Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 129

Lu Buyu specially asked Xiao Zhang to pick him up.

He was still angry now, so he doesn’t want to be in the same car with those three!

The car drove smoothly on the road.

Xiao Zhang in the driver’s seat glanced at the boss from the rearview mirror and couldn’t help asking, “Brother Yu, you must really want to go to Lu Wan’s graduation ceremony.”

Lu Buyu exploded immediately.

“That’s not true! It’s because I studied there, it’s not because of her! I’m telling you, be careful what you say! Don’t just speculate on others!”

Xiao Zhang: “……”

What happened to the boss today? He’s like a barrel of explosives with his short fuse.

You’re really number one in duplicity.

So what’s the reason for putting off so much work and being at home so often this year?

However, in order to preserve his life, he only dared to think this way in his heart and couldn’t really BB[1]talk sh*t.

Who had nothing to better to do than light dynamite?

Moreover, several stocks of the Lu Group in Xiao Zhang’s hands have skyrocketed recently! He made a lot of money.

The key point was that the boss holds a very high proportion of stocks, so he could be said to be a multimillionaire.

Xiao Zhang was really afraid that Lu Buyu’s temper would come up and he would quit to just become a wealthy little princess.

At the beginning, they had agreed that they would ride the wind and waves of the entertainment industry together.

It’s too early to get off now. Although the boss doesn’t work much this year, his popularity was still increasing!

There’s another variety show that he wanted to invite the brother and sister to join, but the boss probably wouldn’t agree……

Although he thought that the show was pretty good.


The school was open to parents today and the auditorium was very lively.

Third year students don’t need to wear school uniforms and everyone dressed carefully for the final party.

They wanted to make good impression on their schoolmates or the person they like.

Lu Wan saw Chen Nianqing at a glance.

Chen Nianqing was wearing a white T-shirt and black shorts that reached above his knees, revealing long calves.

He was carrying a simple bag and other than that, there’s nothing else.

He was very refreshing to look at.

But the best thing about him was still his face.

Lu Wan walked over. “Little friend.”

Chen Nianqing chuckled. “I should be the one calling you little friend. Your dress today is very beautiful.”

Lu Wan lowered her voice and said in a deliberately serious manner, “No, you should call me husband!”

Then she laughed out loud.

Chen Nianqing gave the other party a strange look.

Wait till the results come out. He would let Lu Wan call him every day!

Seeing Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing talking together, Lu Buyu’s anger rose up again.

He tried his best to squeeze aside the people next to him, wanting to hear what the two were saying.

Just in time to catch half of Lu Wan’s sentence, “-should call my husband”.

Lu Buyu was stunned for two seconds and when he realized that he had heard correctly, his expression turned a little hideous.

What the hell were these two doing? Were they nuts?!

Lu Wan was too presumptuous! What was going on in her mind every day as a girl?

Chen Nianqing was also too unprincipled.

These two people think about these messy things all day long, how could they still get such good grades?

Seeing Lu Buyu’s complex expression, Lu Wan said with a smile, “Brother, find a place to sit. You should be tired from standing.”

Lu Buyu: “Humph!”

It wasn’t the first time for the third years to meet Lu Buyu, so they were relatively calm.

After all, they already have a group photo with him and his signature.

Lu Buyu was attending here today as a student’s family member.

Therefore, they still had to be careful not to disturb the other party.

On the contrary, the parents were more excited. After all, the lethality of Shared Boyfriend covers women from all walks of life and even some men.

The graduation ceremony flowed quickly with Su Rao as the host.

The principal and the grade director spoke very briefly. They sent blessings to the graduates in less than five minutes, afraid of being despised for talking so much.

Soon it was time for the student and parent representatives to speak.

Lu Wan stepped onto the stage.

Su Rao looked at the other person and said softly, “You look very beautiful today.”

Lu Wan: “Thank you, you look beautiful every day.”

Su Rao laughed. In fact, she was quite reluctant to part with her classmates and good friends, and also Lu Wan.

As soon as Lu Wan stood in the middle of the stage, cheers erupted from below.

“You’re so beautiful today, President Lu.”

Someone shouted from below and it was followed by everyone’s laugher.

They’re graduating anyway and this was the last day of school. Even if they were a little out of line today, no one would ask them to write a self-reflection.

Besides, there’s no place to turn it in even if they did so.

Lu Wan: “Thank you, you guys look good too.”

The noise from the crowd grew louder.

“I also think I look good, so do you want to fall in love with me?”

“Thank you, President Lu.”

