Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 127

After chatting with Chen Nianqing, Lu Wan put away her phone and had breakfast.

She would be someone else’s husband in the future, so she had to work harder.

She must be a good role model.

Zhao Jianing was helping her daughter to check her exam permit, stationery and whether she had left something behind.

Today, Lu Wan would take the college entrance examination and the whole family was going with her.

Professor Lu made a point to ask for leave in advance.

While he was helping Lu Wan prepare mentally, Lu Buyu was standing in the hallway, busy putting on a wig in front of the mirror.

This natural beauty was hard to give up. Alas, even if he wore a hat and mask, he was still too conspicuous.

It would cause unnecessary disturbance and affect the normal order if he was found out, so Lu Buyu came up with an excellent idea, adding long hair into the hat.

This way it was foolproof.

With all this, no one would definitely recognize him!

Lu Buyu looked at the long-haired punk in the mirror and thought he was a genius!

Lu Wan didn’t think it was necessary for all of them to go. She could handle it by herself since it’s only an exam.

It’s one of the things she does best.

But the Lu couple insisted.

They had missed their daughter starting and graduating kindergarten, primary school, middle school and even the start of her high school……

Nothing could make up for it, so they couldn’t miss out on their daughter’s college entrance examination this time.

They would participate in every important moment of Lu Wan’s life in the future.

There would be no more regrets.

It’s not just the three members of the family, Lu Jinye and Lu Lin also came.

They were here, and even the hair-growth-essential-oil old men’s group was present.

The old people were here, so naturally Ah Biao’s group of Young-Miss’s-supporter couldn’t be absent.

A year ago, Lu Wan saw the parents of other children outside the examination room and thought it was too exaggerated.

She could do it alone.

Now it hit her in the face. The family members accompanying her to the exam could fit in a bus.


“Don’t be nervous. I’ll massage your shoulders to help you relax.”

“Young Miss, I’ve got someone make a divination. You’re fortune on the exam is good. You can rest assured.”

“This is an amulet! I helped you get it!”

The old men’s group came up to fuss about her.

Lu Wan: “I’m going for the exam, not to fight.”

Ah Biao: “Oooh, we know that. Why will we need to worry if you’re just going to fight?”

Lu Wan put down the water bottle and looked at the watch on her hand. “Okay, I’m going to the assembly. It’s hot outside, you guys should go wait in the car.”

Ah Biao: “We’re not afraid of the heat!”

Lu Wan: “Then uh, you should still go back to the car. If you keep standing here, others will feel that the surrounding is hot……”

A bunch of tattooed muscular guys with weird haircuts, it was simply strange.

Parents were already nervous enough.

Lu Lin crossed his arms. “Sister, take the exam well and when you’re done, Brother will arrange everything for you! Sports car! Yacht! Handsome guys!”

Lu Bainian: “Just be calm.”

Zhao Jianing: “Don’t be too nervous.”

Lu Jinye: “Actually, it doesn’t matter how many points you get. It’s the same as sending you abroad.”

Lu Buyu: “Cool Guy, as long as you stay a freak, you’re almost there.”

Lu Wan waved her hand. “I’m going in. Go back in the car, it’s hot out here.”

When she walked inside the barricade, she saw Chen Nianqing, who was clearly waiting for her.

Lu Wan walked over quickly.

“What, are you waiting for your husband?”

Chen Nianqing pursed his lower lip. “We don’t know yet.”

Lu Wan: “It’ll happen sooner or later. Why don’t we hear it first?” 

Chen Nianqing: “Little Friend, do good on the test. If you lose this time, I will have to ask you to call it a hundred times a day.”

More and more examinees were coming. They look at each other and smile, then turned and walked in different directions.

Lu Wan shrugged her shoulders.

It’s great that someone could work hard to become stronger and walk forward with her.


Today, the nation’s attention was focused on the college entrance examination.

Half of the news was about the exam that tens of millions of people was taking.

This was not only an exam, but also a rite of passage, an important dividing line in life.

In fact, this day was no different from usual, with the daily surprises and regrets, as well as the various joys and sorrows that make up this world.

Some students had accidents on the way, some people almost lost their exam permits, and many other warm-hearted good deeds.

It was a given that the college entrance examination was focused on and magnified.

Lu Wan did the papers very smoothly.

This set of questions was much simpler than usual and was in line with what she studied. She wrote very quickly.


Almost all the searches on Weibo in the afternoon were about the current affairs of the college entrance examination.

Actually, there was one about Lu Buyu.

Lu Buyu looked displeased.

What the hell? Why was he on the trending search?

