Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 128

Lu Buyu was so angry. He turned around to find a strong flashlight from the room and quickly went downstairs.

Facing Taohua who came up to him, Lu Buyu pushed her lightly with his foot. “Useless dog that can’t even watch a person, what use are you?!”

Taohua thought its father wants to play. With a “woof”, it pounced again.

“Stupid dog! You’re really a stupid dog!”

Lu Buyu went out, turned on the flashlight and shook it. “What are you doing out here! What are you two doing?! Ahhh!”

That last “Ahhh” startled the birds in the nearby trees.

Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing were shocked and separated in seconds.

Lu Wan looked back at the man, then at Taohua who was holding onto his leg, but did not speak.

Lu Buyu: “You guys are brazen! How can you do this?”

Lu Wan’s blush did not fade. She recovered after a few seconds and said very calmly, “Sorry, but I’m of age.”

“It’s not okay! You’re still very young!”

His family’s pig was only eighteen years old, how could it be so impatient to get out of the pen and dig other people’s cabbage?!

This was one precocious pig!

This was immoral! He’s angry!

Lu Wan said in a faint voice, “According to the regulations, I will reach the legal age of marriage in two years.”

Subtext: She’s old enough to have a boyfriend.

Lu Buyu was so angry that he almost jumped up. “What? You want to marry him?! You must be crazy!”

Lu Wan: “……It’s not like that.”

Can you read more books? You’re focus are all wrong.

Lu Buyu: “You still dare to talk back?!”

Lu Wan: “……”

Chen Nianqing: “I’m willing.”

He’s willing to marry her.

Lu Wan and Lu Buyu: “……”

Lu Buyu became even angrier. Do you have a say here?

“Shut the hell up! Did I ask you? Get out of here now! Get out of my face!”

He really misjudged this kid!

Lu Wan frowned and looked at Lu Buyu. “Are you out of your mind?”

Lu Buyu: “You’re speaking up for him? Why, are your wings hardened[1]independent now?”

Lu Wan: “……”

It seems that he’d really gone crazy. All right, she had nothing to say.

Chen Nianqing’s voice was gentle, “Wanwan, I’m going back first. You should rest early. Good night.”

Lu Buyu was furious. “Roll, roll, roll!”

Lu Wan: “……”

Chen Nianqing glanced at the brother and sister. Lu Wan wouldn’t hit him, as for Lu Buyu, that’s not necessarily the case……

However, taking away someone else’s sister, it doesn’t matter if he hit him twice, it’s as it should be.

Just don’t get even more angrier.

Lu Buyu had long suspected that Chen Nianqing and Lu Wan were a bit too close.

But doubt was doubt, and confirmation was another matter.

After confirming it himself by seeing the two people kissing each other, it was another story.

Lu Wan watched the other party leave but her view was suddenly blocked.

Lu Buyu: “Still looking. Go back immediately. Now!”

Lu Wan: “You……”

She was too lazy to argue with someone going crazy in the middle of the night.

Lu Wan went upstairs, but before she could reached her room, Lu Buyu followed her.

“Didn’t I tell you that you can’t fall in love early?”

Lu Wan gave it some thought. It seemed like he did said so.

But he also said that even if she was dating, she couldn’t sleep with the other person.

Lu Buyu: “It’s the middle of the night. Fortunately I found out!”

“I’m just talking with him for a while. Alright, you go, I’m going to sleep. Additionally, I’m at a legal age. It’s not puppy love.”

Lu Wan entered the room and closed the door behind her back.

Lu Buyu was too angry.

She’s only eighteen, how could she be a grown up?!

He went back to his room angrily, lay down on the bed angrily, and closed his eyes angrily.

The angry Lu Buyu had a dream.

He dreamed about Lu Wan when she was only two years old. She was just learning to speak. Whatever the adults said, the child would follow suit.

The little fatty had good talent in language and had learned to recite poems at such an early age. However, she only remembered the first line of the four line poems.

She also knew how to express herself.

Want to eat, want to play, want Brother, want to go out to play; she would repeat all the words with her milky voice.

“Water water, Milk milk, Brother[2]Gege, Out out, Table table.”

It was so amusing.

Lu Buyu felt that other people’s children weren’t as beautiful and cute as his own sister.

En, not as smart as his sister either, after all, they couldn’t recite poems.

A boy of six or seven years old was really an age that cats and dogs hate.

Lu Buyu used to make troubles everywhere after school, but now he was in a hurry to come back to see his sister.

He would let his younger sister watch him play with toys, or talk to her, and watch the little one grow up slowly.

His sister smells really good with the scent of milk and baby powder.

He wouldn’t let anyone else touch his beloved toy except his sister and she could even play with it however she wants.

When the weather was fine, the nanny at home would take his sister to bask in the sun and go for a walk.

Lu Buyu would also follow along. He wanted to protect his sister.

