Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 118

The next day, Lu Wan was eating breakfast sitting by the floor-to-ceiling window and sighing. It was right to change hotels overnight.

She didn’t want to be stuck in the room like Lu Buyu.

Wouldn’t that be silly?!

This hotel was owned by the Lu Group and Lu Jinye had security guards stationed to maintain order. The media and reporters from major platforms could only squat outside.

Even flies couldn’t come into the lobby without permission, let alone go upstairs to block the door.

However, Lu Jinye was in a good mood. After all, publicly claiming his nephew was considered a happy event.

He asked his men to distribute red packet to the media, and those who came had a share.

Each red packet was stuffed with 2,000 yuan!

People all expressed that a big group was really powerful! Tens of thousands of red packets were sent out!

Those who didn’t know the situation would think that Lu Buyu had gotten married!

The reporter received the red packets. Even if they wanted to catch something, they would be more or less lenient. After all, this wasn’t a dark spot.

The top star concealed his identity and pursued his dreams in the entertainment industry. It actually sounded fire.

It would be kind of funny if it wasn’t for the way it was exposed.

The hotel’s restaurant was on the 48th floor with a wide view of the outside, but the weather had been bad recently and nothing could be seen due to the fog.

It’s like being in the clouds which was a different kind of feeling.

Lu Wan turned her face to the side, smiled and said to Chen Nianqing, “Eat more.”

Chen Nianqing: “Okay.”

Lu Buyu rolled his eyes and said with displeasure, “You care about outsiders so much but you don’t care about your older brother?”

Lu Wan nodded. “I wanted to ask you since yesterday, would you like to eat an apple?”

“I…… don’t. I hate apples the most.”

Lu Wan looked helpless. “Look, you’re such a picky child.”

Lu Buyu: “???”

Lu Wan picked up an apple on the table, easily split it from the middle, and handed half of it to Chen Nianqing.

Chen Nianqing took it with a smile.

His parents have always been respectful to each other, and they never blush nor quarrel, but the cheerful atmosphere of the Lu family was actually also very good.

Lu Buyu: “……”

No matter how many times he had seen this skill of breaking apples with bare hands, he would still be shocked.

Lu Buyu approached Chen Nianqing and asked in a whisper, “Are you really not afraid that she will hit you?”

Lu Wan said quietly, “I heard that. Are you looking for death?”

Lu Buyu: “That’s— You heard it wrong.”

Chen Nianqing thought for a moment, then smiled and said, “Wanwan is gentle and wise, how can that be? Brother Yu, you really know how to joke.”

Lu Buyu shrugged, with a look of incredulity on his face.

His sister’s emotional intelligence wasn’t good, but she could still pick-up a handsome guy?

This kid was handsome and was pretty smart but he didn’t expect his heart to be lame.

He was very opposed to Lu Wan falling in love at first. What’s so good about dating early? But……

Forget it. He had already reminded Chen Nianqing…… He couldn’t rely on the Lu family when that time comes.

This was just getting it out there. After all, no matter what he said about Lu Wan, she was still his little sister.

Lu Jinye came over and asked with a smile, “What are the three of you talking about? Wanwan, when you’re done eating, go somewhere with me.”

Lu Wan: “What about the press conference of the program team?”

As her words fell, the other two people at the table looked over in unison.

According to the normal process, today at ten, the program team of 《Math and Science Tournament》 would held a press conference.

It was the celebration banquet for the ending of the first season as well as to attract investors for the second season.

After Lu Wan left yesterday, she didn’t pay attention to what happened next.

She still didn’t know who won the first place.

In an unfair competition, the ranking loses its credibility and its meaning was of no importance.

For her, at least.

Lu Jinye: “Press conference? Nice try. I’m sure for you and nephew-in-law— No, Student Chen, these people who did wrong things would realize their mistake.”

And regret it endlessly.

Motherf*cker, this is the end of the bullying. If he didn’t give them a lesson, won’t everyone dare to ride on Lu Jinye’s head and run wildly doing whatever they want next time?

