu: “Isn’t it because I’m worried about you? We happened to be in the same city, so I came here directly. I found someone following me on the road and I asked the driver to go around in circles for an hour. I thought I can shake them off. Who knows this would happen?”

Those information brokers were really cunning.

Those guys sold his itinerary right away that created this situation.

He was stuck upstairs, neither leaving nor staying, he simply hid in the room.

Lu Wan: “……”

So are you here to help me? Or make things worse?

Lu Wan: “Do you know what the only difference between you and Taohua is?”

Lu Buyu asked uncertainly, “I’m smarter?”

Lu Wan shook her head. “No, no, no, it’s that you can take a bath by yourself but Taohua can’t and has to be washed by others. Other than that, there’s no difference between you father and daughter.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

This is a bit too much!

“That’s enough, Wanwan, how can you say that about your brother?” Lu Jinye couldn’t help laughing, “Even if it’s true, you shouldn’t say it.”

Lu Buyu, who was about to nod, heard the next sentence and was stunned.

There’s no love left in this world.

Lu Jinye turned his head and looked at Chen Nianqing on the side.

Lu Wan quickly introduced, “This is my schoolmate. We participated in that variety show together, you should know him.”

Chen Nianqing bowed slightly. “Hello, Mr. Lu, my name is Chen Nianqing.”

Lu Jinye nodded. “Ooh, you don’t look bad, nephew-in-law?”

Lu Wan: “……”

What? Do you think it’s appropriate to call him that?

How come you’re speaking out anything that comes to your mind?

Lu Wan: “No, Uncle, don’t call him that.”

Lu Jinye’s mind was clear.

“Why, this boy doesn’t like you? Then I have to listen to his reasons, at least five of them.”

Chen Nianqing: “I like her, Mr. Lu.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Ah, she really wanted to shout, ‘look at what the child was forced into’.

Lu Jinye patted Chen Nianqing on the shoulder. “Nephew-in-law, you can rest assured that I won’t let you be wronged.”

Chen Nianqing was startled for a moment, then said in a flat voice, “I don’t feel wronged.”

Lu Jinye: “Hey, follow Lu Wan and call me uncle, don’t be too distant.”

Chen Nianqing was very quick to change his words, “Uncle.”

Lu Wan: “……”

She really felt strange. What must Chen Nianqing be thinking of their family ah?

Bandits? When they see a good-looking boy, they just snatch him to be the bandit boss’s bride?

Lu Jinye had been sending three people with good skills to follow Lu Wan every day.

He was afraid of something unexpected happening. Someone dissatisfied with him but didn’t dare attack directly might target Lu Wan instead.

So he knew that Lu Wan and this boy secretly went on a date in the museum and that the two often stayed together.

The two young people were in a relationship.

Lu Jinye originally disapproved of girls getting married too soon and felt that it was more important to have a career.

Later, several uncles said that the Lu family had genes for late marriage and late childbearing.

So he had to reconsider.

His father didn’t get married until he was forty, not to mention that he himself was still a bachelor.

Lu Lin was also not young anymore but he was still playing through life.

The only member of the family who outdid himself was Lu Bainian, who got married at twenty-two and had his first child in the same year.

If Lu Wan didn’t get married until she was forty, wouldn’t that be a bit late?

Perhaps her marriage and career wouldn’t affect each other?

Lu Jinye changed his mind and got someone to check out Chen Nianqing.

This boy had a clean background and came from a literary family. His parents have good reputations and he had been excellent since childhood. If it was in ancient times, he would be a young lady from a noble family.

Though Chen Nianqing’s family was definitely a bit lacking compared to the Lu’s.

But they don’t need to marry someone within their own social class either.

Lu Jinye was quite satisfied with the boy. He was qualified to be his nephew-in-law.

If they’re dating then they’re dating. It’s rare that Lu Wan likes someone.

It’s not a loss to occupy this pit first. After all, this boy was quite popular.

Lu Buyu was entirely shocked.

What the hell? Lu Wan actually fell in love early? She stole cabbage from someone else’s family? And what’s with Uncle’s attitude? Shouldn’t he be against it?

He had a lot of question marks.

Lu Buyu looked at the ‘cabbage’ with complex expression, thought for a while and asked, “Lu Wan…… Don’t she usually hit you?”

Chen Nianqing: “……No.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Lu Jinye knocked his nephew on the head. “Silly boy, what are you talking about? Our Lu family’s men never hit women! Of course, women don’t hit men either.”

After saying that, Lu Jinye glanced at Chen Nianqing and said uncertainly, “Xiao Chen, you can rest assured on this. But if you’re worried, you can exercise more often. Though of course, I don’t think it’s necessary. Hahaha.”

Lu Wan held her forehead. “Alright, alright, stop.”

How was it that the more he wiped, the blacker it gets?

She really won’t hit people for no reason, okay?!

She’s not a lunatic!

Besides, she and Chen Nianqing were just helping each other out. They weren’t in that kind of relationship at all.

These two was thinking too much.

Lu Jinye: “Let’s not chat for now. Pack up your things. We won’t be staying here tonight, but in our Lu family’s hotel. Let’s change places.”

Today, he would like to see who would dare make trouble with him here.


Fifteen minutes later, the police took away the group of people from the lobby.

It’s a lot of work in the middle of the night.

How should they put this, these people were indeed breaking the law, but in fact, whether they take care of it or not was fine.

However, the Lu Group was a big taxpayer, and if things get serious, the impact would be bad, so it couldn’t be ignored.

All the faces of these youngsters turned pale and some gnashed their teeth in hatred.

They came to see Lu Buyu. What’s the matter with Lu Wan?

Really meddlesome. If this was the case, then everyone should suffer.



The live broadcast wasn’t over yet but this entry was already on the hot search list.

There were also a few minute videos and their views were rising steadily.

Of course, the program team also tried to suppress the hot searches, but failed.

It was because Lu Jinye spent more money.

Most netizens blamed the program group. My goodness, how much have they done to make the contestants protest like this?

However, Lu Wan was indeed tough. Variety shows have a script by default but the audience barely even notice it.

After all, most victims choose to keep silent for fear of offending someone.

There were too few people who dare to protest like her, that’s why it seems very passionate.

Several big V’s from different industries ended up praising Lu Wan.

「Don’t think that what’s common is reasonable. This is what teenagers should be like, making people see hope.」

The comments were also overwhelmingly supportive of Lu Wan and they questioned the program group.

A few days ago, the official blog of this variety show posted that there would be a celebration banquet after the end of the show to attract investment for the second season.

This was it. Better not open a second season! Fooling the audience!

Eliminating the handsome and intelligent Chen Nianqing and forcing Lu Wan to protest on the spot!

They couldn’t stand good-looking and smart people?

Lu Buyu’s support club was the first to write a long article to help Little Sister question the program group.

After all, the entertainment industry was deep and they were familiar with this process!

Fans then reposted it one after another.

Lu Buyu’s fans have a very great impression of Lu Wan and many of them have fallen in love with their socialist brother-sister relationship.

Until there was a comment pushed on top of the comment section, saying another thing about Lu Wan.

“Of course she’s courageous, she’s rich. Y’all helping Lu Wan fight the injustice while just now she left the set and went back to the hotel, then Lu Buyu came to accompany her. In the middle of the night, Lu Buyu still has to please the crown princess, not as a sibling. No wonder that even when Lu Buyu hasn’t shown up much recently, he still has a lot of resources. Is this trying to marry into a wealthy family?”


1 Little Five


An introvert rabbit who wants to hide in a hole every time.

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