When others see such a cute and chubby child, they would come forward to tease, but Lu Buyu would stand in front and stop them every time. Only with his permission could anyone talk to his little sister!

Don’t touch without washing your hands! Even if you wash your hands, don’t touch her face!

There were so many bad guys outside, he had to keep an eye on them!

Lu Buyu had to hug his sister after school, and Lu Bainian had to hug his daughter after work.

The father and son had disagreements and disliked each other.

“I’m Shushu’s older brother! Of course I should be the one holding her!”

“I’m her father, you little brat, let go!”

Zhao Jianing rolled her eyes. Who wants you to hold her? Little Sister obviously wants to walk by herself.

She couldn’t help reminding: Both of you stop. In the future, Little Sister would have someone she likes and a home of her own.

The father and son looked at each other, feeling a strong sense of crisis.

Lu Bainian hugged his daughter on his lap and kissed her on the cheek.

“Shushu, do you love Daddy?”

“Love Dada.”

Lu Bainian: “Good. Follow what Daddy says.”

The little sister laughed and bumped her father’s arm with her fat head.

Lu Bainian’s heart softened instantly and he gently taught her, “I love Daddy the most.”

“Love Dada most.”

Lu Bainian: “I want to be with Daddy for the rest of my life.”

“Dada rest of life.”

Lu Bainian: “I won’t like boys and won’t have a boyfriend.”

The little sister suddenly froze and stopped talking.

The father and son were anxious. Why didn’t she followed suit?

A few minutes later, Lu Buyu decided to do it himself and even brought his favorite stuffed toy.

“Follow what Brother says. I’ll give this to you after.”

Lu Buyu: “I love Brother the most.”

“Love Brother most.”

Lu Buyu: “I will never have a boyfriend or leave this house.”

This time, the little fatty was silent again.

Lu Buyu: “Say it! Say it quickly!”

The little fatty shook her head cluelessly.

“No, Brother, no.”

The faces of the father and son turned green in an instant, and Zhao Jianing laughed louder from the side.

She’s really her daughter! Well done! She couldn’t be fooled casually even at a young age!

The father and son, one was almost thirty while the other was eight years old, but they both seemed to be three years old.

The scene shifted.

Lu Buyu dreamed of the day when he and his sister were picked up by the Zhao family.

They said they had to attend their grandfather’s birthday.

He had only met their grandfather a few times and he was very unfamiliar with their two uncles, so he was very vigilant.

When they arrived at the Zhao’s house, someone forcibly took his sister away from him.

He cried and resisted, “Where are you going to take my sister? Give her back! Bad guys! Bad guys!”

How could an eight year old child compete with adults? Someone pulled him back.

Lu Buyu watched helplessly as the person holding his sister disappeared.

“Really ill-mannered. It’s your grandfather’s birthday. What do you mean by crying like this?”

“We’re all a family. Where can we take your sister?”

“This child is eight years old. How come he’s this disrespectful? Zhao Jianing didn’t teach him well.”

“It’s normal since she’s busy making money.”

Lu Buyu wanted to find his sister, but was pressed to sit in front of the table by two men.

These were his two uncles who were very unfamiliar to him.

“I’m warning you, little boy, if you keep making so much noise, I won’t return your sister. If you’re obedient, I’ll take you to see her later.”

Lu Buyu looked around and didn’t see his little sister. He also didn’t know where to find her.

Fearing that these bad guys would hide his sister from him, he had no choice but to sit down.

He was very obedient and didn’t speak any more. He endured desperately, and even when others came to touch his head and he clearly hated it, he did not evade.

But when it was time to go home, he was still unable to see his sister no matter how much he cried.

At that time, there were a lot of adults coming in and out and everyone had a bad face. He understood that his sister was lost.

When leaving, Lu Buyu ran to the side of the man who grabbed him just now, and suddenly, he bit the man’s arm with all his strength.

“What are you doing? Crazy bastard!” Zhao Kui threw him to the ground.

He thought that this nephew was really barbaric and uneducated.

Lu Buyu sat on the ground crying.

Not because of the pain, but because his little sister was gone and lost because of him.

When they went out, the little sister who he especially dressed in a strawberry bib, disappeared.

There were so many bad people outside. What if they couldn’t get her back?

That little fool couldn’t discern strangers at all and would smile happily at everyone.

She hadn’t had time to completely memorize her home number yet. She could only recite the first six numbers each time and forgot the last four digits.

Why didn’t he take good care of her?

Lu Buyu felt a gripping pain in his heart as if he was being crushed by a boulder and gradually unable breathe.

His eyes snapped open and he woke up from the dream.

Looking at the ceiling above his head, Lu Buyu took a deep breath.

He could still clearly feel the heart-piercing pain from the dream just now.

After a few more minutes, he finally pulled himself away from that emotion.

Lu Buyu became even angrier!