The advertisers who originally wanted to sponsor the second season of the variety show had already been notified by Lu Jinye.

Of course, as a good law-abiding citizen nowadays, he was not there to warn the advertisers who intend to give sponsorship, but just to advise them.

They must think carefully before investing. Don’t wait for the time when the publicity didn’t go as planned and get dragged down.

Anyway, as soon as the second season of the program was launched, he would help the program team promote their black material.

Finding it was too easy. Just tell the truth. No need to look for a writer and make something up.

It wouldn’t be over until they were completely discredited.

On Weibo this morning, several eliminated contestants publicly questioned the fairness of the program.

They used to be afraid and kept silent even when they encountered injustice.

But this time they opened their mouths, naturally, because of Lu Jinye’s support and encouragement!

Even if they say anything, their future wouldn’t be affected!

The show started high and ended low. Overnight, whether it was the production team or the top popular contestants, it was very difficult to get subsequent benefits.

Early in the morning, the top three’s lack of personal morals was called out, letting passersby eating melons shocked by the shamelessness of these so called ‘intellectuals’. It was really shameless.

Wang Liguang, who eliminated Chen Nianqing, later skyrocketed and won first place.

Now it was revealed on the Internet that he had already signed a stream and endorsement contract with a training company that had an in-depth tie with the program group half a month ago.

Whether it was rigged or not…… it was obvious.

After all, only the champion could receive this benefit.

Even if he wasn’t the mastermind, he was considered an accomplice by signing the contract.

He acquiesced to the program team helping him cheat and even accepted the answer to the question. How can he get rid of this link?

Even the ranking he got by relying on his own strength in the past was being questioned.

Other types of variety shows do so, but this was an academic based variety show competition for regular people!

The audience felt fooled.

The champion’s girlfriend also stepped forward to expose that he was cheating on her with six girls at the same time……

But this was all private matter, so better not dwell on this.

There’s uproar on the internet and the press conference had to be cancelled.

Lu Buyu talked with his friends in the industry and this was a big turnaround. Not to mention the second season was going down the drain, even many of the staff members have been punished and dealt with.

The key was that such under-the-table manipulation was actually illegal! It was nothing if no one pursues it, but they might go to jail for making such a mess!

Before the final broadcast, the core team of the program team worried that the popularity would not be enough and bought Hot Search in advance.

They were thinking of doing a big show so their presence would emerge!

Now they were extremely regretful. The heat was really too much!

In addition to the trending searches that the audience spontaneously searched for, there were also three that they spent huge sums of money to buy themselves.

We hit ourselves in the face!

It’s been a night and they didn’t renew the fee but the hot search they bought didn’t drop……

It was because Lu Jinye renewed it. He had no shortage of money. o(* ̄︶ ̄*)o

The program team was even more flustered. They originally wanted to squeeze the soft persimmon and give Lu Wan the second or third place.

Who knew she’d have a fit on the spot and quit???

Several leaders of the program team capitulated and wanted to apologize through the field administrator who had been responsible of contacting Lu Wan.

But Lu Wan became even angrier and directly blocked the field administrator on WeChat.

The person they should be apologizing to was not her, but Chen Nianqing.

However, the one they really wanted to apologize to was actually not her, but the Lu family; in short, her uncle.

If the world was like this, she must become stronger, not to oppress, but to be fair.

Lu Jinye: “Let’s go. I have an appointment with someone and he just happened to be here today. Let him guide you.”

Who the two of them were going to meet today…… was the Muay Thai champion.

It was different from the usual coaching style he finds for Lu Wan.

Lu Jinye had learned from the other party before and it was very enlightening.

It’s so chaotic now, and although he had sent someone to follow their family’s baby, what if she was left alone one day? Moreover, when they go abroad to do business in the future, it might be even more chaotic.

Lu Wan often walks alone, unlike Lu Buyu, where there were agent and several assistants with him, the latter was much safer in comparison.

Lu Buyu put on sunglasses. Of course he didn’t want to go with them. Fighting didn’t conform to his aesthetics.