“I don’t look as good as you. You’re the best looking.”

After waiting for the voices in the audience to subside, Lu Wan began to speak.

“Actually, I’m not the first choice for the student representative but Chen Nianqing. However, he’s rather shy, so he let me do the talking.” Lu Wan spread her hands, “I asked him to write a script for me so that I appear more level-headed, but he refused, that’s why I’ll just speak casually.”

There was another round of people kicking up a fuss off stage.

Was this publicly sending out dog food? Moreover, only President Lu thinks he’s shy. In the eyes of others, he’s just cold, after all, he’s Mr. Perfect.

Chen Nianqing rested his chin on his hand and looked at the person on stage with a smile.

“First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your graduation. This is not the end but the beginning. I hope everyone will have a happy start.”

Lu Wan paused for two seconds and then continued, “I myself hope that the person I want to be, the person I am in the eyes of others, and my real self will be one. It’s a bit difficult, but I hope to try my best, and if you are interested, you can also try it with me.”

Another round of cheers erupted.

“All right, I’ll give it a try.”

“President Lu, you’re the best!”

“I’ll obey the goddess!”

Lu Wan: “If it’s too difficult, then I hope everyone can achieve their expected goals and if your goal is a bit too far away, then be happy and healthy every day, this is also very good.”

“Before taking the stage, the teacher asked me to talk more about myself, so I’ll just say a few words. You can just listen to me casually. As far as I’m concerned, although the goal I set may be a bit high for the time being, I will keep doing it. Maybe there will be new gains in the process, and even if I fail in the end, I will stand closer to my dream.”

These few words were quite inspiring. Both students and teachers listened with bated breath.

Many parents feel that she was really worthy of being a student representative. Her level of speech was high.

After five seconds, everyone’s emotions were almost brewing, and they were ready for a good chicken soup for the soul.

Lu Wan finally spoke.

“That’s all I want to say to all the graduates.”

Everyone: “……”

“I like this school very much. All the teachers and students, you’re the vital part of the school and I also like how wonderful you all are. Thank you to my parents for being there for me, and also to my brother, who to me is the best brother in the world.”

The applause was thunderous and every student was very proud of themselves.

“I’m really done talking this time. I hope you can spend more time with your family during the holidays and have fun.”

Lu Wan finished and raised her hand holding the microphone.

She wore a bracelet on her wrist, which was the first gift Lu Buyu gave her.

Haley said it was expensive so she put it away after wearing it for a few days.

However, it was very suitable for an occasion like today.

Lu Buyu froze as he saw the bracelet.

Did Lu Wan just say…… he’s the best brother in the world?

Instantly, Lu Buyu’s heart was bursting with joy and he couldn’t restrain his smile.

Way back when Lu Wan was only one year old, the first thing she learned to say was ‘Brother[2]Gege’, though at that time, she couldn’t pronounce it correctly, so what she called him was ‘Duoduo[3]plently’.

 “Duoduo, sorry.”

 “Duoduo, hungry.”

“Want Duoduo.”

Lu Buyu hugged the 20 pounds little fatty and asked happily, “Who do you like most in this world?”


“Then who is the most handsome in the world?”


“Who loves Baby the most?”


“Who is the best to Baby in this whole world?”


Finally, one day, the child got to pronounce the word brother right.

Lu Buyu still remembered these details.

He watched his sister grow up day by day; the first time she could sit up, grow teeth, crawl, stand up, and totteringly walk and run.

The child would bring all the items she could hold and offer them in front of him.

“Give Brother.”

“Look Brother.”

No matter how you look at it, she’s cute, and the neat freak Lu Buyu doesn’t dislike it even when she drools all over his clothes.

He thought at that moment that this little man would protect his sister from being bullied by bad guys for the rest of his life.

During that time, he played with his younger sister every day and ignored his little friends.

The children discussed this matter between classes.

The first child helped to clarify: That’s because Lu Buyu has a younger sister. My former classmate, who has a kitten at home, stopped playing with us and was always anxious to go home to be with the kitten.

The second child objected: That’s a kitten. Lu Buyu has a little sister.

The third child thought for a while and expressed his opinion: There’s no difference. Little cubs are cute.

The children started talking all at once. Lu Buyu thought that it wasn’t true.

His sister was obviously cuter.

What do these pipsqueaks who don’t have a sister know? Even if they had a younger sister, they still wouldn’t be able to compare to his Shushu.

He wouldn’t show these little kids pictures of Shushu, nor would he let them visit his house.

Otherwise, they would definitely want to hug Shushu crazily and want to be friends with Shushu.