If Lu Wan hadn’t stimulated him in the middle of the night, how could he have nightmares?!

It’s been a long time since he’d dreamed of that scene.

No, what love? She’d just graduated from high school!

After Lu Buyu hurriedly washed up, he went downstairs, worried.

He glanced at the dining table. Old Lu and President Zhao were having breakfast and Lu Wan hadn’t come down yet.

Lu Buyu’s mind turned. This wasn’t normal.

Could it be that Lu Wan and that boy exchanged texts and calls again in the middle of the night? Was that why she’s not up even until now?


He sat down and took a sip of water. Then he said straight to the point, “What do you think of Lu Wan having a boyfriend?”

The couple turned their heads in unison.

Lu Bainian: “That’s impossible.”

Zhao Jianing: “Why?”

Lu Buyu: “It’s that boy from yesterday.”

Lu Bainian: “What boy? What nonsense are you talking about?”

Lu Buyu: “That schoolmate of hers, the boy with good grades!”

Zhao Jianing: “……Oh, you mean Chen Nianqing?”

It’s not like they didn’t know each other, so why did he become ‘that boy’?

Lu Bainian: “Really? Are you mistaken?”

Lu Buyu: “It’s absolutely true!”


Lu Bainian contemplated and said, “Chen Nianqing is a good boy. The two have a sense of measure. It’s actually not bad.”

Lu Buyu: “???”

What’s wrong with you, Old Lu? You didn’t have this attitude before, Old Lu!

Zhao Jianing: “She’s passed high school and talks about boyfriend will come up in college anyway. I think Chen Nianqing is okay since we know everything about him.”

She also liked that little handsome boy. He was polite and self-motivated.

Moreover…… she had seen it coming a long time ago.

Lu Buyu: “You’re kidding, right? You guys think it’s fine?”

Lu Bainian and Zhao Jianing: “……”

Zhao Jianing was someone who fell in love at the age of sixteen and later had a child at twenty two years old. It was a shotgun wedding. Professor Lu was a pioneer of the times and thought that it wasn’t a big deal at that age.

If her boyfriend was extremely reliable, it wasn’t bad.

“Come on, you guys.”

Lu Buyu, who’s been single since birth, once again felt the deep generation gap with this family!

Zhao Jianing coughed. “Look son, if you say that it’s a big deal then it’s a big deal and if you say that it’s trivial then it’s trivial. Have you ever had a girl you like?”

Lu Buyu: “No.”

Zhao Jianing: “What about a boy? The thing is, Mom is actually very open and can understand any situation.”

Lu Buyu: “No!!”

Zhao Jianing: “……You’re almost 25.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

Professor Lu was the one who answered the question. He coughed and said calmly, “Don’t you know your son? He’s purely narcissistic and no one is good enough for him. If the self-reproduction technology becomes developed, then we can have grandchildren. Don’t worry, technology is advancing every day.”

Lu Buyu: “???”

I’m really going to lose my temper! Why are you involving me in this talk?

Lu Wan was already up.

She finished her lap around the lake, ate breakfast and went to take a shower.

Lu Wan went downstairs and walked straight to the entry way. While changing shoes, she asked, “Today is my graduation ceremony and we also have a graduation party. Are you guys going?”

The Lu couple stood up. Of course they were going.

Lu Wan glanced at Lu Buyu, who was sitting at the dining table without moving and asked again, “Brother, are you going to the graduation party alone instead of attending the ceremony?”

Lu Buyu: “Humph.”

Lu Wan: “Then we’ll go first, you can come later. I’m giving a speech on behalf of the graduates today, mm, I’ll also mention you, Brother.”

Lu Buyu stood up from his chair with a thud. “You just don’t want me to go, right? I have to go and see in case you speak ill of me.”

Lu Wan: “……”

The Lu couple: “……”

Lu Wan was confused. She knew that she might have made him angry.

But what’s going on with Old Lu and President Zhao? They had also angered the little princess?

Lu Wan was choosing which pair of shoes to wear.

Wearing a school uniform for the graduation ceremony wasn’t required, so her mother helped her choose the clothes she had today.

It was a Parisian black dress with a simple but textured cut.

She didn’t know which pair of shoes to pick.

Well, fashion was an area she doesn’t know much about.

Lu Buyu: “You should wear those white ones.”

Lu Wan put her hands on the white flat shoes and took them out.


Lu Buyu waited for the other party to put it on and took a closer look. It really matched the clothes. His eyesight couldn’t go wrong.

With this set, Lu Wan looked very much like the rich girl that she was.

It’s true that one’s attire could make one look good.

Speaking of which, he bought these shoes for Lu Wan.

Lu Buyu would pick out a few women’s items as gifts from brands, and it would be split between President Zhao and Lu Wan every time.

Humph, he didn’t bring the shoes back to let the other party use them to catch boys.

With this thought, Lu Buyu became angry again.


1 independent
2 Gege


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