#LuBuyuIsAfraidOfBeingFoundOut SoHeWoreWomen’sClothingToAccompanyHisSister OnTheCollegeEntranceExamination#

The news was accompanied by a very blurry photo of him, which the only thing visible was the long hair.

At this point, there was suspicion of hype on the hot search……

His manager Xiao Zhang was extremely speechless. He immediately called.

“You’re exaggerating too much that it looks absurd.”

Lu Buyu: “I’m not pretending to be a woman! I just wore a scarf and a wig! It’s street punk vibe!”

Xiao Zhang: “I need to calm down. Don’t talk to me.”

Lu Buyu: “Then what should I do now? Am I not going to be able to accompany her to the exam tomorrow?”

Xiao Zhang: “……”

Boss, you’re missing the point. I’m saying that what you’re doing is problematic!

Our position is the national handsome guy! If you do this, all the brands we’re cooperating with will go crazy!

Lu Buyu: “Forget it. I won’t get out of the car tomorrow.”

Xiao Zhang could say nothing more. After all, he was not the boss.

After hanging up the phone, Xiao Zhang checked the news again.

The acceptance of the general public had been very high in recent years and artists weren’t required anymore to be perfect and with no shortcomings.

If this matter happened five years ago, he would definitely be ridiculed by the crowd.

But now, everyone found it interesting that this guy really doesn’t have any baggage when it comes to image.

The brother was so desperate to accompany his sister in the exam! Did the Eldest Miss grow up eating cuteness?

What a touching sibling relationship! We support it!

The majority of netizens expressed their understanding.

Though they were a little shocked by Lu Buyu’s sassy operation.

The fans have calmed down. Occasionally— no, a lot of times, Brother Yu appears as a top comedian.

However, looking at this face, of course they’d forgive him!

The two days of the college entrance examination went by very fast.

As if it was just a blur.

After the last exam, Lu Wan came out of the exam room, and saw Chen Nianqing and Lu Bainian standing under the tree talking from a distance.

Chen Nianqing’s examination room was on the first floor while Lu Wan’s was on the sixth floor, so he came out a few minutes ahead of her.

Walking out of the barricade, Chen Nianqing looked around and came directly towards Lu Wan’s parents.

Anyway, they would be a family in the future.

“Uncle, Aunt, hello.”

Lu Bainian looked at him with a smile and asked, “Aren’t your parents here today?”

Chen Nianqing: “My father has an important conference and my mother has two surgeries scheduled for this afternoon, so both can’t come.”

Lu Bainian: “It couldn’t be helped, after all your parents are very busy with work. By the way, what major do you want to apply for in the future? Have you considered physics?”

Chen Nianqing’s parents were both doctors but although they weren’t in the same circle as Lu Bainian, they all know each other.

“I am thinking of studying medicine.”

“I see. I was hoping you can be my student since physics is really good, however, medicine is good too.”

Lu Bainian had a very good impression of Chen Nianqing. Firstly, his parents have good reputation, great academics and upright.

Secondly, this young man himself was excellent and his personality was stable.

Lu Wan walked up to them and then asked, “What are the two of you talking about?”

Chen Nianqing turned his head and said in a serious manner, “Of course we’re talking about you.”

“……What is there to talk about me?”

“Of course there are many things to talk about you.” After all, his daughter was the best in his heart. Lu Bainian finished with a smile and said after thinking for a while, “Right, Chen Nianqing, since your parents are not here, why don’t you have dinner with us.”

Chen Nianqing nodded slightly. “Alright, thank you Uncle.”

After the college entrance examination, of course one has to have a good meal.

Those uncles were old and the temperature these past two days had been high, so Lu Jinye had them sent back for fear of them acquiring problems due to the heat.

Lu Bainian reserved a large box in a hotel restaurant under the Lu Group’s name.

The family would have a meal together.

Although Chen Nianqing was there by accident, since he’s there, there was no need to drive him away.

Lu Jinye investigated this kid thoroughly. There was nothing he could do since he was worried that Lu Wan would suffer.

So far, he was satisfied.

At Lu Jinye’s age, he still had a good eye for people.

This kid obviously likes his family’s Wanwan and was pretending to be nonchalant.

But that’s normal, who wouldn’t like his family’s baby?

However, the two of them were still young. He had to remind her little boyfriend not to be too anxious about some things.

During the meal, Lu Lin approached Lu Wan, and asked in a low voice, “My good sister, this school sweetheart of yours and that bar boy is completely different from one another. Who do you like more? Or do you like them both?”

Lu Wan: “……”

Here it goes again, the speech that shocks people.