Lu Buyu was worried and finicky. This one eats too much and that one often eats without washing his hands. They all have a lot of shortcomings so they weren’t suitable to be friends with Shushu.

Better forget it. If Shushu doesn’t have a suitable friend, then her older brother would play with her.

So, whenever someone asked him whether his sister was cute or not, Lu Buyu would shake his head like a rattle: Not cute, not cute at all. She’s such a nuisance, crying all day long.

Subtext: Don’t come to see my sister. Don’t visit my house! Especially those guys who don’t like washing their hands! How dirty!

Lu Buyu still remembered seeing Lu Wan in that County Town a year ago.

That night when there were no street lights.

She walked alone with brisk steps.

She seemed to be very cheerful. He should breathe a sigh of relief that she could obviously live better. Thinking of this, Lu Buyu’s heart was gripped once again.

How could it be said that she was living better in such a place?

He used to try so hard to be a good older brother.

But after so long, he didn’t know if he could do so.

After years of separation, he didn’t even dare to appear directly in front of his sister.


Lu Wan’s speech ended in three minutes.

After she finished speaking, she was ready to retreat. She put down the microphone and was about to walk off the stage.

“President Lu, I like you!” An unknown girl shouted.

“Me too, and will like you for a long time to come!” This time it was a boy’s voice.

“I like you too!”

“Me too!”

Xu Yao looked dumbfounded. What’s going on with these people? No matter what, he should be the one saying this.

This was too much! Obviously he and Lu Wan have known each other for the longest time, how was it their turn?!

Father Xu: “Hahaha, Lu Wan is also very popular here. Son, you have no chance at all.”

Mother Xu: “Yes. When you were studying in Ning County, didn’t many girls like Lu Wan?”

Xu Yao: “……”

Am I really your child? How can you two old people sprinkle salt on your own son’s wound?

He doesn’t want to live anymore.

Father Xu: “That host is so pretty. Xu Yao, I seem to have seen you eat with her.”

Mother Xu: “Really? Wow, son, you’re promising. This girl has such a good temperament and at first glance, she looks like someone who’s good at studying.”

Xu Yao explained weakly, “I assure you, there’s nothing between us.”

It’s only because the two of them were spying on Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing together at that time, so they cooperated temporarily.

Although they weren’t enemies now, they were not friends either.

Father Xu: “I know there’s nothing between you. Just one look and you’ll see that you’re poles apart.”

Mother Xu: “Of course, that girl’s eyes are not blind. It’s not that you’re bad, son, but that the other party is too good. Our Xu family’s ancestral grave won’t emit smoke again[4]a sign of good luck but can also be used as sarcasm.”

Xu Yao: “……”

This time, he really didn’t want to live anymore. It would be better if he jumped off the roof now!

Damn Chen Nianqing!


Haley shrugged and turned to look at Chen Nianqing on the side.

Ah, this scheming boy. It seems that no one else would have a chance in the future.

So pure and fierce, let alone a straight girl like President Lu, even Haley himself wouldn’t be able to control him.

After the parent representative finished their speech, it was almost noon.

The school prepared lunch with a variety of dishes.

It was said to be a graduation party, but it actually began in the afternoon.

As a guest performer, Lu Buyu sang two songs, which set the atmosphere boiling.

Because he was performing at a school, he chose very positive songs. He felt that he sang very well and would definitely earn Lu Wan a face.

It’s nice to have a brother like him, right?!

But the next one up…… was Chen Nianqing.

It was very rare for Chen Nianqing to play solo, but he still did Shen Huailin’s song, adapting a pop song into a cello piece.

Shen Huailin was the youth of many people and the lead singer of Lu Wan’s favorite band.

In short, this song was very suitable to listen to at this day, this scene, and this time.

When the prelude came out, it seemed that they couldn’t help their emotions from fluctuating.

Not to mention other people, even the tough guy Xu Yao couldn’t help tearing up.

“Damn it. If I knew I would’ve learn an instrument too!”

Li Che thought for a moment and said, “I can play the erhu.”

Xu Yao: “???”


The cello was the closest instrument to the human voice, and it had a natural sadness that resonates extremely easily.

The melody of this song fits perfectly with the tone color of the cello.

The middle of the stage was dark. Only the area where Chen Nianqing was sitting was lit.

The light fell on his shoulders and Lu Wan felt that the other party was like a beautiful little prince.

At the end of the song, when Chen Nianqing stood up, the stage lights came back.

So people pulled out of their emotions.

