Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 117

This comment was upvoted because fans, in their anger, have gone to reply in defense.

Some professional posters took the opportunity to show up, plus the keyboard warriors who were fanning the flames……the water was completely muddied.

1L: You have to take responsibility for what you say. Little Sister is not yet of age!

2L: Forwarded more than 500 times, beware of going behind bars.

3L: I’m gonna throw up. Everyone, ignore this retard, this is an obsessive fan! They always do dumb things!

4L: I think it’s entirely possible. Lu Buyu is just a little white face who pleases women.

5L: That’s right, that little white face is an embarrassment to men.

6L: Oh heavens, did some crazy creatures get mixed into the comment section again? Some men really stink. And the one who was claiming this is true, have you seen it with your own eyes?

7L: I saw Lu Buyu enter Lu Wan’s hotel with my own eyes. He hid upstairs and didn’t come out. Lu Wan arrived one step later, and then sent people to chase away the fans waiting below and even called the police. Lu Wan was so arrogant that she almost beat someone, really ill-mannered.

8L: Lu Buyu hid in the room while Lu Wan handled it? Thumbs up. As expected of President Lu.

9L: Even if it’s true, this is Brother Yu’s private matter, right? That’s enough for the obsessive fans. JC[1]jǐng chá: police Uncles did a great job!

10L: Didn’t you say that the obsessive fans are taken away? Are some people here posting from the police car? XSWL[2]xiào sǐ wǒ le: laughing to death.

Lu Buyu was a top star and Lu Wan happens to be in the eye of the storm once again.

Soon public opinion festered.

A top star was suspected to be intimately associated with a rich underage girl.

The man went to the hotel where the girl was staying late at night.

This was no different form a sudden clap of thunder and the news couldn’t be suppressed.

And even if Weibo was under control, there were other platforms.

Before going to bed, many netizens habitually swipe their mobile phones to see what new and interesting things there were and make themselves drowsy.

When passersby read the news, they sat up from the bed in shock, their drowsiness disappearing instantly.

They went to their friend list at once to discuss! They need to send their regards to Lu Buyu’s fans in Moments.

Do you feel like the house is falling apart? Are you all right? Don’t be impulsive ah!

This matter was considered real. There were already photos and videos of Lu Buyu entering the hotel on the Internet, as well as Lu Wan standing in the hotel lobby.

Ah Biao walked in and said, “Boss, I’m afraid this matter cannot be suppressed.”

Lu Jinye contemplated for a while and made a resolution. “Then don’t suppress, don’t force it.”

“Okay, we got it.”

Without the PR department controlling the public opinion, after half an hour, the entry #LuBuYu’sLateNightVisitToLuWan’sHotel# exploded and became the number one on the hot search list.

Lu Wan was completely fed up.

“So did you come here today to get exposed?”

 Lu Buyu: “……I wanted to help you.”

“Then I really thank you. It’s already like this, so each of us will just make a post to Weibo to set things straight.”

After a pause, Lu Wan added, “Let’s post a photo, lest others think it’s fake. I’ll call Mom and Dad first.”

Since it’s going to be made public, of course it’s better to make it clear at once.

The husband and wife of the Lu family knew of the news. They were quite surprised that there was such a big commotion all of a sudden.

Though in this case, of course, the situation must be explained quickly.

They could no longer continue to hide it, but it’s also good to finally make it public.

They could give their son a title. After all, he was the eldest son of their family…… Although it would be inconvenient to the other three family members.

Zhao Jianing hung up her daughter’s call and her phone kept vibrating.

It’s all messages from the WeChat group.

Some time ago, she joined the WeChat group of Lu Buyu’s big fans, met few new friends, and even attended an offline meetup.

Some of Lu Buyu’s big fans know that this elder sister may know Brother Yu in private and respect her very much.

So after the news came out, they first came to the group to ask.

Pei Yin: Sis, what’s going on? I certainly believe this is not the case, but it’s better to let Brother Yu explain.

Li Shiqian: Yeah, this is too absurd. I have explained it to several groups and the sisters all believe Brother Yu. After all, we’ve been his fans for so many years.

Luoluo: I’m afraid that the antis will take the opportunity to mess around and affect my Brother Yu’s future prospects. Those people are too wicked.

Zhao Jianing thought for a moment and directly replied: It’s okay. Biological siblings should take care of each other.

Though at present, it seems that the younger sister takes care of the older brother more.

She would have to talk to Lu Buyu later. How could he hide and let Wanwan almost got into a fight with others?

……Fortunately, Elder Brother headed there.

But then again, if Lu Buyu made a move, it would cause a bigger sensation.

He’s a public figure after all.

Everyone in the group: ???

Sibling? Biological?

Were their eyes deceiving them? Holy sh*t, who could have imagined this?

Wait a minute, their minds were a bit confused and they needed a second to process this.

If so, then the clarification would be very confusing. It’ll completely be the most baffling and humorous news of the year.

It would cause a commotion, but in the end, it was just a farce.

This elder sister, there’s no need to deceived them. It’s a lie that would come apart easily.

Just wait and see.


Lu Buyu first posted on Weibo.