He thought for a while and said to Chen Nianqing, “Lu Wan is doing this so you…… should buy an extra insurance for yourself.”

Chen Nianqing: “……”

Before Cool Guy goes berserk, Lu Buyu quickly disappeared.

His manager was calling him for something.


Lu Buyu’s family background was suddenly exposed and dozens of people in the studio had been working overtime all night.

Now they need to hold a simple video conference since a series of emergency measures have to be discussed together.

Lu Buyu, the party concerned, also had to participate. Of course, he was mainly a spectator.

After a brief analysis, Xiao Zhang finally did not forget to instruct, “Everyone, pay attention. We must focus on the direction of public opinion. Be very careful with Brother Yu’s itinerary this month. The matter of being stuck in a hotel room cannot happen again! There will be no new interviews in the next six months.”

“Okay, Brother Zhang.”

“We got it. We’ll take care of it.”

Lu Buyu: “Actually, the fact that I was stuck in the hotel was an accident so there’s no need to mention it.”

Xiao Zhang’s expression was solemn. “I want to emphasize that all staff should pay attention, especially the assistants and drivers. This kind of accident can’t happen again. Brother Yu can’t be left alone.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

All right, as long as you’re happy.

At the end of the meeting, everything that has to be said was almost done. Xiao Zhao smiled and asked, “Brother Yu, your family’s so rich, did you not think about fighting for power or anything? Mr. Lu directly announced that the second lady is the successor. Do you have any other ideas?”

Xiao Zhao was young and had worked as Lu Buyu’s assistant for a few years. He was very proper in doing things but occasionally lacked some brain cells.

Although it was a joke, most people really dare not ask such questions!

The atmosphere at the scene became a little subtle.

All the staff in front of the screen stopped moving, as if they were stuck.

Lu Buyu: “Of course not. You know, when the market opened today, the stock prices of the Lu’s and Yuanhua directly went up to the limit! I own shares on these two companies! I really made a lot of money!”

He earned more than he did in the entertainment industry for a year.

“I’ll definitely encourage Lu Wan to work hard in the future so that my dividends will increase. Even if one day I stop being popular, she will still be able to pay you wages. We will never lay off employees.”

Not everyone wanted to be an emperor. Wasn’t it comfortable to be an idle prince?

“You guys don’t know, Lu Wan has started to use hair growth products. Maybe one day she will be bald while I still have a lot of hair.”


Everyone: “……”

You’re laughing a little too sincerely.

After Lu Buyu finished laughing, he found that the suppressed scene began to move and the people in the screen spoke.

“Maybe our boss will be the second lady in the future, so we must be mentally prepared.”

“I found that I don’t know enough about Little President Lu, but she has no dark materials so I don’t need to send someone to control the comments.”

“Look more and observe more. It’s very likely that our place will be transformed into the public relations department for Little President Lu in the future.”

“Top stream men and women, absolutely can’t admit defeat! We should do whatever we can!”

Lu Buyu: “Hey, hey, hey, I’m still here. You guys don’t go too far!”

He turned his head, looked at his manager and two assistants, then snorted coldly, “I had no idea. Look, if it was them who follow me every day, won’t they be as outrageous as you?”

Manager Xiao Zhang: “I think you have a point, Brother Yu! Little President Lu is always trustworthy. It will definitely be beneficial to hand over the company to her in the future. I am buying Lu’s stock and plan to hold it for a long time!”

Assistant Xiao Li: “Not only can you buy Lu group’s stock, but you can also buy those of other companies and related businesses to them!”

Xiao Wang, who was driving in front, was really anxious, but he wasn’t free at the moment, so he loudly said in a hurry, “Xiao Zhao, send me the company’s stock and fund code that you chose, I’ll buy them later! I want to get on board too!”

Lu Buyu’s face collapsed. “……Discussing this at work, all wages will be deducted.”

Assistant Xiao Zhao muttered, “I want to buy it too. I didn’t expect Brother Yu to be such a person. It’s clearly you who advertised it.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

In a world without love, he had to consider changing his team.


An introvert rabbit who wants to hide in a hole every time.

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