He picked up the microphone next to him and said in a low voice, “I wish everyone a happy graduation.  I also wish Student Lu Wan a happy graduation.”

His voice was clear and lingering, indescribably pleasant.

The content was even more explosive.

In an instant, cheers almost overturned the auditorium. Although his words weren’t too explicit, this was clearly a public confession.

After many people said ‘I like you’ to President Lu, this man couldn’t help but stake his claim.

So many teachers and parents were here! An idol is indeed an idol! Ordinary people couldn’t do it!

This would definitely go down in the history of Shangde to be something the future students would talk about.

What kind of high-end dog food was this? Couldn’t even be spit it out, but still feel sweet?

Lu Wan stood up and chuckled.

Haley held his cheeks with both hands. Chunyuan was really good.

Chunyuan would forever be the boss!

Damn it, just now, even he couldn’t help supporting their CP for a few seconds…… Only then did he realize that something was wrong.

An idol was really an idol. How many people would remember this scene of playing the cello while wearing a white T-shirt for a lifetime?

With an unhappy face, Lu Buyu turned his face sideways and asked, “Do you think he can play better than I can sing?”

Lu Wan: “I don’t ah.”

Lu Buyu: “Then why are you smiling so happily?”

Lu Wan said with a smile, “I’m not ah.”

Lu Buyu: “You just smiled again!”

Lu Wan: “……”

All right, she’ll try her best to control her expression.

Lu Buyu: “I was actually holding myself back earlier. This won’t do, I want to add a performance! I’m going to dance!”

The people near them began to cheer, expressing their desire to watch him dance! This was Lu Buyu! The nation’s idol!

It’s best if it was the kind of explosive one, like lifting his clothes to show his abs in the middle of dancing!

They’ve all graduated and should be able to watch it!

Lu Wan tried every possible way to persuade the other party.

“No, no, I think you’re the best! He’s nothing. I’m serious. Everyone obviously likes you better.”

Lu Buyu looked at Lu Wan suspiciously. “You swear?”

Lu Wan: “I swear!”

Lu Buyu: “That’s more like it.”

Lu Wan breathed a sigh of relief. Not long after she sat down, she sensed that someone was looking at her.

She looked up in time to see Chen Nianqing.

Chen Nianqing was standing in the corner with the cello on his back. The lights were dim over where he was and everyone’s attention was on the stage, so he doesn’t look conspicuous.

Lu Wan stood up and walked towards him.

“You performed very well just now.”

Chen Nianqing: “Really? I played it for you. But didn’t you think it’s not half as good as your brother’s signing?”

Lu Wan: “……”

Wait, how did he know what she just said?

Chen Nianqing of course didn’t know, but he could guess.

Lu Wan: “That’s not—”

“You’re a little liar, lying to me every day. I even practiced the cello until the middle of the night yesterday.” Chen Nianqing said and walked out with the cello case on his back.

Lu Wan was stunned. How can she be called a liar?

She didn’t have time to think about it and rushed to follow.

Most of the people were in the auditorium. There were only a few couples walking outside, avoiding the crowd.

Walking under a big tree, Chen Nianqing stopped in his tracks.

Almost no one passes by this place.

He took the cello case down and handed it to the other party. “Hold it for me.”

Lu Wan took it without thinking. She asked, “What are you going to do?”

“My hands won’t be free later on.”

Lu Wan: “Huh?”

“I’ve used this cello for ten years. Hold it steady, don’t let it fall.” Chen Nianqing chuckled.

Because I’m going to kiss you.

He lowered his head and held her shoulders, then he kissed her.

Lu Wan was holding the cello with both hands so she didn’t have any free hand to push people.

Why kiss again? Was it really okay to kiss every time they meet? Were other couples also like this?

Although…… it’s not bad.

Soon she couldn’t be distracted, because the other person’s tongue pried her lips open.


Lu Wan wiped her lips. “Why did you……”

Chen Nianqing: “Why did I kiss you again? That’s right, you’re the husband after all. You should be more proactive and kiss me more, come on.”

Lu Wan thought something wasn’t right, but since the other party had said so, she leaned over and kissed Chen Nianqing on the forehead.

Chen Nianqing took the cello and said, “In the future, except for me, you can’t respond to any boy or girl’s overtures.”

He admitted that he was jealous in the auditorium today.

Lu Wan: “That’s for sure.”

Chen Nianqing: “Hold my hand and wait till we get to the auditorium before we separate.”

Lu Wan: “Oh, okay.”

After Lu Wan held on, Chen Nianqing clasped her hand tightly, turning it into two people’s fingers intertwined.