「My younger sister whom I’ve known since childhood and live together with. Group photo.jpg」

【Brother Yu’s little pillow: First comment. F*ck, f*ck, f*ck!】

【Brother Yu’s microphone: F*ck, f*ck, f*ck?!】

【Lying on the wall waiting for Brother Yu: F*ck, the brother and sister I support are real siblings?】

【Watch the clouds rise: Biological siblings?】

【Lele loves Brother Yu: Goodness, smash the antis faces to pieces! Smash obsessive fans faces to pieces!】

【I can’t wake up every day: You are all shocked that they are biological siblings, but am I the only one who’s shocked that brother Yu is the young master of the Lu Group? F*cking childe from a rich and powerful family chasing his dream in the entertainment industry? Even TV dramas cannot write it like this!】

【The southern wind knows my meaning: Brother Yu is too low-profile. If it’s other idols that wanted to set up personas, there already would’ve been hundreds of rich second-generations.】

【Master, don’t turn on the lights, it’s this old man: What rich second-generation?! It’s a wealthy and influential family! They’re beyond wealthy!】

【Yuyu is the most handsome in the world: He can obviously be a carefree young socialite—no, dandy, but actually film and sing for the fans. Love, love, love.】

【Rose tinted: This time, together with the 200 yuan ticket for Brother Yu’s concert, they also give away hundreds of super deluxe gift bags worth of snacks, light sticks, pillows, umbrellas and such. I went to the concert and it’s like going home with a big bag after a shopping trip. I’m worried that he won’t make money. It turns out he’s so rich?】

【Luck: Am I the only one who thinks that Brother Yu and his sister were so cute when they were young? They must be very close!】


Lu Wan saw this Weibo post and looked at the other person in shock. “Are you out of your mind? Who told you to post my old photo? When did you save it in your phone?”

This was a photo of them together a long time ago.

Lu Buyu was seven years old and was already a pretty little boy. Lu Wan was less than two years old and was so fat that she had no neck.

In the photo, the little boy was hugging his little chubby sister with both hands.

Feeling that his sister was too heavy, Lu Buyu had a grim expression, and Lu Wan, who was being held, was waving her hands and feet while drooling with laughter, like a little fool.

The siblings had contrasting expressions, it was very comical.

Lu Buyu shrugged. “I think it’s good. You’re much cuter when you were a child!”

He often took it out to have a look, lamenting how could there be such a difference between when she was a child and now?

Lu Wan: “……”

Forget it. She’s really lazy to care about this guy.

Two minutes later, Lu Wan also posted a Weibo message.

「My brother. Group photo.jpg」

The photo was newly published which was just sent by President Zhao.

Lu Wan was doing deadlifts in the home gym with Lu Buyu standing next to her. His expression in this photo was very rich, including envy, shock, embarrassment, and a touch of timidity.

This was taken by President Zhao passing by that day.

The photo had a breath of life and came out vividly.

After checking Lu Buyu’s Weibo, many people immediately switched on this side and saw Lu Wan’s post.

【I’m probably an apple: Awww, Sister-in-law is so handsome! My Brother Yu is cute!】

【There’s a bear in the Arctic: President Lu, you’ve concealed it to us so hard ah! Why didn’t you say that you’re biological siblings?! You should’ve said so!】

【Anan is not bald today either: Protect our sister-in-law. Brother Yu’s antis can barely understand, which celebrity doesn’t have a secret? It’s normal for my Brother Yu to be so popular. My sister-in-law’s antis have no heart!】

【Like drinking milk tea: Damn! Brother Yu is so attractive in pajamas! Handsome and well-behaved!】

【Brother Yu’s wild girlfriend: So President Lu really did this? This is too handsome! I’m going to climb the wall!】

【Moonmoon: Looking on the news. I have never been a fan of celebrities but I’m your fan.】

【Brother Yu’s closet: The brother and sister’s relationship is really good! I’m envious! It’s really touching!】

Lu Buyu came across this and asked frantically, “Why did you post this? I look like a fool! Did you edit the picture? You’re too much. Posting photos where only you look good.”

Lu Wan: “I did not edit it.”

Lu Buyu snorted coldly, followed Lu Wan’s Weibo and reminded, “Hey, hurry up and follow me back.”

Lu Wan refused. “No, I don’t want to see you on my feed. I didn’t ask you to follow me.”

Lu Buyu stood up and started ranting, “Hurry up! I followed you, but if you don’t follow me, I’ll lose face! Follow me immediately! I’m you Brother!”

Lu Wan: “You’re acting crazy.”

Lu Buyu: “Hurry! And! Follow! Me! Back!”

You’re outrageous. I have 80 million fans and you only have 300,000. Why are you the reluctant one?

People who want to have a mutual following with me on WeChat can queue up from here to Iceland!

Lu Wan’s ears hurt from the noise. He really learned how to sing and rap. She completely conceded. “Okay, okay, okay, I’ll follow you.”

Only then was Lu Buyu satisfied and sat back down again.

He took a sip of tea to moisten his throat and looked down at his phone.

It’s all messages from his studio staff.

Although the issue had been clarified, they estimated that they would be busy and have to work overtime tonight.

His manager, Xiao Zhang, sent several messages on WeChat.

【Brother Yu, a lot of news outlet want to make appointments and interview you.】

【There are also some variety shows that want to invite you and Little Sister together. The price is negotiable.】

【Just a moment ago, two company of baby products and one of women’s products came to talk about business cooperation, hoping for your endorsement. The price is very high. Won’t you consider it?】

Lu Buyu frowned.

He’s a male star in his prime…… with a top traffic and the dream of millions of girls.

What’s wrong with those merchants? Can’t they figure out his position?

He was not happy.

He also had a temper and could get angry.


Seeing that the siblings followed each other on Weibo, the fans were excited again.

Sure enough, this brother and sister have a really good relationship. Though they like to fight each other, but in fact, they care about each other very much!

The little sister was unhappy so the big brother went right away!

In the past, they pretended not to know each other because they didn’t want it to be made public.

But it didn’t even look like that back then!

Now that it was known that they were siblings, they couldn’t wait to follow each other!

They were probably eager to keep up to date with each other.

Heaven owes them a good brother/sister!

The domineering little sister and the beautiful big brother, this true brother-sister relationship, they could support for a hundred years!


1 jǐng chá: police
2 xiào sǐ wǒ le: laughing to death


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