Lu Lin: “It’s okay to like them all. Talk to each of them one by one. During the three months of summer vacation, if you change every half a month, it can sum up to six people.”

His words weren’t loud, but just enough for Chen Nianqing to hear.

Lu Wan turned her head with a smile and lowered her voice to warn the other person, “Say one more word and I’ll let uncle clean you up.”

Lu Lin then shut up and turned to smile at Chen Nianqing.

Tsk, tsk, a fine pretty boy. Lu Wan’s eyes was really good.

Lu Wan was completely convinced.

Her brother was still on the hot search list for wearing women’s clothes.

This uncle and cousin were also a bit showy.

Except for her father, all men in the Lu family like to cause disturbance. Now Lu Wan could understand very well why President Zhao would always say so.

Lu Bainian and Chen Nianqing chatted well.

The two hit it off, and Lu Bainian felt that it was a pity that the young man didn’t want to study physics, but at the same time he was certain that the other party would be an excellent doctor in the future.

The atmosphere of the meal was very good.

On the other hand, the third year teachers inside the group chats started eating dog food.

It’s too difficult. Teacher Xia felt that it’s really too difficult for him.

Before the college entrance examination, they were worried that the students would break up, so they carefully persuaded them.

After the college entrance examination, they thought they were finally relieved, and then the entire senior three group began to officially announce their love in their Moments and QQ space.

This wasn’t the kind of damage a single dog could take. He had already seen five pairs of students who made publicly announcements.

The point was that these students were all done with high school and now they were completely out of control.

Lu Wan had a lot to say to Chen Nianqing.

She was sure that the other party was the same, but there were too many people, so she had to wait until their evening calls.

At eight o’clock in the evening, when Lu Wan was about to call him, Chen Nianqing called her first.

Lu Wan walked towards the window with her phone.

The two chatted until 10 pm and Lu Wan’s phone ran out of battery. She went back to her room and continued chatting while charging.

“It’s getting late. Good night.”

“I don’t want to hang up.”

Lu Wan: “Stop making trouble. See you tomorrow. Listen to your husband.”

Chen Nianqing hung up the phone, then called again ten minutes later.

Lu Wan asked, “Didn’t we agree to go to sleep?”

Chen Nianqing: “But I miss you so much that I can’t sleep.”

They usually don’t talk for so long, but today the exam was over and they have plenty of time in their hands.

Lu Wan: “Since we can’t sleep, why don’t we go for a walk?”

Chen Nianqing was staying over here today.

Lu Wan hung up the phone and ran into Taohua when she went downstairs.

She tossed two biscuits before the dog could bark.

Taohua squatted down and ate and was bribed without struggling.

This dog’s IQ follows that of her father.

There were very few people in the neighborhood at this point in time and Lu Wan saw the person standing under the streetlight at a glance.

Chen Nianqing looked at the person coming over and said with a smile, “I don’t know why, but I only haven’t seen you for a few hours and I already miss you.”

He used to think this was very strange, after all, everyone was an independent individual.

But when it came to himself, he realized that this was really the case.

He wanted to see her all the time.

The two of them walked around the neighborhood. Neither of them wanted to hang up the phone call earlier, but now that they have met, none of them said anything and just walked along under the street lights.

Even though there was no one around, they still held hands.

It wasn’t acting this time.

Back in front of Lu Wan’s house, Chen Nianqing stood still and kissed her on the forehead.

Lu Wan: “Alright, go back. Your husband is going to bed.”

She thought this address was very new and deliberately took advantage of the other party verbally.

Chen Nianqing smiled, thinking that in the future, he would have to get back double the amount.

He pondered for a while, put his arms around the other person’s neck, and asked with a smile, “Then husband, can you kiss me?”

The other party came over suddenly and Lu Wan’s face turned red in an instant.

This was a bit too wild.

Chen Nianqing: “Then I’ll kiss you, husband.”

As soon as he was done speaking, he leaned down and kissed her. He was unfamiliar with the action at first, but got well accustomed soon enough.

She’d been calling herself his husband, so naturally he wanted to get some interest back.

Lu Wan was muddled by the kiss. She couldn’t figure out whether this was a gain or a loss?

Of course, she couldn’t lose, so she kissed back, trying to seize the upper hand. She wouldn’t back down!

Chen Nianqing was surprised, then came down harder, taking back the lead.

Lu Buyu hadn’t slept yet. When he walked to the balcony for some air, he accidentally saw a couple under the street lamp.

He thought jokingly, ‘Young people nowadays’.

Without thinking too much, he stretched and walked to the bedroom.

It wasn’t until halfway through that he realized something was wrong.

He’d seen that f*cking pajamas before. Lu Wan!


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