“Let’s get married after college.” Chen Nianqing said.

Lu Wan: “Let’s talk about that later. It’s too early to say now. Maybe you won’t like me anymore in the future.”

They were still young.

Chen Nianqing: “No, I will forever like you more than you like me. You have to take responsibility for me.”

Lu Wan’s heart was beating fast and she nodded her head pretending to be calm.

“But I’ll listen to you. Whenever you think it’s right, I’m always ready, Husband.”

After Chen Nianqing said this sentence, his neck also turned red.

Calling her husband was temporary for the sake of binding the other party.

It was a lot of effort on his part.

However, the address ‘husband’ was a limited issue and it would end once the results of the college entrance examination came out.


Lu Buyu was dragged by several parents to chat and when he recovered…… he found that Lu Wan was nowhere to be seen.

He was going to look for her but was held down by Zhao Jianing.

“She’ll be back in a while. This is her school, how can she get lost? Maybe she went to the bathroom.”

Lu Buyu waited until the performances ended, but Lu Wan still hadn’t come back.

At the end of the party, the audience left in succession.

The three members of the Lu family walked ahead because Lu Buyu wanted to find Lu Wan.

Then as soon as they walked out of the auditorium, their family saw two people walking hand in hand.

The students and parents in the back also saw them.

Wasn’t this the first and second placer? The student representative and the handsome guy playing the cello just now?


Chen Nianqing and Lu Wan hurriedly let go of their hands. It’s that just now…… they were too engrossed and forgot to let go.

They didn’t expect that the program was over and bumped into the group of people coming out.

Lu Buyu’s eyes widened. How preposterous!

Just as he was about to speak, President Zhao quickly covered his mouth with her hand, preventing her son from uttering shocking remarks.

Zhao Jianing said with a smile, “If you have something to say, do it when we go home. Old Lu, let’s go.”

Lu Bainian also came back to his senses and held his son’s other arm.

Lu Wan ran over quickly.

Zhao Jianing smiled and said goodbye to all the parents, “Then our family will leave first.”

She then turned around and walked forward while keeping her son’s mouth covered.

It’s just that he’s been single since birth, so he’s making a big fuss.

She would have to find a suitable girl for her son later on.

Lu Bainian walked a few steps, turned his head and said to Chen Nianqing, “Xiao Chen, when your parents have time, let them come to our house for a visit!”

Lu Wan: “Goodbye, schoolmates!”

All the parents looked at the family far away and then at Chen Nianqing who was standing in place.

Could it be……

The homeroom teacher of Class 4 jumped out.

“No! It’s not what you think! These two students have a good relationship! That’s just it! Everyone go back! Thank you for coming!”

The women’s expressions were meaningful.

Oh, these two students were excellent, in every sense of the word.

If their own children could take first place in the exam, it was of course no problem to be friends with outstanding children like Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing, and finally be relatives with Lu Buyu.

Moreover, that’s the Lu family! Not only that, that handsome guy was really good-looking!

If it was this group of women who could come to the Lu’s house, what to do, they already feel like they were in heaven.

Not to mention, the two students walking over just now were quite a good match.

“Those two are in a relationship, right? They look pretty good. Tell me.” A parent held her daughter back, eyes glistening.

“Mom, didn’t you say you’re against early love?”

“Hey! If you come first in the exam and then find a friend like that handsome guy who plays the cello, or someone like Lu Wan, can I disagree? I don’t want you fall in love early because I’m afraid of you being influenced in a bad way. With these two, I’m afraid that you’ll be the one leading them astray, we will not lose ah.”

They might even drive people to become better.

Even if she was a mother of a child now, who’s never been young?


“This child, quickly tell me.” The parent urged.

Haley covered his face.

It’s the last day, please save it. Why support the CP now?


He would always like President Lu, so he hoped that she could be happy every day and since he had always admires Chen Chunyuan, en, he’ll just hope that he could live well too.

After all, Chunyuan and President Lu were tied together.

In this warm summer, the memories of their lost youth were hard to reproduce.

One doesn’t usually feel that time was so fast until one reaches a certain point.

There was reluctance to say goodbye.

It was unbearable. There were too many people who they couldn’t bear to part with, the school cafeteria, playground, Skateboard Club, even their class teachers who like to nag and the gatherings outside the school.

He wished everyone happiness.

And he, this cute red panda, wanted to be both beautiful and happy.


1 talk sh*t
2 Gege
3 plently
4 a sign of good luck but can also be used as sarcasm


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